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  1. Realybadpiggy


    Don't agree, ranked in 2018 was a nightmareish mess... One could get a decent race or two a night but invariably it would fall into mayhem with trolls and novice drivers and inevitably angry drivers going to war on the track...... 2019 ranked has basically killed of the troll and skill mismatch issues and in effect greatly reduced the angry driver/ war on the track issues... Comparitivly, where once I would get one maybe two ok races a night ( in 2018) now almost all races are good to really good experiences 😊 I miss my friends... Yes... Should we be able to invite friends of equal or better ranking... That would be nice.... Is the 2019 approach to ranked races perfect... No.... Is it way better than the 2018 mess... YES PS ranked lobbies are very much alive and active
  2. Realybadpiggy

    Xbox keyboard support - why not?

    I'll give is a shoot ... Bit still it's a little weird that such a simple enhancement is missing If u look at another simulation like Elite dangerous ... The key binding possibilities are down right futuristic in comparison
  3. Realybadpiggy

    Xbox keyboard support - why not?

    Was hoping that 2019 would support mapping keyboard to functions ( break bias, downforce , talk , box etc ) but no it does not... Anyone know why this remains a non feature on the Xbox ? Why do I care ? There are not enough buttons on the Xbox controller and I don't want to be navigating different menus while driving, to do something simple / binary that could be done with a simple push of a button ....
  4. Fastest guy I ever raced with uses all assists on ( all ) ... He glides around the courses like physics is but intellectual trivia
  5. + 1 to that brother ... No assists for me and I'm beaten senseless by players with assists in the DRY regularly and totally SENSELESS in the wet.... Lol my XP is poor 😞
  6. This can be summed up as ::::: I want to win I want to win the way I want to win It's not fair that I can't win It's discrimination and anyone who disagrees is a hater and elitest Devolve into lame attempts to provoke Use all text to sudo prove the point ======== Misses the point ...... It does not matter .. some people are fast other want to be and know the road they need to travel and other , well others , post here Tc / abs is another method of classification ..... It's just the way it is And yes they will loosen it up ... They alsways do
  7. This whole post misses the point ... the assists that are currently in play are for the casual racer and a casul racer you can't really have a serious expectation to compete against the more dedicated ( think about it ). Racing is competitive and by dumbing down success to assists "on" makes no sense ( a bit like saying " I run 10 wing all around and that should win me races, and because of the pro biosed setups I'm being discriminated against " ) Just play the game and enjoy and endever to improve .... PS it's not all about winning you know ... Best races I've had are in the mid / back of the pack... Fighting for an irrelevant position and loving every moment
  8. Realybadpiggy

    2019 keyboard or key modifiers

    Hoping that xBox 2019 would enable keyboard binding or key modifiers ( holding Y would change what the other buttons do ) but it does not appear so......... Having this type of capability would be highly desirable as we are currently button starved on The Xbox
  9. Realybadpiggy


    Fix = allow invites but fail it if the invitee is not ranked appropriately for the lobby ..... inform the failed invitee that they need to pull up their socks if they want to play with their buds
  10. Realybadpiggy

    Keyboard support needed on Xbox One

  11. Realybadpiggy

    Thrustmaster Open Wheel

    Yea am using the Playseat Challenge and like it but found the wheel setup akward so now using the wheel stand pro for the wheel and peddles + playset ..open wheel and t3pa pro...
  12. Realybadpiggy

    I'm searching for US Xbox One league.

    Did Donny get back to you? Reached out to BRL ^^^ the above .... Nothing yet ****. (snowballone9)
  13. Realybadpiggy

    Thrustmaster Open Wheel

    Just got the TM Open Wheel.... A little pricey in fairness. That said it's really nice... Buttons and paddles are solid, it's light and about just the right size.. if you have the F1 I would not bother with it but for everyone else it's a massive upgrade... In short it's a great wheel....
  14. Realybadpiggy

    Keyboard support needed on Xbox One

    Bump ... Come on people ... Keyboard support !!!!
  15. Seems odd that now Xbox supports keyboards keyboard and number pad keys mapping remains locked in F1 ... Wondering if this restriction is going to be lifted by codemasters ?