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  1. I play on PS4, I pre-ordered the Schumacher Deluxe Edition. Everytime I open up the podium pass the game crashes with an Errorcode "CE-34878-0". I have the newest Updates and patches installed (also the newest system updates on my PS4). I haven't even been able to open up the podium pass once. The same error appears when I try to enter the item shop, the game crashes with the same errorcode. Gamertag: SkySkater182
  2. SkySkater

    F1 2020 Podium pass

    It still does not work for me on PS4 even with the newest updates. Everytime I open the podium pass an error appears and it throws me out of the game completely. Errorcode: CE-34878-0. I got the same issue when I open the item shop. @Faya My Gamertag on PS4 is SkySkater182.