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  1. 70's https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Team_Lotus
  2. Now I understand. There have been a few people who have commented on the wheel base of certain cars, including @mesa
  3. What's wrong with the rear wheels that makes it undrivable?
  4. The S3 and the 22B? *runs and hides
  5. I'm the total opposite, much faster with a pad
  6. Originally it was the Paris - Dakar rally
  7. No, you've actually got that backwards. The reason pc players are modding the liveries is because they asked to be able to mod liveries at the beginning, when Codies asked us if we'd like them to try and licence all the famous liveries (expensive) or would we rather create our own (free). The original plan was to have a load of basic liveries and modders would be able to create the liveries that the community asked for, but reasons got in the way and we are only allowed to mod 1 livery per car.
  8. We had that discussion in the old forum when we used to dream of a rally sim. General belief was that it was it better to be independent and free to do what Codies wanted to do, rather than go for the big bucks and do what they told Codies to do., and hope that the WRC games company would be forced to follow suit. You have no idea how much this thread has made me smile.
  9. I guess those customers used DiRT Rally as the example of what they wanted then.
  10. When the company that now owns Codemasters bought the company, they brought in a man to increase the companies marketshare. The person who wanted to "Americanise" Codies left before DiRT Rally started. Ken Block, Travis Pastrana + Dave Mirra, all of whom were taught how to rally by Colin McRae, offered to help with DiRT 2 after Colins death to help save the franchise. Codies removed Colins name from the games at the request of his wife and family.
  11. It was the same way in DiRT Rally. In DiRT Rally the top times were based on test drivers times, so I'm guessing they are this time as well. 1 driver is always running at what at first seems like an impossible pace, but is actually beatable once you've been playing for a while.
  12. Don't try and embed the link, just cut n paste the link you used to watch it into the post.
  13. I've gotta say, it does look good. Better than I was expecting.
  14. Watch video 1. They copied so many of DiRT Rally's ideas that I'm not surprised @CodingRacer thought Codies were making it.
  15. Yes. It's because of the ball bearing type gravel.
  16. After other games companies saw the reaction D:R received, one of them exclusively licensed Pikes Peak, meaning Codies couldn't use it again.
  17. Banned him for a week and if he comes back with the same attitude he will be perma banned.
  18. Mine says 3.6g - Deluxe Edition
  19. Different markets. WRC are trying to attract new fans, so the game is designed to appeal to them. The numbered DiRT's aim for the same market. DiRT Rally is aimed at current fans. New fans want the glitz and glamour of the event. Rally fans want the rally. Yeah, it's nice to see his co driver got over burning to death so quickly.
  20. Does anybody here really think Codies intentionally made the PS versions inferior to the Xbox versions?, or do you think the consoles are the causes of their own limitations and that Codies released the best versions of the game on each machine?
  21. Stop posting about him. Back to the Gossiping
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