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  1. SmokeyJoeSr

    My team - Engine strategy

    In my team, I have had several problems with the engine which have significantly affected my performance. In my last race in Mexico, I had the best quali time but during the race an engine part went yellow and everyone passed me. I finished 17th..... What is the idea here? Is it too replace right away engine parts when they turn light green or yellow? As soon as you have used existing engine parts, you get grid penalties for new ones. What is the best way to address this?
  2. SmokeyJoeSr


    Funny that they allow tobacco advertising (Mild Seven) for this one but not on other cars... I would love to see the Rothmans logos on the Williams car from 1997 as well.
  3. SmokeyJoeSr

    My Team - Performance just disappeared during race?

    No just fine, the wear was not exceptional. I had two stops (soft, medium, medium).
  4. I did a My Team race in Spain this weekend. Everything went well, I had great speed during practices and qualified in fifth position. Then during the race, my car was extremely slow despite no crashes, dry weather, normal strategy etc. I finished 19th.... I checked my engine, gearbox etc but it all seemed fine. One part of the engine was slightly worn but all others were in perfect condition. Any ideas what could have happened? Could my difficulty level be too low?
  5. SmokeyJoeSr

    SLI support for F1 2020? (critical)

    Yes, start the game within Steam. Then you will have two options (DX12 or DX11). Choose DX11 and SLI will work.
  6. SmokeyJoeSr

    SLI support for F1 2020? (critical)

    All is forgotten. Sli is working with the latest Nvidia driver. I bought the game and it's just...... Awesome!
  7. SmokeyJoeSr

    How do I launch F1 2020 in DX 11 mode?

    Anyone can help me with this, I think I have to do it through the Steam app?
  8. SmokeyJoeSr

    We need a SLI patch NOW !

    As F1 2020 can run on both DX11 and DX12, it should have an SLI patch as in previous versions. Codemasters needs to prepare the game accordingly so that Nvidia can write a new patch.
  9. SmokeyJoeSr

    We need a SLI patch NOW!

    I don't understand why Nvidia promotes buying two GPUs if you cannot use them. SLI support required ASAP.
  10. SmokeyJoeSr

    What I'm hoping will be fixed in the next patch

  11. According to Nvidia, they cannot make a SLI patch unless the game developer has designed the game for it. Does anyone know if Codemasters has done this? As the game runs in DX11 as well and previous versions worked with SLI, this shouldn't be to complicated. I will not buy the game unless it has SLI support.
  12. SmokeyJoeSr

    When is SLI coming for F1 2020?

    As this game can be run in both DX 11 and 12, a SLI patch should be able to be made. I clearly cannot run this game with only one GPU.
  13. Will there be support/patch for Sli in F1 2020? As it can run in DX11 this should be possible. If there is a patch, I will buy the game right away.
  14. SmokeyJoeSr

    Will F1 2020 Have SLI support?

    You sound a bit like Trump with your very clear answer.
  15. SmokeyJoeSr

    Nvidia owners - how do you run your screen in F1 2019

    Sounds like Nvidia is putting some of its favourite "Bloatware" in the recent updates which makes your pc to crash in order to ensure that you upgrade your graphics cards. They know that older cards with SLI are still powerful enough for many games and they don't like that people wait too long to upgrade. If there is no SLI support on F1 2020, I will not buy it as I will definitely not please Nvidia and buy a new PC with one of their newer cards. The key with Nvidia is to find a software version that works and then cancel all automatic updates and remove their Nvidia inspector from your files. Since I did that, my PC doesn't crash anymore.