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  1. I think the whole article is pointing towards the possiblility of 2 seperate DiRT games. DiRT Rally 2 and DiRT:4. With DiRT:4 being used to teach newcomers the skills required for DiRT Rally.
  2. That's what the bean counters said about DiRT Rally when we first asked for it ;)
  3. The fact that it isn't should tell you something about Game Licencing.
  4. The part of my post you didn't quote is, as far as I can remember, the description in the original post in the original thread. Underneath my post there are quite a few like/agrees. If you don't know what you're looking at, it just looks like a few people agree with me. But if you do, the list is interesting. Over half of them are original DiRTy Gossippers, 1 of them created the threads. I'm more than that mate, I'm an original DiRTy Gossipper.
  5. It's the gossip thread, it is meant to be the escape zone from in depth, lengthy, technical, factual discussions about game egines, GPU's, CPU's and all that stuff that appears on the forum in every other thread. It's been that way since DiRT2, since before I was a mod, @justbiglee was Community Manager and before this particular forum existed. .I'm not saying that you stuff you post isn't interesting, useful or relevent, because it is, it's just not gossip. You didn't have to. When I wrote the original post the Subuaru/ Audi comment originally said  "Subaraudi s1 e22b - keep that here
  6. Yeah, we mean Firefox. I've never been able to link tweets using it, couldn't even see tweet links on here with FF until recently. Had to cut n paste the link to see what the gossip was.
  7. I can see it, so I assume FF is finallky doing it's job ;)
  8. Quick hint sheet for Gossipers 1, Is it DiRT Rally related gossip? Yes. stay here. 2, Is your post fact and opinion? Yes?  See 3. 3, Has @KickUp verified your 'fact'? Yes, congratulations, you posted a fact. No? It's an opinion 4 Is it about the Subaraudi S1 E22B?? This is now the thread for it http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/39546/quattro-s1-e2#latest 5 Has your post degenerated into a 2 man conversation between you and 1 other person, trading opinions back and forth with no one else contributing to your conversation? Oh no, it became a discussion. Get it out of the Gossip
  9. Gigi Galli! or was that a dream?.. Got it...
  10. I think Tiger Woods cashed in a few dollars by putting his name on EA products, no? ;-)  I'm pretty certain there was a rally driver who lent his name to a couple of games as well, his name escapes though.
  11. What he said. Take your 3d mesh deformation to it's own thread please.it's gone past the gossip stage.
  12. You forgot about Shark Infested Lazer Pool 2014, hardly surprising as it wasn't very well received upon release
  13. I think you can rent it on Vimeo  Yep, that's how I watched it.                                      
  14. I have looked at the advert for that car several times in the last fortnight: congrats on the purchase and best of luck for next year!  You gonna change your name to Rallyingcameraman then? ;)
  15. What? You mean the bars over his pic are messing up the thread for you? Weird
  16. Yeah, but that  was a compilation released over a year after the initial game.  More akin to DiRT 3 Complete Edition. 4 months after release is a bit soon to be thinking in such terms. Assuming it's not an error, it'll probably have some more goodies like liveries (the ones that are exclusive to VIPs & Early Access perhaps?), automatic VIP status, things like that. At least they aren't doing a silly edition that comes with a car that never sells, becoming a PR flop. Better not, I want to be the only VIP on Xbox one! The VIP thing is meaningless really. It's just some lett
  17. I wouldn't go for a cup of tea and cookie if I were you. I know what these Nordic types are like, they seem like jolly, friendly, guys but I've seen Lilyhammer on Netflix
  18. Yeah man, either that or it's the joys of being an idiot. You've only got 2.5 to go? Guess how much I've done? lol
  19. Don't worry @KevM mine decided to d/l 0.9 before it d/led 1.0, so I've still got to wait for it to finish d/lin, even though it's already d/led once already :/
  20. Iwondered why @KevM asked if I'd broken the net lol
  21. ghosting? bloody lag...                                                 
  22. Am I back now? @BrySkye lol                                                  
  23. Post that in the V2 Physics thread ;)
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