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  1. So a lot of people reported inability to drive at stage start issues, I just ran into this twice, but wanted to report that usually popping it into reverse seems to resolve it I think my transmission is ok, I just completed overall car repairs for the stage.
  2. Give this man a QA job 🙂
  3. Yes, reported a few times, he moves to different channels on many calls.
  4. Right, if at least the used car marketplace was actually composed of people selling their used cars, but not even that. There is no real benefit for users for it to be always online. Why not have two Teams/Careers, one off line one online. There problem solved.
  5. Just had the audio cut out completely mid stage. PC, Win 10 Was doing Ocean Beach Sprint Reverse as part of the main Career in an R2 Fiesta. First shakedown of the stage (first stage of event), 2nd event of championship and no restart inbetween. I then experienced singular loud clicking noises in the speakers every time I switched between menus once I exited the Career. (like the speakers were being held down to max + or max - voltage) Hope that helps.
  6. Because it is called Career somewhere in the menu "Career Races and Challenges" "Career Rally". But the point is a Career is a thing in a game, and in this game too, here it is UNDER Online MyTeam thing unfortunately.
  7. With all due respect the vocal minority and silent majority may have the same opinion. You just do't know that the majority are happy with everything, this is why you have reviews.
  8. Any way to swap a default livery to another one in DR 2.0? I started a championship with a silly sun strip down half my windshield and wanted to fix it. 😄
  9. This may be reported already(I am so blind, @SharkyOB reported this just above), but at least here is a video: Fiesta R2 sun visor vs seat position is un-drivable (Stock Light BLue livery that came with game) And a followup to another bug I reported or commented on: The darkness level in some shaded sections, in dusk/dawn, and night is all fine as soon as I adjusted my gamma to 1.3 and raised up the monitor brightness a tiny bit. It is much more dynamic than most games and I love that aspect. (you need to adjust gamma till you just barely see the first square's contrast)
  10. bn880

    Turbo blow off valve concerns

    Yeah there was a time when that happened, had to rebuild the turbo 😉
  11. @eckertb You didnt mention which car you can't powerslide. I've been messing with the Fulvia (FWD) and R5 Fiesta and they seem good and challenging like they should be. I'm not sure why you think any car or any setup can transition into a power slide easily. It really depends and can be very tricky IRL especially on tarmac. What you describe literally is usually the norm and takes skill to hold a slide. my2c
  12. Yes, see the previous post , it isn't fully digital but effectively
  13. bn880

    Turbo blow off valve concerns

    It's a matter of speech (noise wise)
  14. bn880

    Fanatec v3 brake pedal stuck at 100%

    Remember you can open the Fanatec Control Panel for the pedals (run joy.cpl), and have it open side by side with your windowed game to check what is happening. (like in this vid)
  15. bn880

    Turbo blow off valve concerns

    I just want to mention that while this is an issue, on the scale of severity it is probably very minor. (and this is coming from someone who used to drive a 400Hp turbo monster which breathed BOV fire every time you eased off the throttle) 😛
  16. ^ yep, its a little bit of overkill (though I dont tweak the gamma, I have the monitor properly adjusted where it should basically work.)
  17. @ChristinaMc a video to prove the Handbrake issue in DR 2.0 (way too sensitive) Using a Fanatec handbrake as you can see, it locks way too quick. (the white numbers are FL, FR, RL, RR wheel speeds) Edit: Well not to mention the ripped tyre and broken steering arm that shunt near the end should create. 🙂
  18. Here is a detailed test I did for the HB using Fanatec, as you can see, it locks way too quick. (the white numbers are FL, FR, RL, RR wheel speeds)
  19. ^ sounds like the VW needs are recall 😜
  20. bn880

    Any assistance please?

    If it's still too hard drop the SAT setting (top one)
  21. Set a higher minimum threshold in your Fanatec CPL for the time being. "set min" The HB will be either under your pedals or under your CSW 2.5 configuration depending where you plugged it in.
  22. bn880

    Remove Always Online for the Career!

    Please let paying customers have an offline career Codies. (and then you can let them enable hardcore damage!) Most people who love the game and can afford it will buy it anyway.... people who wish to pirate will not buy the game to get a career. In general.
  23. Yep, it was a bit unrealistic in DR1 even though you have a LSD and proper tyres compared to a road car. FWD's especially of back in the day with a not amazing balance, not amazing diff.... are going to be challenging. I was always slightly amazed at how you could go WOT out of or through corners in DR even on something like snow/ice in Monaco. There should have been a handful of understeer induced many times.
  24. That's not a proper use case. You need to test HB application at speed to see how progressively you can activate it. So A) when it does and doesnt lock wheels and B) how much deceleration are you seeing. You have to understand that since htis is all programmed you are likely to run into other simulation issues if you don't stick as closely to the real/intended use case as possible. (and so afaik HB is used to affect turn in from speed and for override to launch in DR)
  25. bn880

    Turbo blow off valve concerns

    AFAIK Any large decrease in engine load or RPM should open up a bypass valve, or in some cases create compressor surge. So yes it can be correct on gear shifts for sure. I guess it is just missing for the throttle.