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  1. JamieF86

    It rains only for me.

    the rain is a big issue on this game already ruined 2 of my races and I am only 5 races in, AI not effected at all lose 4-7 seconds a lap! ruins a race you worked really hard for when that happens
  2. JamieF86

    F1 2014 joystick domination

    I have always played with pad and this year got a wheel I was within 1 second of my pad time ( I use no assist on wheel or pad, apart from auto gears on pad as you have to have amazing dexterity to be able to change gears and race on a pad near impossible for me). however bk to the point the isn't much difference in time and I'm sure with practice I will be quicker with the wheel, however as I have problems with my legs doing anything more than 25% race is absolute agony so just keep it as it is as it seems even enough to me. just sort the AI out in the wet a full 5-8 seconds slower ruins the game.
  3. JamieF86

    Patch confirmation?

    to me there is more traction using a wheel than a pad, with a pad its mad how it constantly has wheel spin with the wheel no where near as much
  4. JamieF86

    Realistic Patch requests

    bad legs as in I have been in and out of hospital the past 8 years with the problems not just my legs ache, any suggestions of a seat wheel and pedals I could purchase?
  5. JamieF86

    Realistic Patch requests

    I agree with most statements on here I went and got a wheel and had great time playing I was 1 second off my times with a pad, however I have bad legs and get serious aches and pains so have sent the wheel back after 1 use. would like to get a proper wheel and seat with pedals that does cost to much but so I can have better experience of the game. however I have noticed that the wheel spin is so much harder to control with a pad than it was a wheel, also the AI is about on par the only problem the rain I can be matching the race pace then it starts to rain no matter what I do turn the engine down use less power out the corner till my car is straight, nothing can keep me with AI ruins the whole game, this need sorting how can I go from the fields pace and merc 1-2 seconds slower then go to 8 seconds a lap slower its so stupid please fix