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  1. aartstyle

    MicroProse back in business

    Oh dear, I hope the next step is a contract between microprose and the F1. Great news!
  2. aartstyle

    Very unhappy with patch 1.07

    Hi Gerdi, i'm having the same issues. Forced to play with DX11. I don't know if i'm allowed to say now, but in of the beta versions of the game dx12 was running perfect. But since the release it's horrible. The game isn't crashing anymore but has a lot of lag. Actually it lags every 2 seconds and then it speeds up. So it;s going slow and then fast (difficult to explain) Tried everything to update drivers, bios, win 10, ckdsk, check malware etc. In some other dutch communities a lot of people have problems with DX12 and gave up. Just play with DX11. I'm not a computer nerd but also not a noob. If i can't fix it i'm sure a lot of people can't fix it. A game should run properly on a normal windows 10 installation with the right specs in dx12 mode. It should not be necassary to update drivers manually. Just windows update or/and intel uupdate should be enough in my opinion. Besides that it was running perfect in one of the beta versions in dx12 mode.
  3. aartstyle

    Your first F1 game

    Started with grandprix circuit 1988. After that, grand prix 1, grand prix 2, grand prix 3 and 4. Still missing these Geoff Crammond quality games. Started again with f1 2017, 18 and now 19.
  4. aartstyle

    AI pit release has been a joke

    And probably no reaction from the moderators.
  5. aartstyle

    Lando Norris opinions on the game

    I totally agree with Norris and most of you. Some excellent F1 game drivers are switching the ERS in every corner back to zero to harvest and then on every straight back to mode 4. You can't blame them but it's insane. Just set the ERS at Automatich and introduce the overtake button. Codemasters should focus on: Random failures for the players, A more realistic damage model, more quick race options like grid position, fix the safetycar and better setup possibilities. And last but not least. Don't make it realistic in a way that we also can't overtake like the real F1. It would be very boring to play....
  6. Until codemasters implements a turbu boost setting for the ones that are playing this game for the first time. They need some extra help to be competitive in the lobbies.
  7. Just seperate the lobby's and time trails. Matching the performance of assists with no assists doesn't make sense. I'm a no assist driver but i'm not very good but i'm trying try to learn it. In lobby's in f1 2018 i've to compete against drivers with all assists (medium TC) on and they are often quicker than me because of the assists. Do you know how that feels? It's up to CM to find something to seperate the assists vs the no assists drivers. I do agree that it has to be fun for both but's its just a completeley different game. Arcade vs semi simulation.
  8. Great, just got the news i've been selected for the beta (PC)!! Cool!
  9. aartstyle


    Is daniel Ricciardo playing f1 2019 overhere? I thinks so: