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  1. uphill

    Visual changes in the car

    I get the idea and do fully agree on that but unfortunately I think this will not be implemented into the game due to licensing issues. Every aspect of the car has to be approved by the FOM/ F1 teams etc. I really don’t see them doing this in the near future. Maybe in 5 years but at the moment we get small improvements every year and than they just do bug fixing till the next game comes out...
  2. Before patch 1.02 on Xbox I was able to play alone in an unranked multiplayer lobby with the AI which I really liked. But since installing the newest patch it seems that they removed this option. It always shows the disabled "awaiting players" button instead of "ready up" or what ever. Kind of disappointed about that and I can’t really see why they removed this function again. Any ideas?
  3. When I put a a new fastest lap at Zandvoort in time trial the game just crashed right after the finish line. If I don’t improve everything is just fine. playing on Xbox v. 1.02. I Did time trial with the redbull.
  4. uphill

    Few suggestions

    Yeah I saw that right after I posted this topic thx!
  5. @BarryBL Actually it does. I have checked it. On YouTube when you watch the videos of various content creators the use different engines and have the appropriate sound. That’s why I am little confused why it can’t be on the multiplayer car.
  6. Why are we allowed to choose the engine for the "my team" mode without any licensing issue then? It’s also the FOM car or not? @BarryBL
  7. uphill

    Few suggestions

    Yeah probably the thing that we all want is more customization. More liveries are yet to come out with the in-game store but still it’s quite sad how little the options are. it would be nice to customize the livery itself not only the colors. I mean it’s not that difficult to allow us to maybe at least change the color of each part of the car, e.g. mirror, front wing, rear wing, bargeboards. Also some different models of the components would be great, e.g. choose front wing, bargeboard etc. The addition of sponsors is amazing but why not let decide us where to put which sponsor. We can only change the color and that is sometimes problematic as the at one place the sponsor cannot be seen due to the colors used for the livery. For example I have a blue/white car. If you choose a sponsor it appears at the place shown as well as at another place. At the place I could see during choosing I needed the font to be white otherwise It would not be visible (or at least not good enough). And the other spot where the sponsor appears I needed the font to be black because the car is white at this place. Would be great if we could change the colors depending where they are on the car. Also the colors need to be adjusted for the other things (suit, helmet, gloves) as it sometimes looks very ugly. Also why can’t we decide which engine our multiplayer car has? For the "my team" mode you use the multiplayer livery and adjust the engine so why can’t there be an option for us to decide which engine we want to have for the car in general instead of always using the Ferrari engine sound.