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  1. Me! I cant enforce anything, but I can share my thought if you want. I am not sure how to approach to that point, it is actually difficult, because rally is deferent in matter of racing concept, most of other famous racing like formula, sports cars touring cars racing, nascar and even rally cross all of these races are in circuits, hence there will be no issues revealing these circuits in-game because the drivers need to practice on the circuit before the race just like in real life also will not affect the race because eventually they will race against each other physically at the same c
  2. as for rally, In future I would like to see the pacenotes take its role in esports competition, I mean by that is to set rules that makes the participants drivers need to prepare their pacenotes before the race rather than the current TT practices method. That also will give the participants teams more objects and tasks to achieve with their drivers.
  3. Pj watching us when we trying to guess that thing..
  4. The new level could be like as it’s 300 entrants had raced the stage a head or something similar. To be more specific and give more options i will focus on surface types beside the stage degradation, its the only effective tools could be useful to affect the entries performance, for surface types (dry\wet) the special effect could be more\less slippery, as for degradation just like I said before. so when announcing the stages (as decided) the given information will be (location\stage\time\whether\special wet effect +75%) that mean it 75% more slippery than in-game wet effect. as for
  5. Whoo.. easy I said “in literally one stage” which mean they visible to each other, over take and defending against each other, it’s just a joke.🙂 I never ask for making the 99% in top to be fair.
  6. In my opinion the issue lies more on the current race model itself, the race is lacks to the factors that affect the entries results. the participants are posting their official runs facing the same situations that they face in their practices which gives a practice results rather than a race results, the racing fields is pale (repeat blindly what you practiced) the racing fields should hide a lot of factors that could affect your result to make the racing more exiting. Hence the only factors that I can think about right now: 1- put the whole entries around the world in literally o
  7. Stage degradation in qualifiers is full not optimal like we see in poland and argentina am I wrong guys? I am so confused right now #|
  8. In fact there is a rule that we ignore in rally which is: 66.3 BANNED TESTING For Manufacturers registered in the WRC Championship, testing (as defined in Art. 2.23) is banned: 66.3.1 In the country of any World Rally Championship round from the start of reconnaissance until the end of the rally. 66.3.2 On any road which is used as a special stage of any current Championship rally. ———————- So how many times WC competitors test the stage before the entry? once this rule is ignored and the players are able to test the stages before the event,
  9. Is it able to know what stage degradation level will be in the next qualifying stages?
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