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    Co-driver feedback

    This co driver needs to be completely deleted and you need to start all over again with someone who knows how to do the job, thats the only way and its taking too long. Im not saying it needs to be perfect but at least acceptable to make rally events playable without knowing the track, wich is all the fun of rallying. I dont know who works on the calls but since dirt 4 it has been a complete disaster and who ever he is he's not qualified to work on the best racing game company that you are. The rest of the game and the other cm games are the excellence but this co driver calls kill dr2.0. The co driver is the most important thing on a rally game and this guy doesnt even know the difference between "tightens long", "long tightens" not even knows the meaning of "over crest" and keeps calling things completely different from what happens on the track. I dont know why are you releasing dirt 5, I've got this game resting on the corner of my room still waiting for you to do something about this nonsence fail on the game. This is not just me I made a thread called "please review the co driver on dirt rally 2.0" and it seems to be general consensus, theres a lot of information from me and other players about things that are wrong and someone made a thread withe videos correcting the calls. But almost nothing done from cm.
  2. Protomorph

    Co-driver feedback

    Yes I dont expect the wrong calls to be fixed in dr2.0 but at least on d5 or, I hope there will be dr3, they give the co driver the attention it needs for a rally game. But the late calls although I dont understand nothing from coding, i think it shouldnt be much of a problem to fix.
  3. This is childish unsportsman behavior. Yes some drivers do it, shame on them, but it shouldnt be represented on a sim racing game, I like to play on high difficulties and be placed near the midle or lower but I dont wanna see my character doing that.
  4. Protomorph

    Co-driver feedback

    First, I didnt veer to the left on the jump. The car is straight and on the right side of the road facing forward at takeoff. Thats how a keep right should be. At least thats what they told me at the racing school and every time I race with a co driver thats the rule. Second, you say I didnt turn for the corner in time. What corner? The co driver didnt call any! He just says keep right over jump and keep right over crest. Even if he did, the car is on the air. There is indeed yes and thats what im saying, that turn you are seeing, he doesnt call it. Thats not my fault on this one, its wrong co driver call no question on that. when I crash and it is on me, I know that and I dont come here saying the game is wrong just becauae I had an accident, but this one is a really bad call at least for a relatively fast driver. At least he could call the jump slow and then call the turn over the crest it should work but not just keep right.
  5. Protomorph

    Co-driver feedback

    See what I mean? I recordered this while playing. There s a turn over the jump and the crest after the "4 left opens 6". That should be called "4 left opens 6, into a 6 right over jump tightens over crest". Because while jumping you must have your car facing to the right to follow the road. If just keep right over jump and keep right over crest like he calls there s the wall.
  6. Protomorph

    Co-driver feedback

    Yes im with you on that there s no better rally game I say more dont know about other better racing games like those from cm thats for sure. But the co driver has too many errors through almost every stage not just 4, 6s that are tighter than 5s, he calls keep right or left when theres a turn instead and doesnt distinguish long tightens from tightens long, that s for sure and many people agrees on the forum, just check my thread "please review the co driver on dirt rally 2.0" and see how many players are having trouble navigating with him, one guy even created a thread just for people to show the devs a lot of errors, a lot of things that havent been touched. And I dont think thats a minor issue on a rally game. And I also drive codriver audio, no osd. Just sayin dont get me wrong I still love the game for rallycross its amazing, very well done, its just the co driver that doesnt work for me.
  7. Protomorph

    The Co-Driver - A disappointement

    The co driver in this game is a job very poorly done. But I think the most important thing and should be cm top priority is the calls themselves wich are completly wrong on almost every stage, he makes unforgivable mistakes through the all game, looks like he doesnt know the co driver vocabulary and rules.
  8. Protomorph

