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  1. TheGoose

    Action buttons 1/2

    Hi guys(and gals if there are any) , in the control options there are programmable buttons called action 1 and 2........what are they for, the pc game manual is pretty sparse compared to the options that are actually available. Thanks in advance.
  2. TheGoose

    Fanatec Formula V2 - Custom button mapping PC

    Hi, as no one has actually advised on the extra action buttons..... i`ll give my thoughts as i have not found an answer myself, in real f1 Lando Noris has 2 switches on his wheel for balance presets that can be used on the fly....basically a macro switch that can be set with a different brake balance/engine/fuel map setting that could be used for particular corners of a track, although i may be completely wrong...it may be an option that has no been fully implemented, tbh the f1 2020 seems to be aimed at console ports given the lack of options that are actually available to pc owners.