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  1. The meaning of the word Bumpers. These are bumpers for a car.
  2. Not bad, professionals at work. Here's some good ol' boys, never meaning no harm. Straightening the curves and flattening the hills.
  3. He's this fast. " Fermanagh's Jon Armstrong won the World Rally Esports Championship, becoming the first real-life rallying driver to do so " https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/motorsport/45234950
  4. It used to amaze me that Petter Solberg could drive that fast while translating Phil's pacenotes.
  5. Make sarcastic posts, whiny posts, abusive posts, insulting posts, repetitive posts, accusatory posts, demanding posts, argumentative posts, post in the wrong section. Any, some or all of the above, will do the trick.
  6. How about the burnt to a crisp paint job? I wanna see that one
  7. The DiRT engine got a reworking between DiRT and DiRT2 which meant that Codies are unable to re-use tracks from earlier games in the series
  8. It's not just Martini or WRC, the issue could be with any of the sponsors on the car as Codies have to get permission from every one.
  9. That's not how the Gossip Thread works. Codies post a pic with no description, we drive ourselves crazy trying to work out what it is. Bingo
  10. That's exactly the kind of thing the DiRTy Gossip thread was created for, a place for Codies to drop clues about new content and forum members to guess what they mean. Like this 2 other Codies games, or 2 other DiRT games? Could be the Evo 6
  11. Post some videos of you driving some stages, we can't give advice if we don't know what you're doing.
  12. Thread cleaned. And now, a word of advice
  13. @JesseDeya I warned you that you were breaking rules, showed you the rule you were breaking, asked you to stop but you decided to try and play semantics. So I put you on a weeks posting restriction in the hopes that you would learn, something you clearly haven't. Disagreeing with people is allowed, arguing with them across multiple threads is not. Stop doing it or I will be forced to ban you, something I actually don't want to do (but suspect that you do). As for why @Rallystu2 banned you from the discord, I have no idea. That's down to RallyStu2, who moderates the discord site, h
  14. Goodbye and good luck love, thanks for everything.
  15. Quote yourself from the original post Riggs quoted. Quote Riggs response to the original quote Reply to Riggs response to your original quote.
  16. Believe it or not, most of the forum regulars don't have any ill feelings towards the WRC team. There is no reason for wanting either game to fail, both teams have different qualities to offer. Any good choices they implement will have knock on effects here and you only have to watch the WRC videos to see who their biggest influence has been during their development time.
  17. Yeah, with the reading skills of some on here lately we'd end up with a load of posts condemning Codies for not releasing the Season 2 DLC on Tuesday if they released details of it on Monday
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