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  1. AvengerGR35

    Please stop driver transfer in career mode

    Codies should stop this contract negotiation every 4 races bs. Contract negotiations should happen only at the end of the season. And since contract negotiations for other drivers are happening at the same time as ours, it would be much better if they happened at the end of the season because that way driver transfers would've been more realistic and you wouldn't see the championship leader suddenly going to a slower team mid season.
  2. AvengerGR35

    Problems with ERS Deployment

    Here's a tip for you if you want to switch to manual ers. Go to the controller button assignments in the options and set the R3 button as ERS increase. That way you can decrease the ers mode with the left button on the D pad before entering a corner and increase it with R3 when exiting a corner. Normally I think the R3 button is assigned to voice chat in multiplayer or something like that but you can assign another button for it. You can also set the L3 button as ers decrease which will help you decrease your ers while turning. I always used manual ers and it was a pain using the D Pad but when I tried the above tip it helped me a lot.
  3. I noticed that if you use any female driver/avatar your helmet has a weird visual glitch. Does anyone else have this glitch? I changed my driver to female and went to the highlights, and the close up shots of the driver showed this weird glitch. I then changed to another male driver and the glitch disappeared and later I selected a different female driver and the glitch reappeared. Here's the proof of the glitch happening.
  4. AvengerGR35

    Rain, rain and again rain.

    I had posted a similar thread. Now I'm currently in Spa Free Practice 2 and this is where it rained so far: Australia (Race) China (Race) Azerbaijan (Quali & Race) Spain (Quali & Race) Canada (FP1 & Race) France (Race) Austria (Race) Britain (FP1 & Race) Germany (Race) 9 out of 12 races with rain. In some races the forecasts didn't show any rain but during the race it rained so I don't trust the forecasts too much. For the Belgian GP it says only Clouds for the first half of the race and sun with clouds for the second half, but it will probably rain again.
  5. AvengerGR35

    PATCH 1.05, how to ruin a game.

    You're right about the Aero, but the engine of Ferrari this year is miles faster than Mercedes. Maybe not as reliable, but still faster.
  6. AvengerGR35

    Starting as 1st Driver

    It is possible. I started F2 as a McLaren academy driver, won the F2 championship and in the contract offer from McLaren, 1st driver was selected by default. You might have to win the F2 championship to unlock the 1st driver status. Also, if you don't select any driver academy at the start of F2 and choose to be independent, you probably won't receive any 1st driver status contract from any F1 team even if you win the F2 championship. As for the teammate, I think your teammate will be the same no matter your driver status.
  7. AvengerGR35

    Race starts SLOW compared to A.I

    My advice is to turn the ERS to Medium or Low during the formation lap. That way you won't have as much wheelspin at the start as you would with the Hotlap mode. After the wheelspin stops and you reach 4th gear set the ERS to Hotlap. You probably won't get any positions but you will keep your current position. For Traction Control users, try setting the TC to medium or remove it completely for the start of the race and try the technics above.
  8. AvengerGR35

    Too much rain

    Mine is worse. I'm now in Britain and the weather forecast says rain for the whole race. So far 7 out of 9 races with rain. Only Bahrain and Monaco were dry. My Austrian GP race preview also didn't show any rain but guess what? It started raining midway through the race and it didn't stop 😡. I even won in Canada because of the rain lol. I have the AI set at 104% and I play without any assists apart from the corner racing line. The AI needs to be buffed in the rain.
  9. AvengerGR35

    Floating wing in Shanghai

    I don't even know how did this happen lol.
  10. AvengerGR35

    My Career Mode Summary: Season 1

    I'm still on my 8th race, career mode 100% distance, full practice and quali and currently drive for McLaren with Lando Norris as my teammate. Devon Butler is driving for Racing Point with Perez as his teammate while Lukas Weber drives for Toro Rosso with Albon as teammate. So far my season has been somewhat realistic. - Williams is dead last and finishes always in P19-P20 and gets lapped by the whole field. - Gasly underperforms and is currently 6th in the championship with only 35 points while Max is 3rd with 142 points I believe. - So far no driver transfers but I haven't completed my 8th race yet so who knows. - Vettel & Ferrari are leading the championship. Mercedes almost always qualify 1-2 but they always shoot themselves in the foot and end up throwing away wins. In short, Mercedes suffers from Ferrari Syndrome in my career. - Bottas is also underperforming lately. In Monaco he qualified P7 and finished P7, and in Canada he qualified P2 and finished P5. - The Performance Table so far is like this: Mercedes Ferrari Red Bull Racing Renault McLaren Racing Point Rich Energy HAAS Alfa Romeo Racing Toro Rosso Honda Williams I will post the results whenever I finish the season.
  11. AvengerGR35

    Why no full OSD in cockpit view

    I think the DRS on Merc & Ferrari is on a paddle behind the steering wheel, on the left side if I remember correctly.
  12. AvengerGR35

    Big changes needed.

    15. Car performance is literally a copy paste from last year. RB engine has the same performance as a Renault engine despite RB using Honda PUs, Ferrari engine is still slower than Merc despite Ferrari having the better engine IRL, Aero & Chassis wise Merc should be at the top, not RB 16. Drivers should change Helmets when moving to a different team. It feels stupid watching Vettel drive for Mercedes while wearing a Ferrari helmet with Ferrari's sponsors. What's the point of having driver transfers if they always have their old team's helmet design? That's like having Christiano Ronaldo play for Juventus with a Real Madrid uniform. 17. The AI still doesn't suffer from high carcass temperatures and is able to push all the time (or until their ERS runs out) 18. The rival that you choose suddenly becomes OP. I drive for McLaren and my rival, Devon Butler, drives for Racing Point. Both teams are pretty much equal but before I chose Butler as a rival he kept finishing outside the top 10 while his teammate outperformed him. After I chose him as a rival he suddenly started qualifying near me or ahead of me and he started to outperform his teammate by miles. This also happened last year too. 19. Our helmets still lack team sponsors 20. The AI does rocket starts all the time. I don't use any assists, I always rev to the optimal RPM range but no matter what I do they always fly past me. Last year the race starts were much better. 21. No steering animation when leaving or entering the pits 22. The podium celebration cutscene is literally the same all the time. And the list goes on. The game is a copy paste of last year but with a little bit of story and new cars. I'd say the game isn't worth 60$/70€. It should be 35$/40€ at most.
  13. AvengerGR35

    Too much rain

    Australia race - Rain China Race - Rain Azerbaijan Race - Weather forecast says rain sometime during the race. 3 out of 4 races with rain. So far only Bahrain was dry. I have no problem racing in the rain but the AI is slower than a turtle when it rains and I end up overtaking RB/Merc/Ferrari with ease using a McLaren.