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  1. KryspaPL

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    I just need this! ❤️ Of course Wales and Finland would be nice, Greece could be much better in DR 2.0 but somehow in DR1 it was not that much interesting rally for me, just hairpins, sandy-like roads not so much nice views etc. Would be cool to see a new rally like Portugal with Fafe stage including: Colin's junction and Fafe jump.
  2. Of course i know it's not easy to make it because we don't have for example like 2x 2005 WRC cars so they needed to mix it to not only have 1 car in the leaderboard and career mode but if CM would add in the future more cars from the same year then they could make also a single and more precised class.
  3. For me it should look like this by the way: Lancia is too strong for Group A Subaru 95 for example, not in all moments exactly but because of the power. There should be classes like Group A 80s, Group A 90s and put there the Impreza WRC 97/98 into the group A 90's with Lancer Evo VI, and WRC cars like Fabia, Citroen etc. Should be for example, Modern 2000, Modern 2005, Modern 2007/2010 etc. All depending on the cars the year and the performance to make it more equal. Now Fabia 2005 is amazing, still fast changing gears good for the corners and equal on 6th gear, very smart and that makes for it easier to catch on the corners the rest of the cars but Subaru 2008, Citroen 2010, Focus 2007 are just too strong with the acceleration for it like Lancia for Subaru 95. I feel bad when i'm driving my favourite Colin McRae cars and then someone goes with the Lancia and just win it... not equal and not fair, also that's no respect in my opinion for these fantastic cars and legends. Subaru is not bad, it's just another year/another driving style regulations/etc. that's why it lose. That's why the car class should be more precise, and we need it if not in DiRT Rally 2.0 then for sure in the future games! 🙂