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  1. aartstyle

    Patch 1.15 | PATCH NOW LIVE

    this is optional in time trial. Yes it's still possible to have the realistic perfomance in TT.
  2. It would be very helpfull if it was possible to set the player cars performance to equal and the AI Preformance to realistic in the same session. Driving against AI with equal perfomance gives a long train. No space between those cars. But if we choose realistic perfomance with more than 2 players or players in a different team you will get car performance differences between the players. Maybe it's even better to add an option to choose which car perfomance to use for all the players. The menu would look like this: Player car perfomance = equal/realistic Choose player perfomance level when selecting equal = <team name> Ai car perfomance = Equal/realistic Choose AI performance level when selecting equal = <team name>
  3. Same bug happens all the time for me during multiplayer. Platform pc. Ik Will do a reinstall tomorrow and try again. If not I will make a complete bug report.
  4. aartstyle

    Pit Stop Bug

    Bottas just retired in that same lap. Verstappen en Norris had a warning because of a collision with bottas in that same Lap. No Report code, sorry.
  5. aartstyle

    Pit Stop Bug

    Had a similar issue today. See this link: https://streamable.com/5lmfhe 25% race, no formation lap. Gp mode, ai 100, no qualifying. pitstop was inside the pitwindow. Lap 11/18 switching from softs to mediums.
  6. aartstyle

    online game freeze

    Had the same today when a person joined.
  7. aartstyle

    Patch 1.13 | Notes

    Added an option to allow the player to choose their preferred commentary language. Selecting a different language gives no commentary at all.
  8. aartstyle

    Online ranking add filters (aids, control)

    Turn it the other way around. The less full lobbies is the result of missing filter possibillities. @Nuvolarix explained it well. I'll bet there is a lot of interest in a no aids with steering wheel ranked lobby.
  9. aartstyle

    Are mods allowed in F1 2020

    No. Using any mods at all should invalidate all your qualifier attempts. Have a look al the TT leaderboards or the multiplayer sessions. A lot of cheaters out there en CM is not willing or is not able to stop it.
  10. aartstyle

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    Started a 25% GP mode race at Baku without qualifying. Vettel on pole position!!! Did you forget to change the ferrari engine performance when simulating a session or when the player skips a session? He finished 7th in the race......
  11. aartstyle

    2020 F1 Esports Fail

    At the end Iracing, rfactor2, AC and ACC are having less problems with multiplayer. Even with the outdated drivers.........
  12. aartstyle

    Car Setups Sort

    or just add a filter option. Track/gamemode/length/weather/car
  13. aartstyle

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    Even the F1 game itself is controlled by the politics of the big F1 teams. More randomness in team/driver performances would be great for the game. And to be honest, I don’t want the new team performances with Mercedes at p1 and p2 almost every race. Several sliders to adjust team/driver/randomness settings would be great (for solo game mode). It was already possible in the Grand Prix series of early 2000’s. Maybe it was mod (not sure)but it was easy to adjust the settings yourself.
  14. aartstyle

    Bahrain T2 - losing so much time!!

    Yes there is a difference in TT.