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    DiRT Rally 2.0 Car Setups

    Great work! Will check them out soon. Get those setups right is essential! I'm especially curious about the Fabia.
  2. Deleouv

    DIRT RALLY 2 - Italian localization issues

    I was just looking for a topic like this. These mistakes are really embarrassing! Had to switch console language to English, "cancella" is just absurd. 🤨 Also there are some mistakes on the replay menu, "track", in that case, doesn't mean "percorso" (race track) but "brano" (music track)! It's a shame because it would be so easy to correct.
  3. Deleouv

    The times of ai are wrong in the rallycross.

    Yea, it happens to me every time. On wet tracks especially, that is to say every time, because it feels like I'm always driving in apocalyptic weather. 😂 I'm in clubman league and I usually beat my opponents by 10-15 seconds, but the other brackets are always faster with insane times. I struggle to qualify in the top 12 and then I easily go on winning the semi and the final. It's a shame because I'm having a lot of fun. AI is a bit too aggressive (suicidal blocks on the straights anyone?) but the overall experience is good. Hope they adjust the times soon.