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    F1 2021 TRACKS

    Agree. The option to replace some races for next year with already existing tracks (Hockenheim, Malaysia...) would be really great.
  2. Akkan74

    2 things, different stories

    Another Point in real life is that all drivers have a "set mark" button on their wheels. This is to set a marker in all the telemetrie data to find it afterwards when discussing with the engineers, e.g. loosing grip in a specific corner. With the marker they can check afterwards if it's something suspiscious in the data which could cause the grip loss.
  3. Akkan74

    Always Slowest Car on Straights

    I don't think it's setup related, maybe a high ICE wear could cause some problems. But not getting faster than 270km/h on straights, where aou hit 320km/h in qualifying seems more like a controller issue. I would first check if the controller/throttle pedal reaches 100% in the settings. Maybe i would try to delete the steering setting and would make a new one from scratch. Maybe it helps. To loose 50km/h on straight it can't be not using overtake or rear wing at 7 instead of 4.
  4. Akkan74

    Starting My Team in a post-patch F1 2020?

    I agree. Would also love to have the chance of a really hard situation. As a new team in F1, no sponsors, struggle with money, unexperienced teammate and a second slower than the rest. Compared with less R&D points and money, results in slower development would give me he first points maybe in season 2. I would love it, but i understand there are a lot of players which won't go the hard route. This is the reason i'm asking for difficulty options since F1 2017.
  5. Akkan74

    F1® 2020 - Tips, Guides & Tutorials (+ share your own)

    I wish we would have a practice mode with track acclimatisation program to learn the tracks and to get a better feeling of corner speed without racing line. If you switch off the racing line first time it's hard to say/feel if you had the right speed through the corner.
  6. Akkan74

    Change owner League

    Never tried something like this before. Maybe you can give the ownership to someone else within the league, than leave and they can invite the new one.
  7. Akkan74

    Let me turn corner cut penalties off in career mode

    I think the problem isn't that regular is to soft and strict is to harsh. The problem is more that the game doesn't consider if it's a time loss or an advantage. For example i raced at Canada. Started in midfield. To avoid a crash in turn 1 i needed to go straight and cut turn 2 completely. I fully stopped my car in between and let the whole field pass to reenter the track safely. After i was back on track i got a time penalty for corner cutting, but i lost seven places and a lot of time.
  8. Akkan74

    Is this upgrade in My Team a bug or working as intended?

    If a part failed you have to pay twice for development of the part. The third payment is to save it from regulation changes. It sounds right.
  9. Akkan74

    Please help me understand what is going on here?

    The possibility of throttle saturation was also my first thought. It must be something with your pedals and or software in my opinion. Have you checked the throttle and brake pedal in Windows? That failure sounds really weird. Could it be a possibility to drive in rich mix too long and overheat your engine? That should result in a power loss. Have you compared your high speed to others in practice sessions?
  10. Akkan74

    Completely unfair

    But thats the reason for regulation changes. Choose the most important ones for you and as many as you can adapt. I think it's the same for AI. I always find it a bit boring that you can always adapt all parts after regulation changes, except there are three departments involved. First time i've heard about so much changes.
  11. Akkan74

    In silverstone with the master LoL

    He said he pushed the wrong button in german.
  12. Akkan74

    Whos fault is this at Spa ? ( discussion )

    I would say it's a race incident. Both drivers are to blame. The first driver had all the space on the left to speed up and let the second driver alive. The second driver should have slow done. It's directly after race start. There are enough laps to go for a battle and mainly Eau Rouge isn't the right place to go side by side. That's why i never attack on first laps in a league race. I always wait for the field to get sorted. I made so much points sometimes by defensive driving. If you have a competitive field and you brake your wing in the first rounds, mainly your race is over.
  13. Akkan74

    How do you qualify?

    Always full Quali, drive inlap and outlap and wait all the time. I find it really entertaining, but it takes a bit of time.
  14. Akkan74

    Time Trial Glitch

    Sorry, but this sounds all a bit more like "oh, i'm not in the top10 anymore". You are right it should be patched, but no need to hurry. If you have so many corrupt people in a league i would leave it.
  15. Akkan74

    Time Trial Glitch

    This is always a bit lame reason for me. People in a league should have a bit of a codex to not cheat. On the other hand which advantage do i have by cheating in a league? Afterwards i will get eaten by other players during league races.
  16. Akkan74

    Time Trial Glitch

    ok. This shouldn't be possible and CM has to look into it. Have you filled a bug report?
  17. Akkan74

    Time Trial Glitch

    What has it to do with flashbacks? Do you want to say you can achieve a round under a minute by using flashbacks?
  18. Akkan74

    My team r&d

    I think it's way to unbalanced. First @TheCroc84 is right, R&D should cost resource points and money. Second the income is to high, upgrade costs for departments are to low and damage costs are a bad joke. In my opinion a backmarker team should really struggle with money minimum first year. If you crash the car you shouldn't earn money, you should loose a big amount of it. If you get problems with money you should be forced to shut down departments, like @martbloke said. If you look at the picture above i think 115k for facility running costs are a joke. Maybe for electricity and water, but what is with personnel? You have six different facilities and only 115k per week for all? Compared to 200k from only one sponsor. Money in the game is a nice gimmick, but it has nothing to do with management.
  19. Akkan74

    f1 2020 myteam

    I preordered the game and didn't know there was a myTeam mode until i saw the first youtube clips. So, the answer is yes.
  20. Akkan74


    So much beautiful liveries. It makes me jealous. I think i have to go back to spend more time designing my car.
  21. Akkan74

    Why only first gear at start?

    From my point of view it would all be way easier if the clutch would work every time and not only at race starts. So we could practice race starts if we want and could get a feeling of a good start. I didn't know why it is programmed that the clutch didn't really work, only at race starts. I have a wheel with dual clutch and potentiometer for clutch bite point. It's impossible to find the right value without practicing race starts.
  22. Akkan74


    I normally drive in T-Cam and that is where i don't bother so much with setups. It feels different than cockpit cam. The same setup from T-Cam to cockpit can feel way to harsh. What i am missing in cockpit cam is to set the camera way more to the front. It would like to adjust the setting so that the rim is out of the view and is from perspective at the place my real rim is placed. So i would say i would try a back nose cam. I think the overall view would be horrible, but maybe in a few years we will get triple screen support and can adjust the camera to our real seat.
  23. Akkan74

    Why only first gear at start?

    I don't think so. The difference between "a) second gear, lights out release clutch, accelerate and b) first gear, lights out, upshift into second gear, release clutch, accelerated" could be measured, but i doubt you will really notice it. Or is it blocked to upshift into second before you have fully released the clutch? I never tried it and never had the need to start in second gear.
  24. Akkan74

    75% race distance

    Same discussion 2018 and 2019. Sad they didn't implement 75% this year. 50% is always a bit short and doesn't feels right for race strategy. 100% are a big step and can be really hard. For me especially on tracks like Monaco. 78 Laps high concentration is really hard for me. I would love 75% races.
  25. Akkan74

    Deeper car customisation in My Team

    That would be great, but i fear it would result in two weeks designing a car without driving.