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  1. Chief36 said:
    I am playing on Xbox One X and after the intro is done and get to the main screen, I lose all audio.  Go to start an event or race and still no audio.  I am able to hit the home button on the controller and audio will restore on the Xbox home menu.   Then go back to Onrush and no audio again.  
    Hi - The devs are aware of this issue and we're currently looking into what we can do to resolve it. Sorry you've been having such trouble! :( 

  2. xVIFFERx said:
    Hey I have 2 issues.

    1) I don't see any of the exclusive items I unlocked for playing the Beta in the Xbox One X digital deluxe version and I still have my beta with the data on the hard drive. I got passed level 25 in the beta and should have unlocked all of them.

    2) The audio goes up and down in volume randomly but mostly it stays really low compared to everything else I play or watch. When I enter the game it is at regular levels for maybe one or two minutes and then it drops and stays there with really rare brief pops to higher volume at random moments during gameplay. I am playing on Surround Sound system on Xbox One X. Not facing any audio issues on any other game or media. This issue was there in the Beta as well. Kinda is the worst part of the experience for me because I love the music in the game, if I turn it up then those pops are wayy too loud and can mess up my speakers.


    I have total same issues.
    Hi! So the Xbox One rewards issue has now be rectified. The rewards should be available when you next log in. As for the sound issue - is that still happening? Thanks!