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  1. I would expect it, since this is their thread on their forums and their customers are having issues. They also put out a LOT of social media stuff on how they made the game etc etc advertizing all the time, so they should now follow through with information people are asking about after release. I also have seen many occasions where Christina clarifies things and their devs explain stuff, most recent was FOV settings where the dev tried to clarify.
  2. I seem to get the point as you are continuing to state opinions and expanding answers based on my reply? I did not see you write about the weekly challenge leader until now. If I am missing a point, perhaps it is because you aren't phrasing it very clearly? Now I have a better idea of what you are complaining about, but I can say with certainty that there is a chance still everything is mostly as intended, because we are missing someone from the conversation: Codemasters and their SME's. Edit: I think basing AI times for a game simulating professional rally driving on a professional rally driver is a good idea in principle. However when you put a pro rally driver on the game for months, maybe those times are too fast for a game reference.
  3. You may have a point there, maybe the steps up in competition are excessive. Also I wonder if the overall times aren't based on too much repetitive driving over the same stages by Jon and others. So compared to reality the times will be too fast. However, if we factor in that people spend hundreds of hours in the game over time, at that point it may even out for "gaming" reasons. It's not a simple question, do you scale it to real world levels (as in , top level is at Loeb/Ogier time) or do you scale it on gaming levels (much more diverse talent and many times more practice allowed).
  4. But most likely the times in masters etc are not a bug... I mean, do you think everyone playing DR2.0 can become a master rally driver in 6 days? Fix it only if its a bug, thanks.
  5. By the way, this really is more of a bug IMO, as anyone who has their handbrake put out even 1% on during a stage wil lose about 20-30s a stage, AND will not be able to launch at all. Happened to me, wasted half an hour solving it.
  6. Here is a detailed test I did for the HB using Fanatec, as you can see, it locks way too quick. (the white numbers are FL, FR, RL, RR wheel speeds)
  7. I believe / is used as a menu navigation cue. If there are more sub menus you'd have / Menu1 / Menu2 (assuming this is what it is)
  8. RGR, sounds like there are multiple triggers for this bug. i just lost 30s in the stage due to it, and finished 5th from a comfortable 1st in the event. not amused 🙂
  9. ^ AHA this is caused by the Handbrake bug where it's over sensitive, even a 1% activation of the HB and you cant launch, and it drags you/slows you in stage. Phew at least I can work around this.
  10. So a lot of people reported inability to drive at stage start issues, I just ran into this twice, but wanted to report that usually popping it into reverse seems to resolve it I think my transmission is ok, I just completed overall car repairs for the stage.
  11. Give this man a QA job 🙂
  12. Yes, reported a few times, he moves to different channels on many calls.
  13. Just had the audio cut out completely mid stage. PC, Win 10 Was doing Ocean Beach Sprint Reverse as part of the main Career in an R2 Fiesta. First shakedown of the stage (first stage of event), 2nd event of championship and no restart inbetween. I then experienced singular loud clicking noises in the speakers every time I switched between menus once I exited the Career. (like the speakers were being held down to max + or max - voltage) Hope that helps.
  14. bn880

    Share your Custom Liveries & Tools here.

    Any way to swap a default livery to another one in DR 2.0? I started a championship with a silly sun strip down half my windshield and wanted to fix it. 😄
  15. This may be reported already(I am so blind, @SharkyOB reported this just above), but at least here is a video: Fiesta R2 sun visor vs seat position is un-drivable (Stock Light BLue livery that came with game) And a followup to another bug I reported or commented on: The darkness level in some shaded sections, in dusk/dawn, and night is all fine as soon as I adjusted my gamma to 1.3 and raised up the monitor brightness a tiny bit. It is much more dynamic than most games and I love that aspect. (you need to adjust gamma till you just barely see the first square's contrast)
  16. Yes, see the previous post , it isn't fully digital but effectively
  17. ^ yep, its a little bit of overkill (though I dont tweak the gamma, I have the monitor properly adjusted where it should basically work.)
  18. @ChristinaMc a video to prove the Handbrake issue in DR 2.0 (way too sensitive) Using a Fanatec handbrake as you can see, it locks way too quick. (the white numbers are FL, FR, RL, RR wheel speeds) Edit: Well not to mention the ripped tyre and broken steering arm that shunt near the end should create. 🙂
  19. ^ sounds like the VW needs are recall 😜
  20. bn880

    Remove Always Online for the Career!

    Please let paying customers have an offline career Codies. (and then you can let them enable hardcore damage!) Most people who love the game and can afford it will buy it anyway.... people who wish to pirate will not buy the game to get a career. In general.
  21. Yes, and so apparently there is a very tiny area of movement that gives a bit of analog action:
  22. If this isn't a bug, it must have been a manager somewhere saying: "what features can we remove?" And guess what, almost no features can be removed without upsetting existing customers! But sometimes people in management roles don't get that. 😄 😄 (yes I'm slightly outspoken)
  23. Just putting in my vote/voice for easy fix bug reports which you may have already seen: 1. The handbrake is a digital on/off switch unlike in DR1, even if you map an analog HB axis in game and it shows as such, the force on the wheels is 100% as soon as you move it a tiny bit. 2. Phil's voice coming out on the wrong audio channel for some calls. So if you have Phil on center channel with a headset for example, you wont hear some calls in the headest (say in spain there are many), but instead in the left/right speakers. 3. Hardcore damage not available in My Team/career. (yeah even if it would increase daily stuff difficulty, Career players who would use the option don't care) To many users this being unavailable is a blatant bug and a let down. 4. Manual Wipers intermittently turn on without user interaciton. This is actually a regression for me from DR1 as this was not occurring on my PC in DR1.
  24. Disregard, it was a non bug. 🙂
  25. Could be a bug yes. I hope it's just a bug. I'm not sure if they got Jon an analog handbrake to test with 🙂 I often saw him testing on a very unstable setup with a wheel attached to a desk. Perhaps he didn't get a chance to notice?