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  1. I understand that making a co driver that suits everyone is impossible and it should be very difficult to develop, it depends a lot from the driving style and particulary how you exit the turns and your position on the track, but I'm having a hard time trying to figure out the picture of the trail in this game, I don't know why phill talks so much things that doesn't happen on the track, too many "longs", "opens", "tightens", that doesnt exist, "long opens" when it should be vice versa: "opens long". I am a lot slower because I have to give a huge margin of error from the calls. Those things doesnt matter how you drive

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  2. 3 hours ago, MaXyMsrpl said:

    I found caution and keep in (do not widen, after apex there are obstacles outside) quite useful.

    What bothers me more are turns which are communicated too late. It's not like all of them - but one or two for the whole location. In Greece I found 2 critical places so far, where some thigh turn after very fast sequence is just too late. And it's in 2000's car. It could be even worse with more powerful/faster ones.

    But also I found a lot of notes have been corrected in locations taken from DR1.

    BTW have you seen retro-reflective elements on railings in Greece? Nice addition in comparison to DR1.

    Yes you re right. I also found a left 2 in usa that I crash every time because the co driver calls it when I'm right on top of the barriers.

  3. Hi there cm. First of all great job you're doing with your racing games i'm having a blast playing them. Don't get me wrong but the co driver in this game has a lot of errors. I mean a lot. I'm going to mention some of them so I hope you can do something because the co driver is a crucial part on a rally game:

    . Keep right/ left over crest makes the player hit the wall ( should be called a 6 or "gentle" turn)

    . Too many "opens", "tightens" and "long" calls where it doesnt happen. This happens constantly through the game.( in poland there is a 6 left where he says "opens" but it tightens, and take a look at the first turn at the zienki or something stage, a short 6 right where he calls long).

    .some "opens over crest" calls are wrong because at the moment of the crest the turn is already faded, but in others the call is correct, so I never know what happens. This one also happens frequently.

    . I think it was in australia that theres a call of a "5 left over crest" that the crest exists but the turn doesnt, its straight.

    . A lot of "6" calls should be called as "flats"

    . There are turns that should be called in the notes that "continuous over crest" ( and some times over two crests).

    At the moment I think thats all I think you should take your time to review the co driver because, in my opinion (I dont know about others) you should do it.




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  4. On 4/24/2019 at 12:42 PM, elrojodp8 said:




    Thanks I see now the co driver has been updated with a new patch so once I have access to an internet connection I'll update the game and give it shot. Still running 1.06

  5. On 4/24/2019 at 9:07 AM, Flens07 said:

    You can switch your videos  at the YT-videomanager from public to non-public (unlisted), so the video is only seen, when you have a link of it...

    Thanks for the reply very helpful

  6. Hi there. I ve found some wrong "keep left/right" calls on dirt rally 2.0 (same issue occured on dirt4) where there is a turn instead of just staying in the correct side of the track. If you do what the co driver says, you crash or loose valuable time. I have some videos to support my statement I just dont know how to post them without showing them in youtube, can someone tell me how? Thanks

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  7. squalles said:
    squalles said:
    yes... since 1.05 patch the AI giving you the position like in blue flag
    I didnt update yet because I dont have an internet connection at home.
    Is that really? Your not the first I see saying that but I dont see any mentions for the ai on the patch notes.
    codemasters never make mentions for this, even on f1 2017 when make the same thing
    Well maybe its better not installing the patch. Thanks for the advise ;)

  8. Ho3n3r said:
    Ho3n3r said:
    I dont know I understand what your are saying. If what s Im thinking there s nothing to be fixed there. You wanna wide that corner with an early apex, so that you can entry the chicane with a late apex on the first turn. This allows you to be well placed for the second turn of the chicane, so you can get out faster for the flat out section that follows.
    You are correct, you don't understand.
    Maybe, I thought you were talking about turn 1, that leads to the entry for the first chicane (turns 2 and 3)
    1. I was talking about backmarkers being lapped.
    2. No, the first 3 turns aren't a chicane. The chicane is just before the long straight that leads to the hairpin.
    Ah sorry dint understant you were talking about backmarkers. Not turn 1 but turns 2 and 3 are a chicane. You can also think t1 and 2 as the same corner that tightens, 2 perspectives. But moving on yeah I see now where you re talking about sorry

  9. Ho3n3r said:
    I dont know I understand what your are saying. If what s Im thinking there s nothing to be fixed there. You wanna wide that corner with an early apex, so that you can entry the chicane with a late apex on the first turn. This allows you to be well placed for the second turn of the chicane, so you can get out faster for the flat out section that follows.
    You are correct, you don't understand.
    Maybe, I thought you were talking about turn 1, that leads to the entry for the first chicane (turns 2 and 3)

  10. Even if was a blue flag didnt justify that kind of behavior.
    Well it depends, if you are on their side from the inside sometimes they break not to ram you, what Im talking about is driving behind an ia car, about 2 or 3 cars from distance and suddently they brake very hard. When watch the replay from their perspective there s absolute nothing that justifies the brake. To give an example, at the eau rouge at spa, wich in f1 is flat out, I was from more or less that distance behind a car, at the end of the first turn (left) he just pulled on the brakes hard, even if he has damage the brake was too harsh. I sow the replay from his perspective, the other cars were far away and absolutly nothing happened.

  11. Not slowing in the straight lol. He still had the chance to make the corner at the perfect trajectory at a decent speed. But I agree with you, even that slightly exit of the limits was no reason for that brake. This year the ai sometimes brake for nothing, I saw them doing so for no reason, they re good placed, nothing happens in front, absolutly no reason. There are those and other reasons that I think the ai needs attention for following pathes. To be honest, the only thing, in my opinion, better this year then 2017 is their agressiveness when battling. What bothers me and some others in this forum is they beeing too slow at certain corners and sometimes in train. But I agree with you f1 still a good ai game ;)

  12. Career is by far the best. The feel for the car, the way the tyres react and how managing the car makes so much more difference now. The career mode is far more diverse now with R&D still being very deep and now with regulation changes teams can unpredictably rise and fall in constructors, so you are never just racing the same teams and drivers every season. Drivers now switch number roles so Bottas can be 1st driver if he performs better in the Championship and so moving to other teams can also mean you can replace a different driver to the standard number 2.
    The pits are much less robotic, especially if the SC comes out or it starts raining, drivers will pit on different strategies (even on 25% races) making the outcome less predictable.
    The AI are by far the very best and had a huge leap in performance to 2017! The AI are far more feisty and will keep the fight wheel to wheel around corners and even if you get ahead they are sniffing for the retake! So long as you are a clean and smooth racer who gives room you will love the AI.
    The weather is much more diverse too, no longer does it simply transition straight from dry to wet or wet to dry, you can have an entire race with a damp track and no rain making the track more challenging and allowing a more natural choice of tyre strategy.
    The classics are awesome! They have returned the 80s turbos and brought in the amazing 09 Championship winning Brawn!
    The new Paul Ricard circuit is amazing! A maze at first but amazing for races!!
    Online is patchy, they have added a new safety rating (clean) system similar to GT Sport but its early days and some are struggling still on high safety ratings vs those usual arcade racing torpedo bombers.. But my personal experience online has mostly been good.

    A big thumbs up for me.
    I desagree with your point about ai. In my case, playing both games at 110, 2018 ai is slower at several corners, sometimes when driving in convoy line on straights, and sometimes they brake for nothing, that made me still continue playing 2017 too. Although I like more the way they battle this year, 2017 is not bad at all when batlling neither. Stay commited to the race and allways gainning advantage at those specific situations is a little bit odd. Another thing that happens a lot to me is they hitting my back on straights for no reason, when Im just following a straight line, full gas, and plenty of space for them to make a clean overtake, or when an ai car goes two wide whith another car (in this case he should slow down not to hit me, according with racing ethiquete), sometimes causing me to crash.
    The ai is good, still one of the best racing ai out there, but in my opinion, for those reasons 2017 has still somethings to say about overall ai.

  13. What I've been depared with for now (Im not with too much time to play) is that there are certain corners that they are too slow, some of them because they have still a lot of grip available on the tyres to turn at the late apex situations and then acelerate faster on the exit, and others where trail braking is aplied too early. At these specific points I allways gain a lot of advantage to the car ahead. And then dont now why they slow down when driving in convoy line. Nothing of this happens to me on 2017 but to me, on 2018 quite a lot. I created a thread here and there are some others who agreed.

  14. If that so it must have been updated but I dont see nothing on the notes. I race 110 on both games and 2017 ai is a lot quicker, battles a little less but without half of the contact of 2018. Very more rational, human behavior and a lot faster on every phase of every corner. I race in real life and 2018 doesnt make me feel that I'm there on the scene as 2017 does. Speaking of ai of course.

  15. Still didnt update the game due to internet connection not existing in my home, so I couldnt try the patch yet. But there are two separate things at least in the release version. The agressiveness is very good, but beeing hit too often from behind when driving a straight line on a long straight like the ones in monza and spa, without braking nor turning, just following the racing line, or when an ai car tries to get inside on a corner when we are already there (confirmed by the replays) is not, and that indeed happens a lot to me this year (not on 2017). Beeing agressive is one thing, not respecting  other cars' space on track is another. Maybe what needs to be fix is not the agressiveness but yes the room that the ai gives when driving wheel to wheel.

  16. I agree with johnboy83. Turn tc off, and as this year tyre behaviour is more realistic, its not the 2017 stuff of half throttle and then full thottle. Try and prevent the tyres from spinning out, although you may still have control of the car if they do, you'll have less traction aplied to the surface. Give it a hard acceleration for an initial momentum, then release the clutch for the go and aply just a little bit of throttle. As you feel the tyres are not spinning, gradually increase the ammount of acceleration. If you re not used to this in real life or on hardcore sims, it may take a little practice for you to start well in this years f1. I hope have help in some way.

  17. I thought it has been objectively proven the AI is faster in 2018 than 2017 on a few different YouTube channels. 

    Im a F1 noob and on AI 90 with no assists wondering how the fark all you guys are doing 110. 
    One thing I know: in several corners I can catch with the car in front and run away from the one behind very easily. And the same thing when they drive in line close to each others. That's what happens to me and didnt in 2017. I still didnt have time doing to work but i'll see a replay from an ai cockpit perspective and try to find out some kind of manouvre they're lacking. With a little bit more experience with the game seems like its not just on corner exit but also through all the corner phases.

    Well speaking for me, I took racing classes and race cars since I'm a kid. This is my world, unfortunatly not my work lol