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  1. FWIW I had a lot of missed hairpin calls by the Co Driver in Monte Today , MP session (I was client), R2. No overlay cards just using audio. One example here:
  2. I will have to respectfully disagree on that one. I think all of these discussions are a problem anyway with the way the Career is designed and online. The aim should be to allow people a realistic length of stages and events to mimic a real rally season _if they so choose_ (and yes in a Career not a custom championship thats disconnected from the financial/career game aspect). Having more stages per event actually makes it fun so that you can climb up a leaderboard if you made a mistake etc. or had to change a tyre. Right now it's already annoyingly short.
  3. bn880

    Unexpected Events ?

    I saw just as many on Elite personally. More cars than drones but still.
  4. bn880

    Remove Always Online for the Career!

    Right, IMO this is the kind of reason why (especially big) businesses should pay more attention and NOT ever consider things to exclude customers when they don't really need to. It is a similar deal with retailers or car parts dealers who stop carrying products because a smaller number of people require them, even though when they do it's quite critical and it is fully in the domain of the retailer. You basically develop a reputation this way, and collectively life becomes harder for everyone in society due to this. At the end of the day most of this is driven by greed, even if I am not specifically saying this is the case for Codemasters. my2c
  5. bn880

    Unexpected Events ?

    Interesting, so I don't recommend a career in investigation. 😄 (they are easy to miss when you're at pace, sometimes even the drones)
  6. bn880

    Mechanical Damage?

    A lot of this is not a technical and time issue. People assume that but not based on facts. For example it's not really rocket science to turn on HDC in Career, but you may need to adjust the AI times down a bit from insane to crazy.
  7. bn880

    Cars grip after patch?

    Wooh, funky. Okay, good to know!
  8. bn880

    Cars grip after patch?

    Yes, seems that the HB thing is not the cause for most people.
  9. bn880

    Cars grip after patch?

    I had this a few times but it was my handbrake sending in like 1% to 5% signal at the start line.
  10. bn880

    Mechanical Damage?

    A BIT high? It's about 10x too high in Career mode. 🙂 And yes, this has been complained about several times but it's some kind of messed up logic that Codemasters has for forcing this. Every developer/programmer in the world, no matter how otherwise competent and brilliant has a few really stupid points of view, and this seems to be one of theirs. limit damage heavily.
  11. bn880

    Camera Shake

    This! Now, I am not against some additional image stabilization (increasing the slider range to the right) as a kind of assist, but I think overall it's not terrible. You're mostly just in a rally car in argentina. (except you don't have the g forces to help your brain/body)
  12. bn880

    Cars grip after patch?

    Extremely unlikely, the no grip bug seems to act like some object under it, the inverse would mean you are planted/weighed down to the ground, and most likely your acceleration would suffer from that as well. You'd be bottoming out and could visually see the car being low on the suspension. Also AFAIK the "no grip" bug seems to be mostly from a stage start, pretty extreme and intermittent/rare. So yeah, I doubt this one user has a super grip bug on almost all the time.
  13. bn880

    Cars grip after patch?

    People don't notice it because it literally doesn't exist. I believe 8s is VERY easy to shave off if you've only done a stage a few times and are not even close to the limits yet. I keep shaving off 5 to 10s per stage every time I have a cleaner run. It's quite literally called learning.
  14. bn880

    Cars grip after patch?

    Well if you have a link to a video or reference where they (any reviewer/previewer) actually warned people about this stuff (always online SP, digital handbrake, wetness, nights, no hardcore dmg in career etc) before the release I'd be curious to see who was so prudent.