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  1. Akkan74

    Ranked problem in F1 2019

    This is not Codemasters fault. What would you do programming wise to avoid people ramming you? You could ghost all cars, but then it’s also senseless. To have good racing online, there are enough leagues. This would be a possibility to have fun and clean racing.
  2. Akkan74

    Codemasters F1 licence

    You can't satisfy all people. If they would change it like in real life, where you have 3 engine modes (ERS and fuel combined) and you could use it only after approval from your engineer, i think we would easily find 50 new blaming threads about a boring game. I can imagine all the claims about regulated by the game. It's like the discussion about manual pit stops. I don't think it would work correctly. Think about online, where a guy could block your pit space to destroy your race. To ghost all cars in the pit lane would also not be satisfying. If they are all ghosted, what would be the benefit? To drive a small, slow straight? Yeah, that's racing. On one hand people want it as realistic as possible and on the other they are whining because the AI blocks you or drive into you during your incredible divebomb.
  3. Akkan74

    Man this game really makes my blood boil.

    Good and clean racing should be on both sides. I don't want to have the patched 2018 AI back which gets out off the way every time i divebomb into a curve. For me it's right at the moment. If i have a good chance and i'm in front "before" turn in, the AI take care of me. If i try to divebomb i can cause a collision. Clean racing means to find the right spot and the right time to try an overtake. This can cost several laps. Sometimes i think people want to overtake 10 cars per lap and if it would possible than they blame Codemasters again, because the game is totally arcade.
  4. Akkan74

    Man this game really makes my blood boil.

    Last video i watched on youtube was also in Sotchi and start in the rain. The player has no assists (except T-Cam) and 105 AI. He was overtaken at the start by two cars, but all fine and no ramming. He is racing side by side through many corners and all what happenend is a slight touch between the cars sometimes. For me the AI is very good.
  5. Akkan74

    Q1 Medium tyres

    Maybe they want to spare a set of softs for Q3. If they have enough medium tyres and the think they can get easily into Q2, why not?
  6. Akkan74

    Man this game really makes my blood boil.

    I don't think so. If you are not the same level or above you have to step back and let them go, because it's their corner. If you are in front prior to the corner the AI will notice and take care. I have seen tons of videos with really good and clean fights between player and AI. Also i never experienced this myself. Please upload a vid to judge what's right or wrong. Otherwise it is really hard to say anything or to blame the AI. Many times i first blame the AI, but after i watched a replay i noticed that it was my fault.
  7. Akkan74

    Codemasters F1 licence

    Why should they change the licence to another company? FIA has their merchendising and Codesmasters earns money. In my opinion there is no need at the moment to chnage the team from both sides. I think the FIA doesn't care if we find the FFB better in another title as long as they get there attention.
  8. Akkan74

    Bad things in F1 2019

    Ok. I don't have this problems. Sometimes there is a touch between cars, but mostly if i look at the replay i find out that i let them to less space. Never happened for me. This would be sad.
  9. Akkan74

    Bad things in F1 2019

    to be fair, most people didn't understand what a good overtake means. If you are a bit behind, than it's the AI's corner not yours. Try to be in front before corner entry and the AI will let you pass. Most people will say, i am still a bit in front or the same level, but it couldn't be, because than you wouldn't loose your front wing. Look at the AI, they step back if they are not clearly beside you. To test it try to use cockpit cam without proximity arrows. You don't have always the time to check the mirrors. Without the arrows you only see a car on your side if it's really the same level. In other cases you will hit them and they loose their wing.
  10. Akkan74

    F1 2019 League System

    In our league we don't use the implemented league system. It's a good idea, but why didn't work Codemasters together with one or two leagues to find out the needs of a working system? You can't set reserve drivers, which i think is normal for each league. If there are some disconnects during Quaifying, as i know you can't restart the session with saved results to prevent problems during the race. We tried the league system at the beginning, but it was less stable than other modes. I don't know why. I hope Codemasters will look into it and work together with some big leagues to have a proper system for 2020.
  11. Akkan74

    Keyboard Mapping for Logitech G27

    a specific button for rich fuel mix isn't possible. You have to use two buttons for fuel mix up and down and the same for ERS if not automatical.
  12. Akkan74

    Fed up— rain and AI in the rain

    I think there is no problem with speed or grip of AI in the rain. If you choose the right difficulty. The problem for me is, i'm not a good rain driver and the AI drives every lap perfect like a robot. It is ok to have a bigger challenge in the rain like the years before, but it would be better for immersion if the AI would struggle too from time to time. Would be great if you could clearly notice the better and the worse rain driver and if you would see some missed break points, some sliding at corner exit from AI. Sometimes they gain time and sometimes they loose time due to small failures. This would bring this game one step foreward to reality.
  13. What i Have learned in the past 15 years. Crashes are moslty defined by the users PC configuration and not by the game. For example i don't have the problem you described. If there isn't a high amount of PC players whith the same problem i would say it is on your side. For the full working game, sorry to say that but it it's not stated in the contract to have no glitches or bugs. Again, from my point of view i have no problems. Had two crashes, but i think it was related to DX12 together with ReLive recording. Also you didn't buy the game, you buy a licence to be allowed to use Codemasters game.
  14. would it be possible to set the telemetry tool to a fixed UDP port? For me it is only recording by using broadcast mode, but then all my other software (SLI MaxManager, SimCommander 4, Force Feel) doesn't work. Would be great to have it on a fixed UDP port without broadcast mode. I could stream the UDP data via the server tool from EKSimRacing.
  15. Akkan74

    Fed up— rain and AI in the rain

    I have seen a youtuber with no assists, except t-cam. He made a 50% race in austria (maybe an easy track) starting with full wets and after a few rounds changed to inters. AI was set to 105 and he could compare with the top drivers. Catched Leclerc in the rain on full wets. On Inters he was slightly quicker then AI. Over the last years he was and still is a very good rain driver. The problem is to judge if there is a problem or not. If i do a 100% race, it starts to rain and i loose 40sec. What does it mean? Is the AI OP or am I a bad rain driver?