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  1. Noticed nobody has said anything for a while, so id like to start this whole conversation up again if possible. I've been loyal to codemasters and enjoyed all the racing games out there, but by far my favourite of all is the Grid series! Especially GAS! I had all the dlc for it too. I'm kinda let down that such a brilliant game would not be on the xbox1.. I'm baffled. GAS on the xbox1 spec would be absolute perfection. Please please please codemasters stop trying to create a winning game when you already have one... GAS! Bring it to the next generation an i bet this time round sales would soar! Plus I miss racing against the worlds best on the racenet leaderboard for the No1 position. My xbox gamer tag is WolseleyBlazer1, so to the top drivers of GridAutosport (I know you recognise my name