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  1. True story. I've got 2 brothers and a brother in law, 1 brother was trying to get me to buy a PS4, the other was trying to get me to buy an XBone. Both my brothers tried for ages to convince to buy their respective machine. One day, out of the blue my bro in law said to "Build a pc instead, you can have custom paintjobs in DiRT 3 and record your replays using your graphics card". He should have done the mic drop and walked away, coz he'd just made the winning arguement, with 1 sentence. I didn't need to hear that I could build a faster machine with better graphics to play the same games, for
  2. The answer is somewhere in the thread. First they would have to arrange licensing for the RS1800, then find an RS1800, scan/draw the RS1800, record the audio of the RS1800, sort out the physics/handling model for the RS1800. Longest/most difficult part of the process, licensing the RS1800 in the first place. Which is why @ What about replays? Elaborate. It's already confirmed that replay system is not going to be improved (comparing to D:R). It means, no possibility of saving replays for further replaying/re-editing. Actually, it's been confirmed that the replay system
  3. Tears of frustration blind me                                             
  4. It's ok, I play on the bumper cam...  :*                                     
  5. @DeMoN1111111  chill out man.                                          
  6. Argentina isn't British, Argentinians hate the British. They tried to take The Falkland Islands of us, and our troops travelled halfway round the world to take them back
  7. Just banned another load.                                                                  
  8. It's human/s, not a bot.                                                         
  9. I can drive with a guitar.  But can you ride your bike with no handlebars (no handlebars (no handlebars?)?)? Can he put a Rowntrees Fruit Pastille in his mouth without chewing it?
  10. It'll take bout a week at the going rate                  
  11. It surprised me too, for the same reasons.
  12. Stitched together, they have to be. You can't run every possible variation of track and record the audio for it in 1 continuous string Sorry, I meant for the prebuilt stages, not the randomly-generated stages. No idea, we never tested the real tracks
  13. Stitched together, they have to be. You can't run every possible variation of track and record the audio for it in 1 continuous string
  14. The track generator works. How well does it work Skid? Well, they asked me what I thought about it and I said I hadn't tried it yet, unaware that I'd been trying it for 3 hours at that point. Again, there are real, actual stages in game and a track editor. They are 2 seperate things, like the arcade/sim handling. You want to race random tracks, you can, if you don't, don't. I'll be totally honest here. When we first walked into the room I was hugely disappointed because I was looking at an orange backdrop with the legend DiRT4 on it. Then @KickUp starting explaining some stuff, I wasn't rea
  15. No they didn't. Real tracks AND a track creator. Save and drive later, save and give to your mates so they can drive it later
  16. If you used the Nvidia Control Panel to set up your grasphics during the first few months of EA the game was called DiRT4. It only changed to DiRT Rally about halfway through
  17. You wouldn't be able to say that if I was there, my hair is longer than yours, though not in as good condition.
  18. I don't know, you guys have some interesting cars right? I could even wear a bikini. Be right back: waits for @tbtstt to return with his one remaining good eye...
  19. He heard that Ford can Escort Mexico
  20. Shhh nobody tell him! :p  Tell him about what ? :* Me likey
  21. The community test was for D:R, It was the last update that went out, we test them before Codies release them to the public incase it causes your wheels to fall off, or your pc to explode, or some other catastrophy.
  22. :o I'd argue with you, but we're still learning how to speak English up here.                                           
  23. This is up at Codemasters Runcorn. :o I used to live 2 miles away from your Runcorn offices
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