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  1. The following is now LIVE on PS4 (Xbox update to follow)  • Training Mode - Hone your skills with each of the 8 vehicle classes in the high-score training mode.• New Gear - 12 New Epic Character Outfits to unlock.• Enhanced Photomode - Time of Day control, Advanced Filters and more.• Quicker Respawns - Get back into the action more quickly with a shorter vehicle select timer.• Revenge Takedowns – New Revenge takedown type when you get payback on a rival player.• Tombstones - Community competition winning designs & 72 new flags added.• Improved OSD – Lots of little improvements including notification arrows on Lockdown & Switch modes.• Settings - New UI HDR Brightness and Tags options.• Stability & performance improvements.• Various Bug Fixes.
  2. Hi all, v1.02 is LIVE! You can expect to find the below updated: Network code improvements Reduced latency Improved performance If you spot anything at all please let me know, and please include which platform! Thanks, Aaron