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  1. Senna755 said:
    Yeah, the thread's a bit old, but... meh.

    I normally put in an extra lap's worth of fuel to be sure.  F1 2017 always seems to under-fuel no matter what I do in the practice sessions.

    @Senna755, it is not true that F1 2017 will under fuel during race day. If you happened to use very worn out I.C.E and TC during practice sessions, the game will over fuel during race day.

  2. Gmz73 said:
    Since patch1.11 on Xbox career mode. 
    In full distance race at Hungary and Belgium both races started light rain on inters then rained harder ,the AI tried to pit for full wets but kept fitting inters ,doing one lap and then fitting inters again. They ended up pitting 10 or 11 times until the rain stopped. 
    Has anyone else had this happen. 
    @Gmz73, I had this same problem since the start of 1.10 patch on XB1 for offline career. 1st time in Malaysian GP and 2nd time at Australian GP with 1.10 patch.

  3. Senna755 said:
    Not sure if it's related but I was playing career mode last night, practice 2, Malaysia.

    There was light rain from the start, and I wanted to do the tyre wear test.  It would not let me choose intermediates - said both those and the wets were "unavailable" for all of the tests.

    So I ended up going out on softs and, as expected, the car handled like a hovercraft.  My best time was 2:02 and there was no way I would be able to get below two minutes in those conditions, yet the AI cars were still blatting around on slicks, putting in times of 1:37.

    This game is so broken it's untrue.  I like playing it, but when you get stuff like this happening.... I just don't know how much longer I can be bothered with it for.
    Check that the track surface indicate as dry, damp or wet. For Dry conditions, slick are available. For Damp condition, inters are available. And for Wet condition, full wets will be available.

  4. Has anyone encountered that AI is unable to change to appropriate tyres when there is a change in weather? I have 2 encounters.

    Malaysia GP - Lewis was continuing pit-in after the rain has stopped and trying to change from intermediates to slick tyres. He ended up pitting in 18 times and was still in intermediates tyres at the end of the race.

    Australia GP - Sebastian pitted in from slick to intermediate due light rain condition and DRS disable. When the heavy rain started, he was unable to change to full wet tyres and continue to pit in. As the rain condition changed to light rain, he stop pitting in. But when the rain stopped and DRS enabled, Sebastian was able to pit in again to change to slick tyres without any issue. He pitted a total of 11 times.

    I am a xbox1 user using the 1.10 patch playing full race and is now in seventh season.

  5. I do not do formation lap. I would follow @ThunderCats 101 's way of checking my gearbox wear before the race and restart the race if the gearbox wear is incorrect. I usually get around 3% more wear for every race in full distance career for Scuderia Ferrari.

    My gearbox wear per weekend (FP1 to FP3, Q1 to Q3 and race) is about 12% to 14%.

    If I have forgotten to check for 6 races, I would have lost extra 18% of gearbox wear from this bug.

  6. fstarred said:
    Senna755 said:
    I detest Monaco.  Start every time with the best intentions but within ten minutes I'm fed up of it, deliberately plough into the barriers and sail off to Canada.
    Same for me. Honestly I gave up on this track, it requires too much risk than other tracks, the AI is to much harder, no matter it's challenging or not, simply this race is another story.
    Agreed with Senna755 and fstarred. I basically reduce to 5 laps race for my career mode and remember to set back to full/100% race distance for Canada. Just cannot race properly in Monaco and with the gearbox at its 6th race, it is almost impossible.

  7. Have tested on release 1.10 for Xbox. The safety car issue still exist for career mode.

    Example is Azerbajian, 2 cars are out due to mechanical failure. At Lap 15, as I was the leading car and near the start/finish line, I was able to catch up with the safety car easily. But others cars that were at least 30 seconds behind me were penalized with drive through penalty and subsequently disqualified due to falling too far behind. There is an exception for those who pit during the start safety car period.

    By end of Lap 18, there were only left with 7 (seven) running cars. Yes, only seven cars left. Those 2 cars that were classified as DNF for mechanical failure do earn full racing points for eighth and ninth position.