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  1. @caerphoto I'm sending also link with my post about the game ideas. 🙂
  2. I think all this means that we will probably get a DiRT 5 or maybe a Reboot with only DiRT name to make us not recognize every time DiRT with something close to simcade - arcade like last time and will bring all what the best from the DiRT series and bring new unique physics and 2 handling modes Sim - Arcade. At the same time there was something written about the future of DiRT Rally so i can be wrong. Also i don't think it will be really showdown as it was not that successful and the same for the OnRush game. It wasn't a bad move but Codies lost quite a lot on it. The 2nd studio is probably C
  3. I'm asking because would be cool to create a WRC league for the players i know with Scotland as beginning and with only the 2 new cars to make it tricky to drive as there would be not that many experience with those stages and cars, and i think this would be way more exciting. The option is surely missed because it was a good challenge for a rally and 1 car to show who make the best out of it on exactly the same conditions. 🙂 @HoksuHoo Thx for answer, i wanted to make sure i didn't missed a option like that. I play DR 2.0 whole year and knowing the clubs options well but still wasn't sure
  4. Guys, tell me is there a option to select just 1 or 2 specific cars for the clubs in DR 2.0? I remember the option was in DR 1 but i don't see the possibility to select that. @PJTierney And is there a chance that a option like this will be added?
  5. Also i invite you to check my post and suggestions for future CM Rally Games (I hope DiRT titles again) 😉
  6. When DiRT Topic goes into > how all love Jennifer Aniston 😅
  7. Both! 😅 But if we will be in Scotland, then only McRae style. 🙂
  8. Ok then first of all, if the Late 90's Impreza WRC will come back for a DiRT 5 or DR 3.0 like we will get it now in 1 month for DR 2.0. Please let it it be the 97/early 98 version instead of 98/99 version. And it should look like this, exactly like in first CMR game. ❤️
  9. You can check a lot on this site too: http://tech-racingcars.wikidot.com/subaru-impreza-gc8-wrc97
  10. I see that in 97 the bumper was the same also, so just the decals was in different places, it really doesn't matter anymore, it's all the same. 🤣 And so cool we will get it, it is a proper car! ❤️ Edit: I mean ok only the rear is really different between 97 and 98 but yeah, in CMR 2.0 also the S4 appeared. 🙂
  11. But you know, when i look at this... The front bumper look actually like 98 S4 which we will get now, but just the front decal is in different place. 😮
  12. At least it's still the late Impreza from McRae years and still have the same livery, the wheels and other things except a slightly different rear and front bumper and sponsor decals in a little other places as well. But in general i'm super happy to have this because i missed it from CMR 2.0 and CMR 1, because in the next games CMR 3, 04, 2005 it was 22B.
  13. I think it is S4 but they named year after in 1999 S5 because they did another small changes to it + the livery was completely different to what we was used in 98 and 97. But if you look at the differences on my screens, you can see that 97 have slightly different front bumper, places of sponsors and someone mentioned also the rollcage, the 97 looks a bit better, 98 looks just a little different, but 99 is completely different with a new air inlet on roof, like this: (S5) 99 (S4) 98 And (S3) 97
  14. Could be anyway, just saying that the 97 is a bit more legendary and better, especially for Bunnings jumps, 1 point missing for title and being in Colin McRae Rally (1998) So for me as a big fan and who have respect for what did Colin. And someone who wanted to get this car back from the 1st codemasters game. It's a bit sad that it is not the S3 97, but at the same time, both are quite the same and fantastic cars so it's not big difference. But if Codemasters can, do corrections and bring the 97 to us! ❤️
  15. But you mean in DiRT or CMR1? In CMR 1 i guess it was S3 97 for DR 2.0 of course it's S4. 🙂
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