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  1. And the Mercedes that have put verstappen out of the race 2 times in England and Hungary? :). end of the year hamilton is clearly the fastest guy. But overall in the season verstappen deserve the title. He has been much more unlucky than hamilton as said Alain Prost
  2. Argh changes are very bad. McLaren are too fast compare to the Ferrari in the game and with Norris +1 in pace will increase the gap. With 99 pace verstappen will now win nearly all the races…
  3. Hi, I can see that driver ratings has been updated (eg sainz at 87, verstappen back at 98, Ricciardo at 85…). no communication about that?
  4. Hello, is there a November update coming this month ? @RedDevilKT @BarryBL thanks
  5. Hope we will get a new driver stats update soon with a boost for the 2 Ferrari drivers as well as gaslit to make them closer to McLaren
  6. Hi all, do we know if there will be a final car performance update? i think there is a need for update, as now Ferrari is at the same level as McLaren (or even faster), Williams needs also a boost and Mercedes car is now as good as the Red Bull. thanks
  7. I think the driver ratings are just here to try to have an accurate hierarchy. It is not reflecting the actual performance of the drivers. The main issue here, will be that Mercedes car should be faster than the Red Bull. But that is the reverse. So if they rate Verstappen higher than Hamilton, he will win all the races. So they have no choice than making Verstappen a bit slower.
  8. It should not be the awareness which makes him so fast. How fast is Gasly? With 96 awareness he should be very fast now
  9. Play in championship mode, and Hamilton will win 90% of the races and put 5/6 tenths per lap to Bottas.
  10. Strange that it works differently than the championship mode. In championship mode Bottas is really slow, Hamilton win 80% of the races, and then sometimes Verstappen wins and Bottas wins only if Verstappen or Hamilton has a DNF
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