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  1. We are in our 2nd Full Season of our 'Rei Rally Championship'. It is a 7 round season, with a different class being used each round, so all members must adapt to each type of vehicle. It is a cross-platform league and additionally, we accept drivers of ALL abilities, as we are far more about helping others and giving tips n tricks, as opposed to outright competition, although a bit of healthy competition doesn't hurt. We are using some DLC content this season however if you want a rally league without DLC, we may start one if there is sufficient demand for it, so please let us know if that is the case! For this season, 'Power Stages' are also being introduced as a way of gaining extra points in the final stage of a rally. Meanwhile we are currently also doing casual 'Rei Daily Stages' where we try out a variety of cool combinations and compare our times and give help to others. We are a friendly community so if this appeals to you, drop me a message so I can link you to our Discord, and then from there you can join our Racenet Club. Happy Rallying!
  2. We are now approaching the half-way mark of the season as we approach events at Monte Carlo and Finland in different classes. We are still open for new members, fast and slow, experienced or otherwise, to join us. Remember that we do have our Junior Class standings as a way of adding more of a competitive element throughout, while still aiming for everyone to improve and enjoy themselves. DM me or message below if you wish to take part so I can send you a Discord Link 🙂
  3. I'm stumped. I suggest just forming your own sensible system. Racenet Points system varies based on members who took part in each rally. 3,2,1 should be correct points for you 3, so no clue why it is totalling up to values bigger than 10. Just total it up yourself with you on 7 points, being victorious.
  4. Was it only you 3 every round?
  5. Hello all We have just started Season 3 of our 'Rei Rally Championship' and therefore now is a great time for people to join our healthy community. We are far more about helping other members, and as such, it is a relaxed rally league with some competitive elements, albeit friendly. For this season, in addition to our Power Stages, we are also including a new 'Junior Class' which will be used as a championship for less experienced drivers, while still taking part against every other player. There will be alternate standings for Junior Class drivers to promote friendly community and more importantly, so others provide tips and tricks to other members. We use different classes each rally to spice things up and to provide variety. It goes down a hoot in our community Our Season 3 Calendar is: Rally 1 - USA (H2 FWD) Rally 2 - Greece (Group A) Rally 3 - Spain (Rally GT) Rally 4 - Monte Carlo (4WD 2000cc) Rally 5 - Finland (R2) Rally 6 - Sweden (Group B 4WD) Rally 7 - Wales (H2 RWD) If you are interested, please send me a direct message or comment below, so I can send you a link to our Discord Community. From there, you can find our Racenet Clubs for both our Rally League and our own Daily Stages! Happy Rallying
  6. Just finished filling up a 7 event season for a club. Go to 'Create Championship', set the date for the future, not clashing with any other club championship.....and nothing happens. Nothing gets created. No message telling me why. I know that it won't work if it clashes with a currently running championship, but that is not the case here. I set it to start 21st July with no current championship running in the club. Any help? or any other reasons the website won't let me create a championship, such as extra other rules
  7. Re-entered all details again. Still not working. Some stages are repeated during one event, is that why?
  8. Will all save data switch if I buy the GOTY Edition and then solely play that?
  9. BraddersVee

    Group A Watch The Delta Trophy

    So it has finally worked after another attempt at joining a championship with the Lancer and then buying a new Lancer. Probably my 3rd or 4th Lancer in total
  10. Has anybody got a 100% working method to get this trophy? I have bought all 4 Group A cars, multiple times. I have tried joining and abandoning championships. A small guide on Steam is unclear to me personally and isn't helping me so if anybody could yelp me work around this bug for a trophy not unlocking with a clear method, that would be appreciated.
  11. On the final stage of the NR4 New Zealand Weekly Challenge, the rain was simply broken. Incredibly huge white strands down the screen making it impossible to see. PS4. G29 also a device.
  12. PS4. Watch The Delta trophy will not unlock. I have bought each Group A car, multiple timea now actually, and it still won't unlock, and it seems like this is a recurring issue for the last 2 years. Similarly, 2 days ago, I finished a Rallycross Daily Challenge, my time was shown on the leaderboard as being Top 100 yet when I went to the Events screen afterwards, it came up as DNF, which is just incorrect. At no point did I even get an error message, and as I said, I saw the leaderboars after my Rallycross event with my time and name clearly there