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  1. SkiddyMcCrash

    Brief Notes From Great&Furious LaPremier

    As long as he respects other forum members (unlike last time) he can stay. I'd just like to point of few things out to LaPremier. 1, DiRTRally has the same experts. 2, The forums still has the same community members they had before. 3, Being 'King' of a game most of us never played means nothing here. 4, I'm playing on 88% and haven't lost a race yet. 5, The only fighting you did last time you were here was with foum members and succeeded at nothing other than getting yourself banned for it. Don't make the same mistake again.
  2. SkiddyMcCrash

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Stop posting about him. Back to the Gossiping
  3. SkiddyMcCrash

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    They don't need to start anew topic @tbtstt did that years ago...
  4. SkiddyMcCrash

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Correct, so stop using number 2. It's a long running joke, many have fallen foul of it. We didn't think you were a fool, at first, but your replies are making me reconsider that idea.
  5. SkiddyMcCrash

    DiRT5: Future Release?

  6. SkiddyMcCrash


    Because DiRT Rally was an Early Access game, released on pc a year before it was released on consoles, it came with only 3 countries. During that year Codies released monthly updates which included everything from new stages, new cars, VR support and a new handling system. Each update was beta tested by forum members and their feedback was used to tweak countless parts of the game. All of this was detailed, in advance, in the DiRT Rally Roadbooks which were posted on the forum/twitter/facebook and the videos that were released on Youtube by Codies. Anyone who read the forums at that time knew exactly what as going on.
  7. SkiddyMcCrash

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    You forgot to mention VR in summer...
  8. SkiddyMcCrash


    0 updates inDiRT Rally? You have to be a console user. One who never visited the forum before the console release.
  9. SkiddyMcCrash

    Change the RED forum Background to...

    My eyeballs thank you
  10. SkiddyMcCrash

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Welcome back everybody