    Co-driver feedback

    I dont know about finland because I wont buy any tracks unless they change the co driver. I play on english and on the base tracks ( the ones you have with the game) the co driver is completely off. From what I see the majority of the people in this forum agrees... I know its impossible to make a co driver perfect for everyone with every car class but THERE ARE RULES that you learn when taking rally license, basic things that are not respected. "Tightens long" is completly different from "long tightens" among a lot of other things that there are at least 2 threads trying to help cm dealing with this issue, one is mine another is from other player. Even theres a call somewhere that he says "keep right over long crest tightens". HOW ON EARTH IS THAT POSSIBLE? Keep right is just keep right doesnt tighten or open because its suposed not to be a turn!!!
  9. Protomorph

    Project CARS 3 banners in DiRT Rally 2.0

    Slightly mad now is from cm? Didnt know if thats the case sim or arcade I'll buy it. Was going to skip after the experience with the others, not for beeing arcade but they are a disaster of a game. But maybe now they'll have some quality
  10. Yes thats my country 😄 how cool it would be if cm put that on the game. Better if that was stages from rally de portugal xD
  11. Protomorph

    Please remove the wheel punching animation

    On a game like onrush or even grid I dont mind but not on a sim, please show some respect for the sport.
  12. Who you have since dirt 4 isnt up to do the job. You must look for a driver to make the calls for your stages, in real life its the driver who tells the notes he wants for the co driver to call them. But anyway someone capable of doing an acceptable job.
  13. Protomorph

    Ai too carefull on 1st lap

    I think the game could benefict from a more agressive ai during the 1st lap, forcing more 3 files and risking more inside corners, like on last year's installement. As long as you can do that maintaining fair behavior, I think players would appreciate it. Thanks
  14. First things first, congratulations you did it again, one more year f1 is my favourite racing game and as an offline player the ai is superb, challanging, agrassive and fair. Just one thing id like to mention, I think there are too many ai cars with bad starts out of the lights. I rarely have a bad start and I allways win 2, 3 positions sometimes even more. And even when I have a bad one I never lose a single position. Seems like they struggle to find a good grip. Currently playing at 105, no assists, but tried 110 a few times in a row and the same happens. Great job out there keep it up.
  15. Protomorph

    Ai should start races a little faster

    Well I havent played the game a lot yet and only raced sprint 5 laps races (still polishing some tracks). But Im going to try a longer race at monza (already good for 105 difficulty) when I get home from work. Thanks for saying that mate, but anyway the starts seem to need some improvements, like I said I never loose positions, maybe you re overreving a little... just saying because this year tyre grip is much more sensitive than before
  16. Hi there cm. First of all great job you're doing with your racing games i'm having a blast playing them. Don't get me wrong but the co driver in this game has a lot of errors. I mean a lot. I'm going to mention some of them so I hope you can do something because the co driver is a crucial part on a rally game: . Keep right/ left over crest makes the player hit the wall ( should be called a 6 or "gentle" turn) . Too many "opens", "tightens" and "long" calls where it doesnt happen. This happens constantly through the game.( in poland there is a 6 left where he says "opens" but it tightens, and take a look at the first turn at the zienki or something stage, a short 6 right where he calls long). .some "opens over crest" calls are wrong because at the moment of the crest the turn is already faded, but in others the call is correct, so I never know what happens. This one also happens frequently. . I think it was in australia that theres a call of a "5 left over crest" that the crest exists but the turn doesnt, its straight. . A lot of "6" calls should be called as "flats" . There are turns that should be called in the notes that "continuous over crest" ( and some times over two crests). At the moment I think thats all I think you should take your time to review the co driver because, in my opinion (I dont know about others) you should do it. Thanks
  17. Protomorph

    Please review the co driver on dirt rally 2.0

    I understand that making a co driver that suits everyone is impossible and it should be very difficult to develop, it depends a lot from the driving style and particulary how you exit the turns and your position on the track, but I'm having a hard time trying to figure out the picture of the trail in this game, I don't know why phill talks so much things that doesn't happen on the track, too many "longs", "opens", "tightens", that doesnt exist, "long opens" when it should be vice versa: "opens long". I am a lot slower because I have to give a huge margin of error from the calls. Those things doesnt matter how you drive
  18. Protomorph

    Please review the co driver on dirt rally 2.0

    Yes you re right. I also found a left 2 in usa that I crash every time because the co driver calls it when I'm right on top of the barriers.