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    New leagues

    link is fukked
  2. NutUPorSHUTup

    Aor boosting

    shut the fuck up crybaby
  3. NutUPorSHUTup

    Aor boosting

  4. NutUPorSHUTup

    Aor boosting

    i am the co-creator of AOR- ALL OUT RACING, more than half of my team is from NEED4SPEED SHIFT, we moved  over just a few short weeks ago, other than the damn game freezing on us it has been a fairly enjoyable experience. but i noticed the message boards here and there seems  to be some issues here relating to us. Are we cheating? ans. No. Are we boosting? How is that done exactly? we run time attack 1 lap with all diffulculty settings off with A.I. on very hard. So is this boosting? NO ! I call it leveling up our cars so that we can compete in the weekly racenet challenges with fully upgraded cars, whats wrong with that,  fuck sake anybody can do it. As for the kickin of ppl out of our lobbies is FALSE, we welcome ppl in to see what the competion is like, we drive clean for the most part, dont mess with me wont mess with you is the common attitude in our club,as for gettin ruff it happens ,but dont worry ppl we are in the top 5 now on the club leaderboards , we have now made our presence known to you, now it's time to start kick'n ass
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    Happy Halloween | Overlord Sale

    are you guys ever going to fix xbox autosport ? i didnt buy this game so that i could restart my xbox all day!
  6. NutUPorSHUTup

    Has console support ended already?

    everyone else can get their shit straightend out, why cant autosport, just like crap from china, you make crap and sell it and onto more crap making, u got something good that could be great, fix it fuckers
  7. NutUPorSHUTup

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    please fix the freezing issues dammit