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  1. @BarryBL Be honest, can this be fixed or not? The anti aliasing is horrible. Its almost like the game doesn't have anti aliasing.
  2. AvengerGR35


    Bentley Racing - Mercedes season 2 livery Livery inspired by the Bentley Speed 8
  3. AvengerGR35

    Who said the AI don't make mistakes

    Well... It looks like this corner is Hamilton's Kryptonite. He crashed there in my previous season and my current season. At least this time he didn't bin it from 1st place 😀
  4. AvengerGR35


    Bentley Racing
  5. AvengerGR35

    Lack of AI mistakes and crashes

    2 100% races with plenty of mistakes recently. Race 1 (Italy) Bottas crashes just before the 3rd long straight and safety car comes out. I have no idea how he crashed and only caught the post crash moment on Instant Replay. Race 2 (Japan) Albon has a minor spin and crash right after Turn 9. He continued to race normally but his minor crash caused a safety car to come out for 2 laps despite the track not having any debris. Also In some cases when I put the AI under pressure they get a bit too early on the gas after a turn and oversteer. But I agree that the AI should make mistakes in FP and Quali as well. I play on 105 difficulty btw.
  6. AvengerGR35

    Thoughts on AI Behaviour?

    I can confirm. The first time I saw the AI side by side in practice I thought they were battling each other but it turned out they wanted to let each other pass. Fortunately I wasn't close to them so they didn't slow me down
  7. I can confirm too. 100% race and it started raining halfway through the race. Most of the AI pitted for Softs instead of Inters and as a result they did 1 extra pit stop a lap later to fit the correct tyre and I ended up finishing almost 1:30 minutes ahead of 2nd place. This is the second time that its happening. It seems like when it starts raining and the AI pits, they put on their pre-selected dry tyre compound instead of changing their strategy to fit the Inters or Wets. Platform: PS4 Version: 1:08
  8. AvengerGR35

    My Team - advice on do's and don'ts for a new starter

    I learned this the hard way. Now I'm stuck with a 70 rating Tatiana midway through season 2 when I could've gone for Russell during the mid season driver selection
  9. AvengerGR35

    Tyre strategy midrace

    Something similar happened to me yesterday in Austria. All of us were on Softs then it started raining on lap 58 and Jeff suggested a new strategy. He suggested to come into the pits and put on another set of Softs despite the track being slippery so I changed to the Intermidiate as my next pit tyre. He tried to screw me over too. Unfortunately the AI were also screwed and put on another set of Softs only for them to pit again 1 lap later for Inters, gifting me the win.
  10. AvengerGR35

    Bad AI in Singapore?

    Meh, you should play Project Cars 2 and see what the AI does 🙂
  11. AvengerGR35


    I think there is wind in the game since probably F1 2017. I notice that sometimes the car changes direction on its own and turns very slightly to the left or right. Most noticeable when you're driving in a long straight, especially in China
  12. AvengerGR35

    Performance Graphs

    From what I understand, the first graph shows your car's/team's actual on track performance (race results). I have no idea what the numbers on the left mean though.
  13. AvengerGR35

    Carcass temps in Career mode beyond S1

    It is, at least from what I experienced in last year's game. From what I've seen in Tiametmarduk's gameplay this year its more obvious because in the formation lap and during the safety car period the AI doesn't zig zag to warm the tires due to a bug yet they have warm tires when the race starts / resumes.
  14. AvengerGR35

    Carcass temps in Career mode beyond S1

    I have it turned off because you are the only one affected by the carcass temps. The AI tires doesn't have carcass temperatures so why should we? It makes the game unfair because the AI can push all the time while you have to worry about keeping your tires below 105°C
  15. AvengerGR35

    Preparation for a race

    In very rare instances where I have nothing to do I can play 2-3 hours (full weekend and 100% race) but with 15-30 minute breaks in between.