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  1. love your optimism too. If it's not fixed within this game cycle, we'll start all over again next year. New game -> same probs. 😉
  2. Maybe i didn’t understand it correct, but what’s the benefit of a fuel burn mode without changing power outcome? I don’t really feel a big difference if i have 5kg less or more.
  3. As stated above, i think a realism hardcore sim would disappoint most players. Many real life racers stated in the past the FFB is fun but unrealistic, because you will feel way less via steering wheel in real life. Most effects are felt through other body parts like g forces or wheel slip... It should not be realistic. It shall be comprehensible and mostly fun.
  4. So only wheel user can say if the physics are right or wrong? Maybe you should rethink your setup or driving style. I can't really say if the curbs are right or wrong, because i never had the opportunity to drive a race car on one of this tracks. Many people say it's hard but ok and some people say it's wrong. Who is right now? Do you have any real life experience or do you compare different games? Would be great to get some real life experienced meanings from Norris or Leclerc.
  5. I would prefer small mistakes. It's not only spinning around or crashing into other cars. It's more the small mistakes to miss an apex or have a bad exit speed sometimes. Especially in rain. Would make the experience more natural and not seeing the AI driving lap after lap all the same.
  6. It's requested for years, but i think CM will not implement this feature in the near future. We don't even have a functioning SC. Most parts in this game are random like SC, weather...
  7. I'm not really sure but i think the penalty is for changing components. In game the penalty is if you request a new part. I saw in some videos on youtube that most guys require new parts at the beginning of the season, because it's not a big deal to start from 22 if you qualified 19th. In my opinion it would be better to get the penalty for changing parts even old ones as for requiring new ones. This would force you to use the old parts as long as possible and to change parts as little as possible. I thought this is the procedure in real life but i could be wrong. Additional costs fo
  8. Akkan74


    Again, without a video of your driving, nobody can say if it's the line (even if you think you did exactly the same like AI) or speed or setup. Spinning on curbs or unsettled behaviour of the car is mostly setup related, but it could be also your brake and throttle adjustments. All what i got from your side up to now is "i can't drive fast in Monaco". That's not enough to give some helpful tips. There are so many things starting from setup, through steering angle or speed or throttle input.... If you really want some helpful tips from the Pros here at this Forum make a video of your
  9. Akkan74


    There are four days between your opening post and your last post. Do you really thought you'll make big steps within four days? It is not a full simulator, but it's also not an easy game where you get instant good lap times. Don't compare to the guys on youtube. The guys driving against 95AI and higher doing this for years. They know each track in detail. Every corner, every bump... My suggestion would be lower your pace, try lift and coast without stress. Mostly you ending up nearly as fast as before. For me it is most important to feel the flow of a track, before trying to get fast. It
  10. Akkan74


    It could be better to find your own line. Sometimes the ideal line ingame isn't the best racing line. For curbs it could be the setup or you take them the wrong way. Don't blame the game for every failure you make. There are tons of videos from guys riding the curbs without spinning. Avoid the curbs or learn do take them correctly. You should invest a bit of time and effort in this game. It's far away from a real simulator but it's also not Mario Kart.
  11. Just asking. If it’s not your PC, why can thousands of PC players enjoy the game without crashes?
  12. Akkan74

    Tyres management

    I don't think the tyre model is really simulated. Maybe partly. Sometimes you can drive carefully some laps and get e.g. 10% wear and the you drive like hell the same amount of laps and you get 10% wear. Something isn't really right. Same for some setup parts. There were parts last year where you found a good value and left it for all courses. Handling of tyres is a core element of F1 racing. Without it, it will be enough fuel and full push through the race, like it was in the last games. There is no strategic element.
  13. I have seen a post that you have to use the same paddles for the normal clutch and for the classic analog clutch (didn't know the right name) to use this features. I haven't tested it yet and can't say if it's really true. Normally the typical clutch is on/off only. But for classic cars there should be an option to use it as analog clutch.
  14. This is a workaraound, but i don't like it. Would be the same as to say we drive a bit slower to be not the best. This isn't the spirit of the sport in my opinion. Best way would be a difficulty slider in the options as claimed the last two years.
  15. I wish we would have a practice mode with track acclimatisation program to learn the tracks and to get a better feeling of corner speed without racing line. If you switch off the racing line first time it's hard to say/feel if you had the right speed through the corner.
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