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  1. bEArTraubengott

    New Career-Weather Bug

    Okay I can confirm that this is just a visual bug. I simulated until China and during fp2 there was some rain and the race in Bahrain also was hold at night! Thanks
  2. bEArTraubengott

    New Career-Weather Bug

    So eventually i waited until patch 1.06 to come out for xbox to start a new career without the excessive quali tyre deg. I did all the f2 events but then realized that the weather is set to clear and the time to midday. I thought that i could change it or that this is just the setting for the f2 events but it didnt change when i started the f1 series. I started a new carrer for about 5 times now but as long as you choose to race the f2 events the weather and time will be clear and midday respectively. Thats really annoying especially as the night and wet races are very fun. But this bug seems only to occur as long as you do not skip feder series. If you start a normal career like in 2018 you have dynamic weather and official time as it should be. I wonder if anyone else does experience this.