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  1. *flatspots * balanced brake bias * random failures in GP mode * better balanced AI (high speed corners) * Ai that gets out of the way during your hotlap * less grip outside the racing line (especially during wet races) * more difficult to manage tyre temps * fix the safetycar problems online * different weather circumstances on different parts of the track * Toto Wolff DCL. No Mikey, NO!
  2. We will get amd fsr for better performance. https://www.amd.com/en/technologies/radeon-software-fidelityfx-super-resolution have a look at the upcoming games
  3. So that means another reset of the TT leaderboard?
  4. Just did a one shot quali at zandvoort. AI level 93. In f1 2020 I had level 106 and could win at zandvoort. pole (lewis hamilton 1.09,3). My time was a 1:10,4. Personal TT record is 1:09,9 after 25 laps. TT world record at the moment is 108,6 by denoso (e sports driver). AI is way to fast in grand prix mode (one shot qualifying). Please check again @BarryBL Edit: AI is even faster at zandvoort in f1 2021 compared to 2020.
  5. This will end up again in the discussion about Sim racers vs Arcade racers. CM has the vision that f1 should satisfy the sim races and the casual (arcade) racers. As long as CM provides the option to restrict the assists in the MP lobby's it should be ok.
  6. I posted this video because of the cockpitview. He is still very fast in cockpit view. Maybe there is a small gap between cockpit view and t-cam because the view is limited in cockpit view and you are not always able to see the apex of the corner. But in theory they are similair. You don't have more grip/better balance/power in t-cam.
  7. Have you seen the video. It's a open lobby. So equal cars. No AI He is just very fast, even in cockpit cam. Difficult to accept.
  8. So the official formula 1 channel is posting gameplay of AC? hmmm.
  9. It’s the driver and not driver plus car I assume. I think they are really close when in the same car.
  10. The speedtrap speed doesn't match with the speedtrap jeff is telling me when in the box. Speedtrap australia with the redbull 312 kmh. Jeff when in the box. We are 20th at the speedtrap with 304 kmh.
  11. You give the host also the option to restrict assists. So why don't you restrict the controllers? Let the host choose for "all controllers" only pad/wheel/keyboard". Or even better let the host also choose for which view is allowed (cockpit/tv pod/both.....) A fair competition is not possible in my opinion (and I think many of us).
  12. Even thought about the possibility to seperate them? Make seperate leaderboards in tt and give the host of a multiplayer race the option to allow pad or wheel players. Problems solved.
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