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  1. Hi everyone. I ve been buying f1 series every year and its been my favourite racing game, but Im alarmed by cm beeing bought by ea. I think things will change soon, and I dont know if they have already worked on f1 2021. I have already quit buying every ea game, if they touched this game with one finger it may be garbish. Here's what I want to know the most:

    1. How is the ai? They used to be fantastic, fast and fair, they battled for position with overtaking and defensive manouvres with the player and each other, did some mistakes, respected our position while beeing fast, etc.. They were smart and challenging, close to what a human would do. I dont see ea making nothing of this.

    2. Driving and gameplay. I love codemaster and ea has the worst gameplay on sports games imo, period.

    3. Real life similarities. Dont asking to be perfect, but Cm racing games feels like racing, every ea sports game feels like something else.

    Anything else you think is relevant, good or bad, much apreciated, I usually wouldnt ask for anything and trust cm, but I hate ea games very bad and dont want to wast money. Thanks

  2. I think the game could benefict from a more agressive ai during the 1st lap, forcing more 3 files and risking more inside corners, like on last year's installement. As long as you can do that maintaining fair behavior, I think players would appreciate it. Thanks

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