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  1. LuigiPeceguini

    Auto or manual gear for controller users

    I play on a pad and I don't use any assists. Took me a long time but it was worth it.
  2. LuigiPeceguini

    PHOTO MODE - Share your pics!

    Wow! The last one looks absurdly real. If I saw it somewhere else, I would never notice it isn't an actual picture.
  3. LuigiPeceguini

    The Stuff Thread

    Wow! That must be fascinating...please feel free to share anything interesting you see (if you're allowed to of course)!
  4. LuigiPeceguini

    PHOTO MODE - Share your pics!

    The last picture looks very Italian.
  5. LuigiPeceguini

    Red flags

    That was an abnormality. Before Monza, the last red-flagged race had been Baku 2017. So it's not that common at all.
  6. LuigiPeceguini

    New liveries and sponsors

    If Mario can do it, Luigi can do it too!
  7. LuigiPeceguini

    New liveries and sponsors

    Nem fodendo. The absolute legend marioho é BR? What a small mundo.
  8. LuigiPeceguini

    Lighting Positivity

    I love how they're like "oh **** the boss is coming hurry up!"
  9. LuigiPeceguini

    Former pit stop mechanic

    Thank you very much!
  10. LuigiPeceguini

    Former pit stop mechanic

    I see. Thanks for the advice! One last question (sorry if I'm bothering you): what did you study in university?
  11. LuigiPeceguini

    Former pit stop mechanic

    Hello! As someone whose dream is to work in F1 one day, it's awesome to find someone who has managed that! I have, if you don't mind it, a question for you: what path did you take to get to Formula 1? By that I mean graduation, other work experiences, CV submitting, etc. Would be great to already have an idea of what I need to do to fulfill my dream. Thanks a lot in advance!
  12. LuigiPeceguini


    Yeah, that could work.
  13. LuigiPeceguini


    Wouldn't bet against that
  14. LuigiPeceguini


    OK mate you've gone too far. That hurt. A lot.
  15. If it was political they wouldn't have updated the livery either...