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  1. Parnace

    Patch confirmation?

    This is a database error. It does not effect car performance. Thanks for the heads up though, we've logged this as an issue. Also, as with every year, we base a lot of our assets and performance data off of the first few races due to the nature of our release window. So that's why you may see some differences in-game when comparing it to the most recent GP performances. None the less, I have sent your feedback to team and we will look into it. Definitely understand what you do here if nothing is resolved. There are several videos explaining the difference between the steering wheel and control and you are taking it as a joke. It's been a great lack of respect for the people who bought the game and are going through a major difference between controllers. What we are doing here is not to ask you to please resolve the problem but a REQUIREMENT that codemaster adjust the game that is all wrong. People paid for the game and are not having any answers about what will happen. A great lack of respect for codemaster mention that there is a problem or not adjust the problem. This video shows the difference between the steering wheel and control pad http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJOTFLiDsFI
  2. Parnace

    Patch confirmation?

    Already have 10 days that this game was released and nothing happens.
  3. Parnace

    Patch confirmation?

    When that codemasters will solve the problem of f1 2014? This game is a disgrace. Cars are flying, and now lags absurd people are having problems with wheel traction. Impossible to control the car. If it was only one problem all right, but it's a lot of problems while the game is crap and only charge you disrespect all those who bought the game. This is to be solved now, today, yesterday and not only stay on top of f1 2015.