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  1. LuigiPeceguini

    Unrealistic and annoying throttle application

    But doesn't that accurately simulate the effects of downforce? Downforce increases with speed, so at lower speed you have much less downforce, and therefore grip.
  2. Do they? Wow, that's...quite nonsense. Why on Earth would they do so?
  3. LuigiPeceguini

    What camera do you use?

    I see. Thanks for explaining!
  4. LuigiPeceguini

    F1 Dashboard | Simhub

    Awesome detail! Congrats
  5. LuigiPeceguini

    What camera do you use?

    I'm still playing F1 2017, as I'm yet to make up my mind about whether I should buy this year's game or wait until the next. I use TV pod, with the same settings TRL Limitless used in F1 2019. Just a question: why do people use the offset TV cam? I mean, it's basically the regular TV pod but asymmetrical, so I don't see the point? I get that some might want to replicate an actual broadcast, but then there are people who completely change the FOV, offset, etc. settings... isn't it better to have a symmetrical view?
  6. LuigiPeceguini

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    Your optimism is truly admirable.
  7. LuigiPeceguini

    1.06 out on PC (black Merc)

    A-ha! There are the heads that were missing. Thanks for finding them!