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  1. aartstyle

    F1 2020 game release date

    haha, the first part was a little bit synical. A joke. Somehow my smiley dissapeared (sorry for that) But the last sentence is true. See this link https://www.gpblog.com/nl/nieuws/57457/we-kunnen-toch-racen-op-zandvoort-codemasters-houdt-vast-aan-originele-planning.html It's in dutch......
  2. aartstyle

    F1 2020 game release date

    Who cares about the perfomance. f1 2020 will have a perfect working safetycar. A multiplayer functionality without connection problems. No bump at suzuka, AI that really makes mistakes and crashes. Player cars that can have engine/technical failures, Full telemetry will be added like in GP4. Again who cares about the realistic car peformance. RELEASE THIS GAME Besides this i just read the news that f1 2020 will contain all the 22 original planned tracks. Codemasters will not change the calender.
  3. aartstyle

    Mechanical failure

    I fully agree with you all. Please bring back the random engine/mechanical failures. It shouldn't be that hard to implement.
  4. aartstyle

    Hello Codemasters,here is the World

    This was really a joke. The day before we have seen the online race with RF2 at indianapolis (was also broadcasted at a big sports channel in the netherlands). Ok the graphics are not the best, but it worked perfectly. Codemasters showed to the whole world that they are not capable to organize a working online racing game. I hope someone at the FIA has a look at the F1 game contract with codemasters......
  5. The speedtrap speed doesn't match with the speedtrap jeff is telling me when in the box. Speedtrap australia with the redbull 312 kmh. Jeff when in the box. We are 20th at the speedtrap with 304 kmh.
  6. aartstyle

    Pit assists

    What do you think the topic starter means with this topic. "Using pitassist should not give you 2 seconds benefit". you should be awarded to switch it off. Going full throttle with pitassists on gives you 2 seconds benefit in for example canada.
  7. aartstyle

    Pit strategy AI

    With low tyre management you would expect to stop earlier on your soft tyres. At least they should stop in the same lap when choosing for hards. This is a bit strange in my opinion. Thanks for investigating.
  8. aartstyle

    Pit strategy AI

    difficult to say. 6/7 out of 10? maybe more. I only play GP mode or league racing.
  9. aartstyle

    Pit strategy AI

    Hi, No video available atm. But i'm quite sure you can reproduce it yourself. My last example was a 25% race in china. No qualifying/practice, no formation lap. Racing at AI level 95 with max verstappen (of course, i'm dutch). Dry race. before the first stop i'm at 2nd place behind bottas and before Hamilton. My stop was in lap 6, switching to mediums. Hamilton did exactly the same. Bottas switched to hards in lap 7. Vettel did the same. Bottas finished 3th at the end. Hamilton first and max 2nd. This happens to often to say it's individual behaviour. platform: PC
  10. aartstyle

    Pit strategy AI

    In almost every (dry) grand prix mode race the AI has a strange tire strategy in 25% race. The first 10 cars of the grid start at the red tyres which is normal. They all go for a 1 stop strategy which is also normal. The cars that stop in lap 6 to change are all going to the mediums which could be normal. But the ones that stop in lap 7 or later are switching to the hard tyres. And that's a strange behaviour. You would expect it the other way around. The cars that stop earlier to the hards and the cars that stop later to the mediums.
  11. aartstyle

    PAD is too faster than Wheel ! WHY ?

    You give the host also the option to restrict assists. So why don't you restrict the controllers? Let the host choose for "all controllers" only pad/wheel/keyboard". Or even better let the host also choose for which view is allowed (cockpit/tv pod/both.....) A fair competition is not possible in my opinion (and I think many of us).
  12. aartstyle

    PAD is too faster than Wheel ! WHY ?

    Even thought about the possibility to seperate them? Make seperate leaderboards in tt and give the host of a multiplayer race the option to allow pad or wheel players. Problems solved.
  13. aartstyle

    Is this the final version of the game?

    Barry admitted that they will provide updates for a longer period than previous editions. This could be for several reasons: * New consoles coming up. f1 2020 will be rebuild to match the new specs. * Cloud gaming. Google stadia, xcloud. f1 2020 will be available in the cloud. * With the new tracks (zandvoort, Vietnam) they need more time. They decided to laserscann all the tracks. * With extending their f1 contract they decided to start all over again and make a new version that can be copy/paste the next 5 years. * They are fixing all the issues that have been mentioned in this forum. Next release is f1 2025.
  14. aartstyle

    PAD is too faster than Wheel ! WHY ?

    You can't fix this codies. It's just a complete different game when using a wheel instead of a pad. Just seperating them in multiplayer or TT will end this discussion.
  15. aartstyle

    Game is just boring

    A couple of wishes that would make the game less boring: Please CM add some more AI driver mistakes/chrashes in the game. Add technical failures for the players in grand prix mode. It brings excitement in the game even when you are in the lead with +10 seconds but still have fears for engine problems. Randomize the driver/team performance a bit more (or even better add a randomize slider in the game that you can set yourself). And please change the performance of Albon. In almost every grand prix he is starting from the 2 front rows but he falls back during the race to p6 everytime. He is holding upp the pack behind the first couple of lapps (he should start and finish 6th normally). Add a functionality where you can set your grid position when you are doing a quick race without qualifying. It's fun to start at the back with Lewis or Max. Add an option in carreer mode without doing the practice sessions excercises to earn points. Just earn points based on your results during qualifying and race (also for the AI drivers) Well this topic has become a wishlist again, i'm sorry for that.