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  1. stcooza

    DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series

    In fact there is a rule that we ignore in rally which is: 66.3 BANNED TESTING For Manufacturers registered in the WRC Championship, testing (as defined in Art. 2.23) is banned: 66.3.1 In the country of any World Rally Championship round from the start of reconnaissance until the end of the rally. 66.3.2 On any road which is used as a special stage of any current Championship rally. ———————- So how many times WC competitors test the stage before the entry? once this rule is ignored and the players are able to test the stages before the event, then what we are expecting? A fair racing or even a rally racing? I don’t think so... so yeah you are right the rally rules will never rescue us in this situation.
  2. stcooza

    DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series

    Is it able to know what stage degradation level will be in the next qualifying stages?
  3. But they are may not be able to practice and set their flawless runs in any how before the finales, so one of the players who can’t setup could/couldn’t smash one of the players who can setup because they are racing below the stage time limit. That’s what i’m try to say.
  4. stcooza

    world championship player numbers

    I like where is this conversation goes its totally out of topic lol. Talking about hiding the stage\class i thought about it before and i think its good but the problems is that stage/class informations could be rumored or something, one thing I thought about to resolve it, that is just throw all the stages (from one location) and make the entry time one day, and the point of that is to not have time for practicing they are barely post their times, but that day may not be suitable for all the players around the world, and i am just stuck there.
  5. I think you confirmed that is something wrong with reaching the peak stages time like its something shouldn’t happen in first place if i am not mistaken, we all want a real rally competition, if the organizer make the stages not able to practice in any how, I would never be here to argue about setup changes. How can you tell?! the finals stages aren’t yet announced! If the organizer didn’t give them enough time to fit their car setup to destroy who can’t setting, then no you can’t tell! Otherwise if they did, then yes I would agree.
  6. In real rally the drivers will not reach the stage time limit as we do in-game, that’s a part you should consider. a lot of players had pure driving skills to reach a stage time limit with stock setup, but they can’t tune their car to beyond the stage time limit as the players who can beyond it by changing the car setup, that’s not fair as its not your fault. car setup is part of real rally but not inside the rally stage as well.
  7. Of course i can’t, I said it as (let’s say WC applying car tune as he want). I completely happy with these 2 rules: 1- fixed car setup. 2- one shot for qualifiers. What i am not happy with is the one thing you mention: What if you can’t post any time after zero restart in TT (if we say so for everyone), let’s see you do it in a one-shot with the WC on the line 😉
  8. God I wish if its like wrc, but here in WC its completely different, no pro driver in wrc given the rally stages and the car to practice all the month to find the correct tune, that’s the nonsense actually, the difference here thats we practicing the stage until we reach it’s limit, so the players with stock setup whatever they do will not reach the players with a tuned setup, so the stage limit time in DR2 WC is depend 100% on car setting, other than WRC it doesn’t depend 100% on car setting, one of the WRC drivers can get the best setting than the other but still at the bottom of leadboard, and the driver with not that perfect setting can win the rally, simply because they never practicing the stages.
  9. stcooza

    Track Limits in DiRT World Series

    For real it’s ugly.. I think to avoid all of this we have to know what are we racing for, I mean even if these cuts resolved, practicing the track limits is not that good, we miss the whole concept, at least considering the poor co-driver who leaves his wife and children screaming the calls losing his voice to tell us that he had a job and dreams what if someone says to him you are useless! That’s definitely hurt! we just setting our best times, imagine if F1 setting the best lap of the circuit as the end the race ... no one will even watch it, because there is no race, also here in rally the race is about no practicing, even the test site in wrc should be outside the itinerary of the rally, that’s how the rally very strict at this point. The game is amazing, we just miss a start point.
  10. stcooza

    Suggestion for esports stages

    The exclusive stages could created by using the game’s locations features, To avoid the cost of new locations! The other reasons i can’t do anything about it except I am looking to it! Glad you like it, I would pick R5 class maybe.
  11. Hi everyone. How is it could be to improve esports stages? Game’s stages seems like easy to memorize and that’s predictable because the players wants to make a world records, at the same time they want to climb the leaderboard in community events, so they practice so many times on the stages until it’s being kind of consumed, however that’s not bad.. not bad at all, but what if we can make it more interesting, more challenging and more realistic to the real rally, at the same time making it not too much costly on the codemasters. If we take a look at the final amount of the created stages in dirt rally 2.0 we will find it: 12 long stages (2 stages each rally location out of 6 rally locations) not including dirt rally 1 stages, so I suggest to create exclusive 3 new long stages for esports, and that’s only 25% of the game’s stages cost. These 3 stages should not be used as the game’s content, it will be able to run just for esports purposes. so how to invest it right? First of all i can’t ask that much of work and waste it for only one season, so I suggest to make “esports series” so these 3 stages could be used more than one season, for example: 3 long stages each stage will be divided to: then each rally location could introducing as an event: Second of all these 4 seasons including 12 events could cover the 25% cost and more.