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  1. Most likely your testing methods are the issue if you did use the adjustments I mentioned. And I was talking about PC. Not sure if this is available on other platforms. Try something like and R5 on tarmac, go to exterior view and try different rates of pull. It definitely works as I wouldn't be making stuff up, not sure about your specific setup.
  2. Someone might enjoy this DiRTy Gossip Discord server weekly run and win vid: You too can put yourself through this masochism if you join the server and weeklies 😄 (actually it's quite chill as its 1 stage per week and normally perfect conditions)
  3. Thanks, yeah I think this is ok, it's good to know for myself so I can poke my head back in here after I am caught up. Likely end of season + 1mth 😄 Not that JRC is really properly covered by WRC+ anyway 🙁 They give a couple updates per weekend, mostly 3 (one per day). Show off the big crashes and who scored how many stage wins.
  4. Please don't post recent WRC results tables in Dirty Gossip thread (spoilers) PJ , what's the scoop on spoilers on the Forum or this thread, is this to gossip about the game or current WRC event?
  5. browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\ <your ID #>\690790\remote and delete the @ghost files there, not the profile files. may be worth a shot
  6. Hello, this may have already been suggested, but if not: Would be great if F1 2021 was able to import controller/video and other settings as appropriate from a previous F1 version if installed (for example F1 2020 or 2019), behind a prompt or behind a dedicated option. Would definitely make setting up the game faster, and would leave more time for people to try the game in the free weekends etc. Thanks for listening
  7. I have heard they were considering this already for 2.0 internally. And they have also heard about support for this from me and other members on a discord server. I think its a no brainer that they need to add a bit more friction off road, but this does have to be coupled with time penalties for a smart overall solution to all the possibilities. It is actually possible for them to determine in a very coarse way if you are just having a huge moment/crashing or are cutting. They can analyze the time loss which you would have from a big crash and not apply a time penalty (in general). If you
  8. It seems that the homologation papers available from the FIA do not include revisions later posted/submitted and approved. So, actually the 1992 Delta group A MAY HAVE HAD a front LSD after all. To be continued...
  9. Yeah, obviously no one is paying you to do the research 🙂 Anything more will be welcome and toe/setup wear is another interesting topic. Experience suggests your views of compound wear are correct, but as mentioned, full data would provide new insights into WHEN it even makes sense to use mediums or hards.
  10. Great use case for RDA. 👍 I think this is a good scratch of the surface (with no offense intended); the real meat and what will get most people curious is going to be quantitative comparisons of compounds over several stages. To help people make a choice on which compound to choose when. (of course driving style may matter) The other thing that would be interesting is whether making setup adjustments can compensate for worn rubber or harder compounds at all. Either way, keep up the analysis. 🙂
  11. Poor Mike, I also did this to his time (finally after slacking off for a month) I'm sure he will give it another go someday though. (the time definitely hasn't peaked)
  12. I know this isn't strictly a discussion thread, but just wanted to clarify: It looks like the max FOV you can get in the game is about 135 degrees currently with the slider at +5. You are saying the triple setup provides more than 135 degrees? (I think it is possible)
  13. Ahh no, I was being a bit funny/dramatic. 🙂 But we know the Eagle did in history put it a lot of work for his times. (not this time for sure, but in WS etc)
  14. There's no beef, DG already said he over reacted. The case is closed.
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