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  1. Okay, enough silence. We demand answers. Is this ever gonna be fixed or not?? We have hopes that its gonna be fixed one day but in every update we are disappointed since its not fixed. Is it gonna be fixed or do we have false hopes? @BarryBL
  2. Sad. I really liked the past 3 F1 games, especially the last one. I have a bad feeling about this. Let's hope they don't interfere with the management of CM studios. They did that with Ghost (former NFS developer) and as a result the studio was disbanded, Criterion took over and NFS Heat died only 4 months after release. The game had huge potential but died too quick.
  3. So I'm in season 4 in my team (105 difficulty) with the R&D tree maxed out and my teammate Russell at 97 rating. We are in Zandvoort quali and the AI does blistering times but somehow I ended up P2 in Q3 behind Russell who was 0.860 quicker. But come race day I was 2-3 tenths quicker per lap than him and during the final laps of the race I was 15s ahead until his engine blew up. We both started on the same tyre and were on a similar strategy. This is what happens when the AI can't cheat through simulating 🙂
  4. An example is China's long straight. During the end of the straight the lapped AI will divebomb to the inside even if you are fully ahead of them. I will try to capture a video if this happens again.
  5. So this has been an issue since release. When you lap the AI shortly before a turn (mostly right turns), they will try to divebomb into the inside of the corner, most of the times hitting your rear tire and causing you to spin slightly. They do this even when you are fully ahead of them.
  6. In some cases its like the game doesn't even have anti aliasing.
  7. Yes. Ever since Season 2 in my team Bottas is absolutely hammering Hamilton despite the fact that he is 89 and Ham is 96. Hamilton has also been very unlucky too.
  8. Jeff: The time last lap was a, 32.1 seconds... 1 Sometimes he says your previous lap time but in reverse order. Also jeff when I ask him about my rival Jeff: They're in 8th. Really? What about his gap to me, what about the compound and status of his tires? He never gives any further info on the status of your rivals.
  9. Yes there were. I think Season 2 affected the engine department and Season 3 something else. Anyways I will adjust my setups but if I manage to make it to season 5 I will switch back to the Merc engine and use my previous setups to see if there's any difference in handling (unless of course a rule change happens and affects the engine).
  10. The Renault engine was (and still is) slightly less powerful than the Mercedes engine when I made the switch. I'm in season 4 now and its the first time this happens to me. I have already done all of the engine power upgrades since season 2 and the only upgrades that remain are 3 manufacturer upgrades which automatically happen throughout the season.
  11. Not sure if its my imagination but in my previous season in My Team I used a Mercedes engine and the car handled perfectly. Now in the new season I switched to the Renault engine and the car understeers a lot from what I noticed in Australia. Its worth mentioning that there weren't any rule changes and I upgraded the aero of the car too (both front and rear downforce) as well as the chassis. I also used the same setup from my previous season but now I had to adjust it to make the car oversteer a bit. Maybe the Renault engine weights more than the Mercedes one and each engine has different weig
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