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  1. AvengerGR35

    Patch Notes for 1.07 – Discussion Thread

    Sounds like Ferrari in real life. They downgrade their cars whenever they bring new performance updates, lol. As for the liveries, its true the SF90 looks dull without the 90 Years stickers. Same goes for McLaren who misses LYFT/Dufry. Although I heard LYFT is related to tobacco, CM can use the Dufry sponsor that was used in the Hungarian GP and place it where LYFT is originally located
  2. AvengerGR35

    My Career Mode Summary: Season 1

    Team: McLaren Season 1: ✔ Drivers Championship:🥇🏆 Constructors Championship: ❌ Great Battles: ✔ Season 2: 🔛 When I started my first Season McLaren was 5th in the Performance table. Before the performance update my team overtook Racing Point in The Performance table and due to the upgrades I had added before the update McLaren moved to 2nd in the table after the performance update. For the first part of the season Merc was dominating while I was finishing 5th, 6th, 7th and for the second part of the season McLaren, Ferrari, and Red Bull caught up and I ended up winning 7 races because I had the best engine & chassis and decent aero. Hamilton was leading the championship up until the last race. This is how the last part of the championship went down Suzuka: Hamilton won, I ended up 2nd after difficult race, points gap between me and him increased Mexico: Hamilton 2nd, I won, points gap reduced USA: I won, Hamilton 4th, points gap reduced Brazil: I won, Hamilton 5th, points gap reduced Abu Dhabi: Hamilton 6 points ahead of me before the race, I won, Hamilton retired on lap 44 from 3rd place, I won the championship, McLaren ended up 3rd in the WCC Mid Season driver transfers were: Vettel ➡ Red Bull replacing Gasly Gasly ➡ Ferrari replacing Vettel Start of Season 2 transfers were: Vettel ➡ Ferrari replacing Gasly Gasly ➡ Red Bull replacing Vettel Lando Norris (My Teammate) has been let go Verstappen ➡ McLaren replacing Norris Sainz (the driver I replaced at the start of the season) ➡ Red Bull replacing Verstappen. Current Performance Table is: Red Bull McLaren Ferrari Mercedes Toro Rosso Racing Point Haas Williams Alfa Romeo Renault The regulation changes were only for the Aero. I adapted all of my upgrades for the next season. I bought Aero upgrades for the next season but I didn't get them since I thought regulation changes won't affect them since they would come at the start of next season. As a result I ended up wasting 3.000 Resource Points for nothing. Strangely though both Ferrari and Red Bull brought Aero upgrades for the new season and now Red Bull is miles ahead in Aero. Do regulation changes only affect your team or something?
  3. AvengerGR35

    This game is so unfair

    So after I completed my last race of the season I decided to do all of the available Aero upgrades after I resigned with McLaren. The regulation changes for me were only in Aero but I thought it wouldn't affect my upgrades for the next season since the season had already ended. I was wrong. I ended up wasting 3.000 Resource Points. But what's unfair is the fact that both Ferrari and Red Bull brought Aero upgrades for the new season. Ferrari was fourth in the Aero and Red Bull second. Now Red Bull is miles ahead of everyone while I didn't get any upgrades. Note: None of my upgrades had failed. Its as if I never bought them. Edit: The upgrades that are fitted were already fitted in the first half of the previous season. The upgrades that are available for purchase were purchased after my last race but I didn't get them.
  4. AvengerGR35

