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  1. :o Thanks for everything @KickUp. Good luck with the new life.
  2. DiRT Rally                                                                                                  &n
  3. This just popped up on my FB page :D                                 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8NMLZ2y5Bw
  4. You're right, it's pronounced Jag Yoo Wer.
  5. Some gossip material right here: CSET. What does it stand for? What is he actually testing?  Sounds like a tv/youtube show, "Cool Stuff and Exciting Things with CMMcBabe"
  6. thread cleaned                                             
  7. And totally incorrect Nope. Upgrades are all about part durability not performance. 
  8. :o Really? Shut up Skiddy, you're talking through your a hole again :s
  9. From my point of view, it depens on the car and the type of car you are using. Yesterday I tried the Alpine on rain in wales and the car was very grippy but I think the weight of the car played a major. I also tried fiesta r5 and again it was grippy but like a WRC car in Dirt Rally. The Rallycross feels amazing, way better than in Dirt Rally. I think that overall, it may be a little more grippy than Dirt Rally but not by much. Then again, they worked with Kris Meeke to developp the handling so I think that what we have in Dirt 4 is maybe near reality. Sorry for my english im french canadian
  10. I was talking generally, it wasn't specifically aimed at anyone in particular. I apologise if that's how it came across. The arguement has been building up since the new user videos started appearing in the forum, and is appearing in other threads. It's not just this one and not just today. I used this thread to make the post as everyone reads it.
  11. You mean one of the particular conflicts is down to licensing issues, there are more than one going on in this thread, and a lot of them are down to different expectations from both sides.
  12. What we have here is a battle between 2 different types of racer, sim and arcade. Sim racers want 100% accuracy at all costs, arcade racers want a fun 'pick up and play' game that they can play with their mates. And Codemasters are stuck in the middle with the impossible task of pleasing both sides, because neither side can seem to generate enough sales on it's own to justify making the game their way. So compromises have to made on both sides to get a game we can all play. I didn't envy @Kick_Up in November when he had to explain to a group of mostly hardcore rally sim proponents why Codie
  13. Try uploading them to imgur and pasting the link into the drop down box when you click on the box with what looks like either mountains or the pyramids depending on your point of view in the list of icons that appears above the text box you type in when you make a post ;)
  14. The forum hasn't been malfunctioning, dunno about Jalopniks
  15. Nicky Grist isn't English, he's Welsh ;)           
  16. My Dad had an Audi Quattro (A8), we called it The Barge. Because it handled like one, big, lazy, wallowy, BUT... press the accelerator and WWWRRRRRMMMM, tyre shredding, 4 wheel drifting at 120mph and the last (and first) time my Dad let my mate drive the barge.
  17. You can only name them on your machine due to the potential for rude names, which you know will happen
  18. :o We won't? Atrocious. I'm not buying this game anymore. Deleting my codemasters account, bye guys
  19. edited for clairty? Typo or clue? You decide...
  20. I normally hide during the pre release hype for a game as they often fail to live up to it. Which would have made being the mod on here really difficult if I hadn't been lucky enough to get to try it out before the hype began. The downside to that is that I've been in the impatient, release it already mode since November. :D
  21. I think that it describes the last few years of the WRC games perfectly
  22. :D Have you never had a convo with Ryu before? That was tame coming from him, wait til you annoy him.
  23. Rubbish                                          
  24. But I was only joking about being blinded by tears of frustration though ;)
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