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  1. Cheers, don't seem to get many replies in technical.
  2. Hi, what ps4 headsets will be compatible for pit interaction, does anybody know yet.
  3. Exciting news,but, it will not make me spend 300+ on a next gen console until i've seen it up and running on here and youtube. This will be the first one not bought on release day.
  4. Yeah I read that as there is no career mode at all just single mode seasons with the Pro season mode just being a hardcore sim mode. I don't like the sound of that but I'll wait and see if they're going to share any more details. I need more than just fancy graphics and a new track to keep me occupied We need some info every week or interest will fall away again, its dead on here again.
  5. The difference is that despite Red Bull dominating (they never dominated like Mercedes does for two years now by the way) there was always a chance for the other teams to catch up (due to a clever idea like the F-Duct e.g.). But now we know that Mercedes will win 90% of the races - at least. But a much bigger problem is the engine. The V6 is lacking everything Formula 1 stood for. Power, speed, noise, sound. The new cars look and sound like toys. So we restrict Mercedes because the best of the rest have'nt applied themselves aswell. the difference between red bull's dominance is they bent
  6. You hear it on tv and on the many f1 forums people dropping intrest in it because of one team dominating, that's been the case for many years, Williams, Ferrari, red bull, now its somebody elses turn, Mercedes are now having a turn, in x amount of years it'll be somebody else that's the way F1 seems to be.
  7. Wouldn't make any sense at all to release anything on 2015 this side of christmas, it would effect 2014 game sales, we are humans and we have built in wanters. Most of us will not be able to wait till next gen for our F1 fix.
  8. I know opinions differ, but for me, CM have done a pretty good job for the wheel users, very enjoyable indeed. Yes still some problems that need to be addressed, but overall i for one are quite happy.
  9. That all depends on what you play with, if you play with a wheel then you've made the wrong one. Yes still a few old frustrating faults, like, AI have far to much pace in the wet and running with TC. Did singapore 50% race in the force india on expert finished 9th then played back the replay, stunning, more tv replay cams in there now, a very enjoyable experience indeed.
  10. Then live with it till a patch comes.
  11. Are you running with the pad or wheel, with the wheel its far from shite mate.
  12. Missing a few features but overall i think CM have done a great job, watching back replays you can see a massive leap foward on the physics. Great job codemasters here's looking foward to the next gen.
  13. I also went to the Spanish GP, low end grunt is impressive, you can also hear the cars cut through the air on the drive by. Just missing the high end scream.
  14. Next gen 2015 will be the same with better graphics, we won't get what the game needs same things year in year out. One play time game modes, nothing new for career, 2015 I will buy if its disappointing then that's it for me.
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