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  1. saukisu

    Wing changes

    @GioProductions Do you need high image quality for sample videos for operation check? hahahaha
  2. saukisu

    Wing changes

    hi @BarryBL I took a sample video. As you can see, it will not be repaired. Setting is FP session in carrier mode. https://youtu.be/S5MEOSrP0oA
  3. saukisu

    Wing changes

    hi @BarryBL Thank you for the response. my damage setting is "FULL".
  4. saukisu

    Wing changes

    NO Your confirmation is wrong. If the damage level is lower than yellow, it will not be repaired even if “Y” is selected in MFD. I often play career mode, and it will always happen.
  5. saukisu

    Wing changes

    I also posted about this issue before. When will codemasters notice this? By the way, this problem has continued since F1 2018. reference ) https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/41011-wings-are-not-replaced/?tab=comments#comment-448908
  6. This is a F1 2019 issue on Steam. Trophy values that have reached level 50 in Rank Multi are incorrect. The value on Steam does not match the current rank value.
  7. saukisu

    [PC] [2019] DRS trouble is not repaired

    @steviejay69 I understand what you mention. The F1 series inherits old bugs and strange specifications from the previous version. It's good software, so don't leave it because it's an unimportant case. I want Codemasters to make improvements one by one
  8. DRS cannot be used and troubles occur occasionally. I understand this is a machine trouble in the game. The problem is after that. When I return to the pit, the repair work begins. See attached image However, it has not been repaired after leaving the pit. It will be repaired automatically after a few laps. It's a bug that I can't fix when I return to the pit.
  9. I think the security rank of AI is “B”. Since it is a matter from 2018, I think everyone knows. It ’s not aggressive, it ’s violent. Not blocks or competing drives, AI is driving while hitting purely. Is AI not detecting the approach of the player?
  10. Additional Information A similar phenomenon occurred in my friend's environment (PS4). I suspect it is a bug that occurs between F12019 and PS4 dual shock.
  11. I am using PS4 DualShock in F12019 for PC. I experienced the same phenomenon as you. I thought it was a controller failure and replaced the controller. However, the same thing happens and I guess it is not a failure. Is it a bug in 2019?
  12. ver 1.06, PS4 At the weekly event, I was one lap behind AI. Normally, a blue flag is posted to the AI because it is traffic. However, the blue flag was not posted. Before the session where the phenomenon occurred, in the session that was participating, the blue flag was successfully posted. I think this is BUG.
  13. In race mode with AI When I retired during the race When I was eliminated in Q1 and Q2, The race results are obviously incorrect. It does not become a race simulation result including the deployment situation of the race and the weather forecast. Especially in the career mode, the race result is not simulated based on the progress of R & D. This happened at 2018 as well. I want you to fix it by 2019.
  14. I was playing free practices in career mode. I got into the pit because the front wing was broken. However, the wings were not replaced in the pits. Even though the damage level is yellow, it is a defect that it is not replaced.
  15. I was warming the tires and brakes on the formation lap. However, the tires are extremely cold at the start. This phenomenon does not occur in the feature race. This occurs with the Sprint race. Is this a bug? Or is it normal?