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  1. Quick tip for you @F1randokalbus22. When you apply to be a mod don't tell them you've broken the rules, especially if it's a bannable offence. You now have 1 account and a warning.
  2. What? You leaving us @dgeesi0 ?                                                             
  3. He was McRae's protege, so arguably the most deserving driver to step into his shoes! Surely being trained by Colin, then stumping up the cash and sponsorship deal that saved DIrt2 and made DiRT3 even possible would make someone even more deserving?  As for Kris Meeke - DiRT Rally 2. No. You need a name for your game, you find a name. Kris Meeke is not a big enough name. Colin McRae Rally worked because we all wanted to be Colin. Angry, Ginger, Irish Guy DiRT Rally 2 isn't as appealing. "Kris Meeke - DiRT Rally 2. Feel the excitement, feel the adrenaline rush as you shout at your
  4. Just a few... https://www.msauk.org/The-Sport/Types-of-Motor-Sport/Rallying "How do I start? To get involved in Stage Rallying, you’ll need a full DVLA driving licence. Then you need to buy an MSA Go Rallying starter pack, pass a BARS test and then apply for a Rally National B Stage Competition Licence. If you just want to co-drive, you can apply for a Navigator’s licence without having to pass the BARS course. For Road Rallying all you need to do is join a motor club that runs such events. If you want to be a driver you will need to have a full driving licence and be at least 17 year
  5. Why have you dug up a 2 year old thread? Thread closed.
  6. Woop!                                                      
  7. It appears that you've lost your mojo @dotmartin
  8. Stop. Take it to another thread. There is nothing DiRT related in this conversation.          
  9. I agree. If you want to talk about Forza, make a thread for it.
  10. lol. I wouldn't do 4 drops of acid, even when I was running round in the dark, dancing to repetitive music, I wouldn't have dropped that much.
  11. :o what?   :open_mouth: Does quick check...  It still says Moderator on my screen.  :/   But not after the first edit it doesn't.   And, now it's back...      And now it's gone again...                         
  12. The '4 drops of acid' gave that away. Vanilla just rebooted everything on there end, which caused the white out. You win todays internets
  13. http://www.oldrallysport.on.ca/articles/diffs.html                                             
  14. That just reminds of the Driver series... but KickUp would probably start saying things like "Left square over bump, caution, don't cut." and before you know it you're somewhere in the woods on a romantic getaway. One way or another, he'll squeal. ;) It's actually a scene from The Driver, a film from 1978, which is the inspiration for the Driver series ;)
  15. What we need is somebody to strap @KickUp into their passenger seat and then drive round an underground car park like a maniac until @KickUp gives up the relevent information
  16. Or downhill...                                                                                 
  17. Funnily enough you have just described a couple of my street racing friends opinion of DiRT Rally after they had tried it. "Looks great, handles great, no sense of feeling".
  18. He's right, look at how many people are asking for the gymkhana/rallyx stuff to be readded to the game. There's definitely some kind of market for it, whether it's as big as our currently vocal members claim it is or not, remains to be seen. I don't see why we can't have 2 different DiRTs, DiRT Rally and DiRT Gymkhana/RallyX. 2 seperate games for 2 obviously different markets.
  19. That was awhile back, the OP is from October. I wonder what he thinks of Finland and Sweden?
  20. The forum banned me, no one knows why yet.
  21. A nice explanation of driving techniques with demonstrations showing both in and out of car so you can see exactly how, and why, it's done and what it looks like. https://youtu.be/0WlBntwsOdA
  22. I like to think of you all as Norswegiens if that makes you feel any better ;)
  23. Or Steam :expressionless:  Thank you for my new stock answer ;)
  24. Stop arguing in the gossip thread. If you want to argue take it to pm's.
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