    Your first F1 game

    I think it was F1 2006
  5. - Make each team have their own Invitational events. For example if you drive for McLaren then in the Invitational Events you should drive only McLaren's historic cars, not Ferrari's or Williams's. - Add Press Conference interviews like in NBA 2K - Add more podium celebration animations. I can't believe you worked 2 years on this game and it has only 1 podium celebration - Make F2 drivers step up to F1 when another driver is dropped or retires - Add Pre Season tests with many practice programs. Completing these programs should reward you Recource Points like in Free Practice - Make R&D slower. The R&D pace in this game is worse than last year - 17 Season Career. I know that's a bit too much and probably no one will complete 17 seasons, but doing only 10 seasons in F1 is like starting at 18yo and retiring at 28yo, which is very unrealistic since most drivers retire after 17-18 seasons. - Add the option to retire from the sport whenever we want - Give a voice to our character - Create a Career mode story and make it last 1 or 2 seasons and not only 3 races - Make sure you polish the game properly before releasing it. Its amazing how you claim you worked 2 years on this one and the bugs from last year have been carried over to this year. At release we basically received a half finished game. And don't give me the excuse that you only have 1 year to make it. FIFA and NBA 2K also have only 1 year to make their games but at least their games are more polished and have a bigger stories compared to F1's 3 race story and countless bugs. Don't be lazy devs. Hard work pays off. Really though I've been buying F1 on release every year since 2016 and so far only 2018 impressed me. 2019 is almost the same as last year. I'm really thinking of skipping 2020 altogether since it will most likely be a copy paste of 2019 with slight improvements.
  6. AvengerGR35

    Tracks were the AI is OP

    So far I noticed Suzuka and Mexico are the tracks were the AI is OP. I normally play on 104% and my car is the second best at the moment. In Suzuka I qualified 13th and had to lower the AI to 99 to be able to keep up. Mexico is the same story. I somehow qualified 1st after 5 retries and I noticed I lose a lot of time at Sectors 2 & 3 (in Sector 2 I was 0.2 slower and Sector 3 0.6 slower) so for the race I lowered it to 100. I hope in the next tracks the AI won't be so OP.
  7. AvengerGR35


    Wonderful ideas. Unfortunately I don't see Codies adding some of them until F1 2023 or later since they have a habit of recycling the same game every year with little to none improvements. One thing I see them adding sooner is the calendar changes after each season. For example in your second Career mode season the first race of the season could be China or Bahrain, followed by Russia or any other track. Knowing Codies though, they will still find some way to mess this up.
  8. AvengerGR35

    SC Bug, No AI mistakes

    I agree. The AI in the rain is driving like Schumacher. No mistakes at all, not even a slide or spin while I'm struggling to control mine. Very unrealistic, especially when you think that 5 cars crashed at the German GP IRL due to the rain. Not to mention that the VSC gets deployed for no reason most of the time.
  9. Game: Ace Combat Infinity (2014)
  10. I have done 2 races since the new patch (Italy & Singapore). Now I'm currently on my 3rd race in this patch and I still haven't encountered this issue. Not in Free Practice, not in Quali and not in races. I play on the normal PS4 btw. Is it track specific or does it happen at most tracks?
  11. AvengerGR35

    What's your fastest pit stop?

    McLaren also does some good pit stops at Level 2. In Level 1 they mostly do 3sec pit stops and ruin your race.
  12. AvengerGR35

    My full practice programme

    I usually do this FP1: I first do Race Strategy with Hards and then Mediums. Then I do Track Acclimatization with used Hards, then Tyre, Fuel & ERS Management with used Mediums FP2: Quali Sim with Softs, then Race Strategy with another set of Softs FP3: I just do 10 laps with the remaining Medium tires and with full fuel load just to get an idea on how the car will handle in the first part of the race.
  13. AvengerGR35

    What's your fastest pit stop?

    Mine was 2.079 seconds and my Pit Stop efficiency is at Level 2 in my contact. I imagine it can go to 1.9s or lower at Level 3. What's your fastest pit stop?
  14. AvengerGR35

    Your highest AI with GamePAD + NO Assists

    104 with PS4 controller. Now I will probably raise it to 105 since I have won 3 races in a row with the second best car. Not mention that in 2 out of these 3 races I started outside the top 10 (P20 & P14) and still won.
  15. AvengerGR35

    F1 Tips & Tricks

    Another tip: If you do Full Qualifying and reach Q3 and you have an unused set of softs from Q1 or Q2, the game will automatically equip that set instead of the extra Q3 set and you won't have any fresh Softs for the race. This is more noticeable when you select the "Balanced" tyre set in the Weekend Tyre Allocation. So when you reach Q3 go to the tyre select menu on the screen and select the last set of Softs which is the extra Q3 set.