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  1. No, I don’t have any problems with the medium tyre, maybe it’s a setup issue, platform issue. perhaps if you post your setup, someone might help with suggestions on improving it. I’m going to have a guess that by being slippery, you mean the rear end is loose, try increasing the front roll bar by a couple of clicks and see if that helps a bit. I’m on ps4 pro
  2. I just finished this race in F2 and I found that if you don’t try to accelerate through the corner but hold your revs, it behaves a lot better. But this all depends on your setup of course, try increasing your front roll bar by a couple clicks or even 3 if you have to and hold the revs through the corner. hope that helps a bit
  3. CCDriver1


    Yeah, I do this. If my right front wear is low then I tend to lower the tyre pressure, this will give more grip but wear more, or I might raise the left front if wear is a bit high or temp a bit high, but if you go too far then you lose grip and start wearing again. If tyre wear is low on same side front/back I lower them both, If your tyre wear is high but even across the front versus back then lower the on throttle diff say 3 or 4 to get them to wear a bit more even.
  4. Yup, I had this exact same thing happen to me as well (earlier in the game). The entire pit lane and other pit boxes were empty! And I get put behind the only other car in the pits! I was livid, this should not be happening codemasters, players should be sent to the first available pit box and if all full then and only then should the player be stacked.
  5. I have found a LOT of these challenges are bugged, there is no rhyme or reason as to why some work and some don’t, some people have trouble with them some don’t, you can do some of them a dozen times and it won’t pop but then you do it another day and it will, it’s extremely annoying and frustrating. Also post this in the tech forums so they can look at it but don’t hold your breath as they don’t seem too interested in fixing them.
  6. Yes, I find that this is the case as well. I’m able to extend well beyond the pit window, sometimes as much as 4 or 5 laps, and I often get Jeff coming over the radio wanting to change the strategy by a lap or two. Definitely agree with Y2Kev, you want to be above the line, not below it.
  7. Sorry for bringing up this old thread but I just had this happen again to me at the end of season 1 on ps4 (my team) During the season Kimi was supposed to retire and at the end of the last race (abu dhabi) there was another message saying Vettle was retiring. At the HQ where you are supposed to renew your contract with your team mate I couldn’t talk to him and i also got stuck on the activity screen (Dec 1) What I did was quit out of the game and went right back to the ps4 menus about 4 or 5 times before the game would finally advance And I was able to renew t
  8. Yeah, I’m having trouble with some of these challenges again just like the last two pit passes eg: set at time of 1:29.000 at Australia (done this 3 times so far) finish a race with a depleted battery 3 times ( done this about a dozen times now) and yes it was definitely depleted! I won the race with Lewis Hamilton about 6 times before finally getting it to pop and others, I’m just getting tired of doing these over and over again oops! Meant to say I’m on ps4 pro
  9. 92 Williams followed closely by the 90 McLaren
  10. I have noticed this too, except with the chassie department. Just as the OP describes I’m on PS4 pro. Version 1.05
  11. You state your in career mode, do you have any damaged components? maybe the gearbox? Can you change any worn components and still have time left in FP1 to finish any practice programs you want done?
  12. my bad, I should have mentioned that this is on PC It sounds like that I'll need to be invited in to be the No: 1 if I want Ricciardo as my No:2 then. I had just got a contract offer to be the No: 1 driver for Mercedes and an offer to stay with Red Bull when it crashed on me.  Excellent, I'll check that out mmpaw37 Thanks everyone 
  13. I have a couple of questions I hope you blokes can answer for me. F1 2014 crashed on me on the second last GP of my first season and corrupted the saved game and now I'm going to have to start again. Where are the saved games stored? I cant find them, thought I might be able to back them up after each race, so I will only have to rerun the last GP. I started as the No: 2 driver for Red Bull and have equal status now to vettel and was wondering, Can I become the No:1 driver the following season and if so, who will the No: 2 driver be? Ricciardo or vettel? In order to get Daniel Ricciardo a
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