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  1. Ow...                                                                                                   &
  2. Laughing at the 2 Michele Moutons in the corner
  3. I saved my 0.9. Not that it matters, coz my save corrupted  a couple of days before we installed the W.W patch anyway
  4. https://youtu.be/Y9znA_dwjHw                                                                                                &
  5. Full of surprises                                                                                  
  7. Show. We want to see an American sweet companies idea of a Swedish Fish, I don't even need to see proof of it's position as the Worlds best selling status :D nm, I found them :) You learn something new every day on here, and sometimes it isn't even Subaru related. Brilliant
  8. Acute, meaning 'very sharp'                                                                                         
  9. They are still a secret They've been downgraded to secret though :p
  10. You didn't dream it                                
  11. DiRT 3 was built with 8 cars on track at all times as part of the foundation. That meant that every car and track was built to cope with that. In DiRT Rally the stages are longer and contain more detail than they did in DiRT3 and they were built with the focus being a single car on stage. The Rallycross tracks are smaller and the Rallycross cars have been built with lower levels of detail (something that the Rally cars don't have). Facts? In the Gossip thread? What kind of madness is this? :o
  12. Positive it's 6.5g. It's not just a car pack, there's the V2 handling on some of the car groups that don't have it yet, the core map patch and there'll be others, there always are.
  13. Hope so, coz I'm already downloading it                              
  14. We had Opel Kadets, Mantas and Asconas in the UK as well as Vauxhall Astra and Cavaliers in the 60's - 80's
  15. I'm sure someone said they got it to work by adding a space after the url
  16. On the line of icons above where you post is a white block with a turned down corner, click on that and enter the url there. ;)
  17. Nope, those are 2 separate cars, both could be used in DR though because the Escort replaced the Cortina in Fords rally program The Mark 1 Escort Mexico And the Mark 1 Lotus Cortina
  18. Like this                                                                                          
  19. The character limit counts spaces as characters so just type whatever it is you want to type in and then hold spacebar for a couple of seconds and it'll let you post ;)
  20. yes                                                                                                   &nb
  21. Get out, we don't want none of your serious notes in here
  22. Looks good, but as @gfRally says, the blacks look a bit faded. Watched on 32" Samsung hd tv @1080p
  23. That's what he should have done, but what he really did was put his head in his hands, and cry. Remember how he did the first rally this season and promised he'd come back again, never to return? That's because he saw that pic and realized his game looked more like Seb Loebs RC Evo
  24. :o But LaPremier said... I am so disappoint                            
  25. And sometimes you get exactly what you expect. Still at least LaPremier will be happy with his new 'rally sim'.
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