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  1. The periodic table was a list of all the cars they wanted to put in the game, @KickUp  has already said that a lot won't make it into the game
  2. I remember that! Toyota also got banned from participating in the WRC for a couple of years iirc! http://homepage.virgin.net/shalco.com/tte_ban.htm
  3. No it doesn't, once DiRT Rally is officially released we'll just start gossiping about DiRT Rally 2 ;)
  4. 2 wheels? wait til you perfect the art of using only 1
  5. @meerkat is already working on the correct livery for it ;)
  6. lol, guess what the answer is? starts with an 'N'
  7. Nope                                                                                      
  8. Nope                                                                                      
  9. Wrong thread fella, this is the 'Unsubstantiated rumour/Wild speculation/Outright lies with a hint of vague possibilities' thread. You want the 'Make my car look better than it already does' thread. ;) http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/5784/dirt-rally-custom-liveries-mods-tools-discussion-etc#latest
  10. When someone remembers to write and post it ;)
  11.  :o  It was at this moment that @tbtstt regretted that drunken night when he pulled the girl in the Monster outfit
  12. Yeah man, we were only taking the p. Every road trip has to have that one incident, or else it's a just a drive in a car, or van ;)
  13. The moral of the story is, never go on a promo event with @KickUp , the man's jinxed. First time, he gets a speeding ticket and this time he runs out of petrol, how @JonTucker is still in one piece is beyond me lol
  14. It will carry on as normal. DiRT Rally follows @KickUps vision for the game, not @justbiglees
  15. I know quite a few people who are interested in D:R, not despite the fact that it hasn't got the stuff from the old DiRT titles, but because it hasn't got them. My brother messaged me last week, he'd just seen a D:R vid on youtube and wanted to know when it's coming out on the consoles. So I taunted him by sending him a couple more and asked him 'What? You mean this D:R?'. He replied with comments that I can't post on here, but he questioned the legitimacy of my parentage while telling me to go away. He's your previous DiRT titles target audience. He's not normally into race sims, use
  16. Red Bull posted this interview with Codemasters creative director James Nicholls on Facebook today. http://www.redbull.com/en/games/stories/1331737836679/codemasters-studio-interview "Codemasters has been fairly late to adopt the new consoles – will we see you embracing Xbox One and PS4 more in the future? CM: We’ll definitely be embracing them a lot more, but I don’t think being late or being perceived to be being late is going to harm us. The install base is getting bigger and bigger, so when we do come in we’ll have a lot of people with the consoles in their homes, waiting for C
  17. I like the Polo and the Citroen but I don't think too much of the Hyundai tbh. Like Rallycameraman says, it might be that drab grey colour. The saloons of yesterday might have looked more impressive over the jumps and sliding round the bends but the hatches are more suited to the faster, 'point and squirt' style of modern rallying.
  18. Back? They never stopped coming. I've been up each night this week playing the new Codies game 'Spammer Hammer'
  19. I've just banned 4 in time since I made the last post :/
  20. You're not kidding, I've banned at least 80 of them this week, currently watching another one, waiting for him to start his spam
  21. On an even more positive note, we all own DiRT Rally
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