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  1. MohsenREZAEI

    DRS open but now working!

    I found what is my problem to can't reach to max speed that was about my throthel i want to delelte this topic thanks everyone
  2. MohsenREZAEI

    Patch Notes for 1.07 – Discussion Thread

    Please answer to us. Finaly should we wait for 90Years anniversary for Ferrari livery and new engine cover for Ferrari on next update? Yes or NO
  3. MohsenREZAEI

    Patch Notes for 1.07 – Discussion Thread

    When Ferrari 90Years anniversary livery available on PS4 ?
  4. MohsenREZAEI

    DRS open but now working!

    I just donwload latest update 1.07 but Ferrari Livery doesn't change yet Thanks mate, i will see it soon. I understand what is your mean, i just say the cars doesn't give more speed when i active DRS , Your are right i have to improve my skills for good exit on corners Salaam dadash, man natonestam be in zaboon nafahma hali konam ke ghodrat kafi nadaram vaghti DRS faaal mikonam mashin shetab kafi nadare vali CPU khodesh kar khasi nemikone mesle jet az kenamram rad mishe , ba ferrari nemitoonam az williams rad sham
  5. MohsenREZAEI

    DRS open but now working!

    I dont want to hear something I just want when i active DRS give me more horse power for overtaking i uploded a video for more information soon. thanks mate
  6. MohsenREZAEI

    DRS open but now working!

    Does not anyone answer to me?
  7. MohsenREZAEI

    DRS open but now working!

    I played F1 2019 for more times, in carrier , multiplayer and solo all the times in game i were in DRS area i press DRS button and i see that opened but its not working this situation badly for uper levels Drs open and that car above me are faster realy why? this is big buggg... please tell me really why?
  8. please answer 1- Does 90Years logo adding just engine cover only? or adding to that logo on ferrari suits, gloves and rear and front wing? 2- Do we have to see changing engine cover update for ferrari ?
  9. Maybe Codemasters improve the new game graphics and fixtures good condition but one the most important thins about F1 games is engine sounds In new era in F1 cars has so good engine sound, specially Ferrari engings has good noise when driver do the throtle and up shifts but in game all cars doesnt have good engine sounds i dont understad why desing teams doesnt care about this issue I have been recently notice about that before release game date unfortuntly they dont fix it never