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  1. It's finished that's why. justbiglee said: We'll do 4 stages per week over a total of 4 weeks (because 4 is a fun number)
  2. I've not been able to get on all afternoon, it was working this morning though
  3. So glad that I did the League yesterday
  4. Does this mean you have a hard set deadline for the full release?
  5. http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/5830/please-indicate-what-wheel-you-have/p1
  6. You mean like the original Driver had on the PS?
  7. Never hear the CM3 tune before because I always turn the music off on every game I play, except the GTA games. I've always loved the Chemical Bros video though, very cleverly done
  8. I've seen the fox run across the road in Wales a couple of times. I think it depends on your graphic settings, because I've only seen it when my gfx were set to Ultra
  9. Rains a killer innit. I have to drop my screen resolution when it rains, otherwise it feels like I'm racing in a cartoon strip
  10. Already signed up, ranked 3rd apparently, so I guess we are ranked in order of signing up at the moment
  11. I was asking because I find fraps to be a pain in the arse, record file, convert file, shrink file into something uploadable within this century. Have you not tried Raptr? It's like Nvidias Shadowplay, which sits in the background and will record everything in game http://raptr.com/amd?_noscript=1
  12. They consider everything mate. If they didn't, this game would not exist in it's current form, it would have been an extention of the DiRT/DiRT2/DiRT3,DiRT Showdown formula they used before
  13. https://youtu.be/l-6vUcQu8Gg That's me, with the pad set at 60/75. As you can see, I had no problem turning (the corners I missed were down to driver error, hitting a rut, missing the braking point etc). It was 9th on the leaderboards when I did it.
  14. I reckon it's your pad, I use a 360 pad and had to slow down my linearity because I was just fishtailing like crazy. My settings are 60/70
  15. 22 Options, Controls, Advanced Gamepad Settings. I have only steering sensitivity and linearity, both maxed out and it still takes ages to make sharp quick turns Maxed? You mean all the way to the right on both?
  16. Options, Controls, Advanced Gamepad Settings.
  17. I use a pad, the camera options are the left and right bumpers. I don't know how that translates onto a wheel though
  18. https://twitter.com/Kick_Up/status/592793893634203651/photo/1 Pic of 2 of the dev's on a nice relaxing drive in their 95 Scooby. The guy on the right is Head Dev, guy on left is named in D3 as 1 of the drivers. He earned that by beating all the other guys that tested D3 in a test that was arranged for members of this forum. 91
  19. But you have just given me an idea for next Wednesdays Wishlist ;)
  20. The replay has no hud or pacenotes, but I had the speedo and audio from the co pilot when I was doing it
  21. https://youtu.be/l-6vUcQu8Gg At around 2:43 I hit something on the side of the track and it throws me up in the air and across to the other side of the track.
  22. I'd rather find the thing that annoys me in Early Access when something can be done about it, rather than find it in the finished product when I'm stuffed
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