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  1. Yeah I will confirm Mike does his runs stock to get WR's, you can check this in his live streams if you watch them. I also can get a 3:52... stock in Kopina with the VW no less which seems slower. However, yeah, I think setups should be allowed for eSports, from day 1. It's a skill and talent, part of the game. The only negative of setups in PL is that you go insanely fast with them. The current top speeds are more sensible.
  2. bn880

    Track Limits in DiRT World Series

    I know, but they had weeks (really months) of warning, I listed most of the cuts a long time ago and reported them. (and other people did similar things here and there)
  3. bn880

    Track Limits in DiRT World Series

    That is what you said, but maybe you meant something else. I know the dev process quite well which is why I am telling you this is fixable, it's also not extremely difficult to patch up a single stage. It's obviously more work to patch up all the places in all locations, however, this should have been part of QA/Dev from day 1 of the content projects.
  4. bn880

    Track Limits in DiRT World Series

    100% disagree, this is completely fixable.
  5. bn880

    Track Limits in DiRT World Series

    Yeah it might work like that @Mike Dee, I didn't really try optimizing the #7 cut myself... not my cup of tea even in the rare chance if it means I don't qualify ONLY due to it.
  6. bn880

    Track Limits in DiRT World Series

    Cut 8: allowed?
  7. bn880

    Track Limits in DiRT World Series

    Yeah I dont mind cut 5 , cut 6 nor the wides I showed. But we need this clarified. (I do mind cut 7 a lot)
  8. bn880

    Track Limits in DiRT World Series

    Yeah the situation honestly needs to be clarified ASAP, because people are putting in time practicing/memorizing the stages already.
  9. bn880

    Track Limits in DiRT World Series

    So a few more questions, some cuts, some wides: Wide 1: 4 wheels off road allowed? Wide 2: 4 wheels off road allowed? Cut 5: 4 wheels off road allowed? Cut 6: allowed? Cut 7: allowed? Also if a cut is not allowed, are you imposing a 10s/5s time penalty or DQing a run?
  10. Troubleshooting this in the discord. Either UDP setup issue or... something.
  11. the entire Geufron Forest stage has the pacenotes coming out on side channels and nothing on center channel in 5.1 - completely reversed to what it should be and makes any headset / amp used for codriver there useless [exception is the 5-1 countdown] Steam version. Not reporting many other details as they seem irrelevant in this case, other stages work fine with a few bad calls on wrong channels as reported before.
  12. bn880

    Victory and Farewell!

    Thanks for at least being respectful. I still think improvements are being made, sadly the VR issue was a big hit to resources I think unfortunately. I'm not even close to giving up on the game due to a few issues compared to hundreds of good things about it!
  13. bn880

    analog handbrake

    Yes practically. I have not heard confirmation from Codies if this will be addressed, not even a hint.
  14. bn880

    analog handbrake

    Practically - no.
  15. It's not that hard to code the algorithm. 🙂 I'm just not sure if there is any automation scraping player performances, or if it's mostly a manual process to review player times on rare occasions where adjustment is required. (I would guess the latter)
  16. bn880

    Co-driver sound

    It's done this way to allow people to put on a separate amp on the center channel (in part) or to connect headphones for co-driver. Also AFAIK because it just makes sense for codriver to be on center speaker. It's a very useful feature.
  17. Mike may have good investigative skills, but this guy I reported as a cheater 3 weeks ago in the Dirty Discord (har har). https://discordapp.com/channels/539778417911005186/547916290833252376/606289521696440320 Here are some pics
  18. bn880

    Turbo Wastegate sound

    Go to the bug reporting thread for 1.7, and vote up this bug, I reported it.
  19. Regression: Fanatec wheels keep showing the RPM/Shift LED's in reverse since 1.4 or 1.5. NOT a Firmware issue. This happens without updating your Fanatec FW< and also apps like Fanaleds still work with the wheel correctly. Edit: I just noticed another user reported this for CSL Elite, it also has some upvotes it seems.
  20. Please expand the UDP packet to include: Turbo pressure/vacuum Engine temperature I mention these things because even when you want to make a custom dash, you can't get these values and are forced to used the OSD (which isn't cool for more hardcore stuff) Bonus: Car ID number - This would help to ID the car properly for UDP apps. currently ~4-5 cars can not be distinguished with hacks due to this missing number.
  21. Just some bad or late calls in Bjorklangen, this is on earliest settings 0:45 Late call for 3 left 1:17 WRONG call for keep middle over jump, should be keep right. 1:28 3 Left call is a bit late but is inconsistent with other 3's prior to it which are much faster, so should be called as 2 left. re-reporting it here from Discord so it's not missed if notes are revisited.
  22. There is no BOV sound on practically any vehicles if you are using pedals to drive around. I am told the sound is there on some hand held controllers though. Really sad as it sounds like a relatively easy fix and all the effects are on standby. Edit: You can hear the BOV sound though using a keyboard. Steam/Windows10/Fanatec V3 pedals. Here is a video from @caerphoto showing an example
  23. bn880

    Suggestion for multiclass custom events

    Not a bad idea, I think even more relevant for MP/Clubs to be able to pick random vehicles for a multiclass.
  24. I understand your point on all Sims having the aid (maybe this is true, who has really objectively assessed all sims, including rFactor, and iRacing for this effect). But Codemasters should be allowed to provide a normal feedback system with an option for extras. And if they don't provide the extra , they do kind of have a right even if some % of the buyers will complain about it. It will be their decision if they opt for more pure realism. It's the same as if they didn't provide a low damage option, just like some sims don't provide this option because it's not realistic. Edit: I don't believe that you feel a single wheel locking in your steering in anything but a laterally loaded up car. Sorry.
  25. That's ok, but if you are asking for an aid (and I don't necessarily disagree), it should be something that doesn't elicit rage if the company doesn't add it. Certainly at minimum an aid should not be used to pollute a realistic function for people who only require the realistic function (and for example might have motion rigs or don't need the effect). As for the mondeo, mmm, yeah sure you do, I think you feel it through G forces and your ears. And there are different types of "loss of grip".