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  1. Until codemasters implements a turbu boost setting for the ones that are playing this game for the first time. They need some extra help to be competitive in the lobbies.
  2. Just seperate the lobby's and time trails. Matching the performance of assists with no assists doesn't make sense. I'm a no assist driver but i'm not very good but i'm trying try to learn it. In lobby's in f1 2018 i've to compete against drivers with all assists (medium TC) on and they are often quicker than me because of the assists. Do you know how that feels? It's up to CM to find something to seperate the assists vs the no assists drivers. I do agree that it has to be fun for both but's its just a completeley different game. Arcade vs semi simulation.
  3. Great, just got the news i've been selected for the beta (PC)!! Cool!
  4. aartstyle


    Is daniel Ricciardo playing f1 2019 overhere? I thinks so: