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  1. Hi there cm. First of all great job you're doing with your racing games i'm having a blast playing them. Don't get me wrong but the co driver in this game has a lot of errors. I mean a lot. I'm going to mention some of them so I hope you can do something because the co driver is a crucial part on a rally game: . Keep right/ left over crest makes the player hit the wall ( should be called a 6 or "gentle" turn) . Too many "opens", "tightens" and "long" calls where it doesnt happen. This happens constantly through the game.( in poland there is a 6 left where he says "opens" but it tightens, and take a look at the first turn at the zienki or something stage, a short 6 right where he calls long). .some "opens over crest" calls are wrong because at the moment of the crest the turn is already faded, but in others the call is correct, so I never know what happens. This one also happens frequently. . I think it was in australia that theres a call of a "5 left over crest" that the crest exists but the turn doesnt, its straight. . A lot of "6" calls should be called as "flats" . There are turns that should be called in the notes that "continuous over crest" ( and some times over two crests). At the moment I think thats all I think you should take your time to review the co driver because, in my opinion (I dont know about others) you should do it. Thanks
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    Please review the co driver on dirt rally 2.0

    I understand that making a co driver that suits everyone is impossible and it should be very difficult to develop, it depends a lot from the driving style and particulary how you exit the turns and your position on the track, but I'm having a hard time trying to figure out the picture of the trail in this game, I don't know why phill talks so much things that doesn't happen on the track, too many "longs", "opens", "tightens", that doesnt exist, "long opens" when it should be vice versa: "opens long". I am a lot slower because I have to give a huge margin of error from the calls. Those things doesnt matter how you drive
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    Please review the co driver on dirt rally 2.0

    Yes you re right. I also found a left 2 in usa that I crash every time because the co driver calls it when I'm right on top of the barriers.
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    Co driver calls

    Hi there. I ve found some wrong "keep left/right" calls on dirt rally 2.0 (same issue occured on dirt4) where there is a turn instead of just staying in the correct side of the track. If you do what the co driver says, you crash or loose valuable time. I have some videos to support my statement I just dont know how to post them without showing them in youtube, can someone tell me how? Thanks
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    Co driver calls

    Thanks I see now the co driver has been updated with a new patch so once I have access to an internet connection I'll update the game and give it shot. Still running 1.06
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    Co driver calls

    Thanks for the reply very helpful