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    Dirt Rally 2.0 Watermark

    Was going to bust this in technical issues, but I'm not even sure it's a bug. For whatever reason the ONLY button that doesn't work during the replay is the button to turn off the giant DIRT RALLY 2.0 watermark on the corner of the screen. I DO NOT want this watermark on my replays. When I click the button to turn this off, nothing happens. I can hear the click sound activate, but nothing happens. I'm assuming it's the button with the eye with a slash through it? I have to ask because nothing is labeled. It doesn't work when I use my mouse on the replay menu either. Everything else works except the eye with a slash through it. How do I turn off the watermark? Why am I not surprised that the ONLY button that doesn't work is the one that turns off the huge watermark?!?!?!?!?!?
  2. ShadyBrady6

    DIRT rally 2.0 is'nt a simulator !

    The phrase "racing simulator" is a marketing scheme in the video game industry. It's a marketing gimmick that convinces 13 year old boys who want to drive a Mclaren 720s it only costs $59.99. Game publishers also have working contracts with actual motorsport drivers who are payed to say things like "this is the closest thing I've felt to my actual car!!". Get over it guys. These are videos games.
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    DIRT rally 2.0 is'nt a simulator !

    Please define simulator, and don't use words like "kind of, like, sort of", or use some sort of tournament to justify whether or not something is a simulator. If we're being technical, none of the games you just mentioned are "simulators". It depends on how far you're willing to destroy the definition of the word "simulation". Some people are content with completely mauling the word, while others seem to be obsessed with finger wagging while never actually defining the word. So, define it. I want a real definition. Not something that can be subjectively determined or interpreted. If you can't define it, please stop talking about what is or isn't a simulator. It's one of the most boring tropes in the sim racing community. Not to mention pointless. Definition of simulator : one that simulates especially : a device that enables the operator to reproduce or represent under test conditions phenomena likely to occur in actual performance Given the fact that there isn't a video game on the planet that can actually do this, I'm pretty sure this conversation is over. The only reason professional drivers use games for practice is because the tracks are laser scanned and they're refreshing their memory so they can pick up the pace in actual practice. I don't care how good force feedback is, it's never going to simulate a car because it takes all of the information a driver would respond to, and puts it in the steering column of the vehicle. This is not how cars operate. I hate to break it to everybody.