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  1. DenzilJones

    Co driver audio problems

    When using dirt rally 2.0 on a PS4 with a surround sound system, the volume for the co driver audio call outs periodically drops too low to be heard. Has anyone else experienced this co driver audio problem?
  2. Issue: Unable to use keyboard for input bindings Platform: Playstation 4 Wheel: Logitech G29
  3. DenzilJones

    PS4 - Keyboard not recognized

    I too need keyboard support for my DIY handbrake to work. Why codemasters have keyboard support for PCs, but not playstation is ridiculous.
  4. DenzilJones

    PS4 input for keyboard

    Does dirt rally 2 allow a Playstation 4 to map an input binding to a keyboard? I have a logitech g29 and I am using a USB keyboard controller as part of my handbrake.