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  1. aartstyle

    Bahrain T2 - losing so much time!!

    Yes there is a difference in TT.
  2. aartstyle

    Bahrain T2 - losing so much time!!

    My best advice: Don't take the RB but the mercedes. That will help a lot in TT. Than compare again and use the tips from the other forum members.
  3. aartstyle

    Loss of FFB F1 2020

    same problem for me with t150. In the first session the ffb is great. But after starting using a new session or even restart lap in TT the force feedback becomes weak. Sometimes in multiplayer the FFB is completely gone. I've to unplug the wheel and put it back in. Sometimes the ffb comes back when reconnecting the wheel.
  4. aartstyle

    1.06 out on PC (black Merc)

    Brilliant 😂
  5. aartstyle

    DRS zones in Zandvoort

    Yes you are right!
  6. aartstyle

    Pay to test

    I Really don't get it. Beta version worked almost perfect. Even online. Yesterday evening I did some unranked lobbies.... ***. Communicating errors, game crashes, desyncs. screen freezes etc. Yes I can make a bug report. But if you have a look in the reports of the last 4 years you can see the same reports. And no it's not my connection or the connection of the other participants in the lobby. Because when we play Assetto Corsa with the same people we have no problems at all. And with the Beta it was also ok. What's happening between the BETA and the FInal version. Is it the DRM? I assume it's in the Beta as well. Please CM fix this! I'm not a very critical user but this is ridicilous.
  7. aartstyle

    FIX the dutch language and pedals problem

    Correct. I don't know which company the translation did, but this is really ****. Moeilijk means difficult.
  8. aartstyle

    Qualifying Times Scripted?

    It's a common problem indeed. Laptimes are scripted in some occasions.
  9. aartstyle

    Ferrari side pod and hole in the side

    They also have an engine that isn’t there in real life...... 😂
  10. It’s the driver and not driver plus car I assume. I think they are really close when in the same car.
  11. I’ve 2004 and 445.87. Every exit I get the ego dumper crash notification.
  12. Hi Stevie, Experience the same issue over here for months. MSI laptop, 1050TI graphics card an integrated HD graphics 630. External monitor connected with DP(1080, 144Hz). Playing in full screen, dx 12. No v-sync of framelimiter active. No g-sync ofcourse because of the Intel HD graphics. Offline no problems.
  13. aartstyle

    Too much arcade physics this year

    pad vs wheel Oh dear
  14. aartstyle

    Too much arcade physics this year

    Zandvoort is the other way around about laptimes. Current track record in real life is 1:03,* . Jan Lammers (Former f1 driver and Track Director) expects a pole time around 1 minute. Current time at the leaderbords is a 1.09