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  1. Endeavour67

    F1 2019 hate me? ( DX12 crash )

    Hello steviejau69 I Have a motherboard MSI Z97 Gaming 5, i already have the latest BIOS ( version 1D V1.13 ). For the rest i did not understand what you mean,should have disabled " Intel turbo boost " ? Or just removed the OC ? I send you my DXDiag. DxDiag.txt
  2. Hello all ! ( Sorry in advance for my bad english ) During my race in career at Silverstone, my game stopped working on the last lap ... after 1 hour 30 of the race + the qualification I know that the crashes under DX12 is known on F1 2019, but Only when we make a return Windows. I was surprised he crashed in the middle of the race. In the reliability history he shows me this : Signature of the problem Problem event name: AppHangB1 Name of application: F1_2019_dx12.exe Version of the application: Application Timestamp: 5d41f58d Signature of blocking: 166th Blocking type: 134217728 System version: 10.0.18362. MY Setup is CPU I7-4790K ( OC 4.6Ghz ) , GPU GTX1070Ti , and 16Go RAM , my graphical settings are " superior", just an option in " Ultra". The version of my W10 is 1903 - 18362.267 and the NVIDIA drivers is 431.36 ( DCH ). Since patch 1.07 i had two problems in multiplayer that forced me to close the gam, and now the game that crashes at the end of the race.. Other people who had the same problem ? is there a solution to fix this kind of problem under DX12 ? I had no problem or crash in game before the 1.07 patch ... Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello codemaster, Have you planned in an upcoming update to have the possibility to add an option to make realistic F1 performance in League mode ? Thanks in advance.
  4. Endeavour67

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    Hello, I am writing to you codemaster, To ask you if there is the possibility to put back the creation of a championship in multiplayer as on F1 2018. I know there is the possibility to create one with the league mode, but it is very limited, like the single-seater in equal performance, and the difficulty in AI with 100% maximum. It is important to know that all leagues do not use equal performance, but some uses the performance of single-seater in realistic, to bring it closer to reality. Many people make championships in cooperation, between friends, against the AI, but being limited in equal performance, and having a 100% Maximum AI difficulty and not being able to create a real championship gash all . Please, try to set up the means to have the performances of the cars in realistic, and to increase the difficulty IA in creation of league. Thanks you.
  5. I have already started a career in 100% I am in France now, I think the new update performance may distort my career for the sequel no?