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  1. ^ sounds like the VW needs are recall 😜
  2. bn880

    Any assistance please?

    If it's still too hard drop the SAT setting (top one)
  3. Set a higher minimum threshold in your Fanatec CPL for the time being. "set min" The HB will be either under your pedals or under your CSW 2.5 configuration depending where you plugged it in.
  4. bn880

    Remove Always Online for the Career!

    Please let paying customers have an offline career Codies. (and then you can let them enable hardcore damage!) Most people who love the game and can afford it will buy it anyway.... people who wish to pirate will not buy the game to get a career. In general.
  5. Yep, it was a bit unrealistic in DR1 even though you have a LSD and proper tyres compared to a road car. FWD's especially of back in the day with a not amazing balance, not amazing diff.... are going to be challenging. I was always slightly amazed at how you could go WOT out of or through corners in DR even on something like snow/ice in Monaco. There should have been a handful of understeer induced many times.
  6. That's not a proper use case. You need to test HB application at speed to see how progressively you can activate it. So A) when it does and doesnt lock wheels and B) how much deceleration are you seeing. You have to understand that since htis is all programmed you are likely to run into other simulation issues if you don't stick as closely to the real/intended use case as possible. (and so afaik HB is used to affect turn in from speed and for override to launch in DR)
  7. bn880

    Turbo blow off valve concerns

    AFAIK Any large decrease in engine load or RPM should open up a bypass valve, or in some cases create compressor surge. So yes it can be correct on gear shifts for sure. I guess it is just missing for the throttle.
  8. bn880

    Unseen obstacles on the track?

    Who knows, it might make a difference. I am on 3 monitors as well but, not outputting DR to all 3, I have other stuff on the other 2.
  9. Yes it is analog in some extreme careful tests, but not useful feel/range for daily usage. At least not on a Fanatec HB as is.
  10. Yes, and so apparently there is a very tiny area of movement that gives a bit of analog action:
  11. Yes it's true, there is an analog range but it's concentrated at the first 5% of the movement of the HB. Definitely a problem. For example I have 1cm of play on the Fanatec HB to get any kind of analog action, out of 12cm. So just as you barely put any force on the lever, you already get a lock. Therefore essentially the request remains to fix it.
  12. I will do some more testing here, it was nigh impossible to touch my Fanatec HB without a lockup on tarmac. I did my tests pretty well. Either way something needs to be done to fix the sensitivity.
  13. bn880

    Unseen obstacles on the track?

    I don't have this here, PC user.
  14. Yes that is true as well to an extent. I guess for some people they call it voting with their wallet. I figure most would come back if whatever they complained about was addressed. (and if it was reasonable)
  15. ^ I think those people are right, it is more and more in this society actually that large businesses IGNORE user complaints and walk all over their customers. Many customers just take it in the rear end and accept corporate decisions without complaint. If everyone just sat here giving praise and no feedback on what they don't like, CM (and any other business) would just make arbitrary decisions for them. (and often not the best for the consumer just as such is life and often the most profitable things are least user friendly) In essence, it is not at all about the Internet age, it is about human nature and really animal life too to focus on problems, you must focus on a problem to resolve it. People who don't do that, and just get into the clouds achieve very little for themselves and society. But yes they may be happier. The Internet just makes it easier to convey messages for everyone. my20c
  16. Yep - It is definitely an improvement in 95% of the features/functionality. Some of the improvements just make you say YES, FINALLY! But the other 5% of stuff can be a real bummer I have to say, the obvious Racenet/Online thing, FFB for many, and for me the hardcore damage limit out of Career and making the handbrake digital on/off (essentially or totally) is infuriating. So all those issues and more can be resolved, most relatively easily, I just worry that men in suits will block something like hardcore damage in Career or allowing some offline Career.🔮 Edit: NO - DO NOT STOP COMPLAINING IF YOU WANT TO SEE CHANGE! (but be fair) 🙂
  17. It is a little puzzling why people aren't allowed options isn't it? I am resorting to only doing Standard repairs (not quick) in some kind of effort to compensate and introduce some reality to the damage in Career. I think I might need to shift to "replace" for it to be more actual though.
  18. If this isn't a bug, it must have been a manager somewhere saying: "what features can we remove?" And guess what, almost no features can be removed without upsetting existing customers! But sometimes people in management roles don't get that. 😄 😄 (yes I'm slightly outspoken)
  19. I just wanted to say that using the starter Lancia with just basic FFB adjustments (and not the fix here) is actually feeling quite good/normal on gravel stages. It seems those old cars have a bit more feedback than something from R5, or I am totally imagining things. (Fanatec)
  20. bn880

    Hardcore damage - not hardcore at all

    I don't understand why it has to be like pulling teeth to get realistic levels of damage from Codies. If it's an option. And then the option is inapplicable where it matters most, career. WHY? Just free us from these bizarre shackles CM. Give people options or at least more realism.
  21. bn880

    headlights improvements

    What, I need side lights for seeing out the side windows when going sideways! (hey, it's a thing now on some top rally cars 😄 Two outside light pods pointed at 45 degrees or so.)
  22. Just putting in my vote/voice for easy fix bug reports which you may have already seen: 1. The handbrake is a digital on/off switch unlike in DR1, even if you map an analog HB axis in game and it shows as such, the force on the wheels is 100% as soon as you move it a tiny bit. 2. Phil's voice coming out on the wrong audio channel for some calls. So if you have Phil on center channel with a headset for example, you wont hear some calls in the headest (say in spain there are many), but instead in the left/right speakers. 3. Hardcore damage not available in My Team/career. (yeah even if it would increase daily stuff difficulty, Career players who would use the option don't care) To many users this being unavailable is a blatant bug and a let down. 4. Manual Wipers intermittently turn on without user interaciton. This is actually a regression for me from DR1 as this was not occurring on my PC in DR1.
  23. Yes confirmed here as well, this one is going to be a must fix I have to say. Probably not as urgent as the other fires though.
  24. Curious: are you perhaps saying that there IS hardcore damage in the later career championships? Because I would be surprised (haven't gotten there yet to check as I am also debugging/adapting some stuff as I go though)
  25. My previous suggestion was not specific to Career as I was under the impression due to other customers that hardcore damage kicked in automatically later on in the Career. It seems it does not. Please allow hardcore damage in the Career . (this has nothing to do with making custom championships, it has to apply for building your career/team)' Thank you