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  1. I tried the stock setup yesterday. Loosing 3 seconds per split compared to my custom setup. The car has too much roll, it is less reactive in corners, and indeed the max rpm noise makes the run irritating. I cannot believe that one can reach the WR with this setup. Maybe Mike could prove he can reach 3:50 with the default setup. And eventhough, those who feal unease to tune their car can run with the stock, it will not make a big difference for them. However for the good drivers (not extreme ones) , using a custom setup may grant them better times and satisfaction, even if not in the top qualified.
  2. The gearbox changed a lot, but as written earlier, this is not the only parameters. I modified the dampers, springs, differential , toe and camber. I tried many times the Golf GTI, which is supposed to go faster in general than the Peugeot, I could never catch the peugeot on this track. The purpose of the game is not Arcade, it is rally sim. Therefore, if this is an online championship, we shall be able to use the basic setup or custom ones. What I tried to discuss in this thread is the spirit of this game, based on learning curve, modifying setups to get faster times. If the competition consists in slowing down the race or increasing the risk of smashing the cars into trees because of the basic setups are inadequate, while allowing custom setup only in the final, then I am frankly disapointed
  3. Well, top speed with short gear box is 156 km/h, while with long gear it becomes 190 km/h...I went from 4:40 to 4:03. But mainly the dampers and spring were affecting the chronos to keep stability and avoid sliding into the banks in poland
  4. Just changing the gear box setup on the peugeot GTI for KOPINA (poland) makes a difference of 30 seconds . So ia m afraid you are wrong Mike.
  5. It is unfair in the sense that many spent hours of effort to find the right setup for their cars. Once you are back to the basic setup, all the spent time is lost. Secondly it is not coherent because custom car setup will be allowed in the final. Nothing can prevent those having difficulties to setup their car to use the basic. A a car setup is not worth 100 ms , but can impact seconds. If you take basic setups of the RWDs which slip, spin at deceleration, or loose grip at entry or exit of corners unexpectedly, or the Audi quattro bouncing like crazy , the setup are critical.
  6. HI. In the Dirt 2.0 world competition, one can read that "setup for are fixed for online competition". Does this mean that the car setup will be fixed ? This would be definitely unfair and counterproductive. I spent hours and hours in the last months to find the right setup for my cars according to my driving style. The basic setups are not drive-able when one wants to achieve good chronos. This would ruin the competition. It would be like in the WRC , all pro drivers were given the same car, with the same settings, a non sense. In counterpart CM would allow "assist" feature which is not desirable. Could the organisers of the DR 2.0 World Championship reconsider this aspect of the conditions. Thanks. Zefrancou Below my recent WR including the Car setup (no assist, and soft lock on) to show that it is different from the basic.
  7. zefrancou

    Group B Rallycross

    for Group B Toe at -1.00, Short gear box, And always try to keep high revs...they tend to spin less at the exit of corners, and regain grip during drifts
  8. Hi, I often use side camera in replay mode to see the behaviour of dampers, spring and diff for better adjustement of the set up. Although the simulation of that behavior has been criticized in another thread, https://steamcommunity.com/app/690790/discussions/0/1850323802566335108/?ctp=3#c1850323802576150460 my concern is related to the change of distance between the camera and the car due to the trees on which the camera tries to focus on, making very difficult to watch the replay. Would you please consider in a future update to either fix the distance of the side camera or let the player adjusting it. THX 🙂