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  1. Except this is with VR and it's an inversion of a functionality with VR.
  2. Someone mentioned to look for " Vehicle Camera Motion " in HUD options, I will do that next time I try it and report back. Possibly PEBKAC 🙂
  3. Version 1.4 has been released, notes in the first post
  4. @mrjiffy6 I can confirm , Y2.02k issue 😄 I will do something about it soon (possibly not today though), will just try to get one or two features in there.
  5. Oh I see, so you want to collaborate with CM to integrate your mod into the game. Normally to do that you would email them in the background and see if they are interested. It's very rare that a mod is interesting enough for a developer to integrate it to their game, but of course it happens and often the modders are paid.
  6. bn880

    Does Body Damage Matter

    No performance impact that I noticed from body damage with data logging, just easier to get other mechanical damage as was mentioned.
  7. Hi, can you clarify what you mean by this: " (Cause they refuse to add it themself like an offcial mod for some obscure reasons....) " What's an official mod, where would it be added? (are there examples of official mods you can show?) Thanks
  8. I'm quite sure this is an auto wiper feature that was left to auto on by design. Hope they kill it in 2020. I guess the logic is : "how can you enable intermittent / smart wipers or even know they exist if they only enable once in a while, so lets leave them on by default" Or something crazy like that. 🙂
  9. bn880

    Codemasters, what are you doing?

    I agree with you, they may need to put the horizon lock in as an assist if they do add it in, but yeah I am not against people who can't stand the shaking being able to enjoy this game.
  10. bn880

    Codemasters, what are you doing?

    Damn, I just realized, I hope lock to horizon can be turned off in VR. or that's going to break the immersion for me once I get a headset ... 😕 In terms of non VR, yeah it's not really a massive issue for most people that you can't lock your horizon. It's a little bit of a rarity that people who like rallying want a very smooth experience in terms of car and horizon shake. It's a bit of the experience of rallying, that the real sport is a fair bit violent in the car. having the feature might be a good thing for the minority, but yeah, definitely a small minority from what I can see and reason. Just sucks that it affects some people very negatively like @orangejuiced83 People don't choose to get headaches or get dizzy from games, but it is what it is.
  11. bn880

    Dirt Rally 2.0 vs WRC8 with PS4 Controller

    Just to clarify I tested the jumps. I am not saying the sliding around sideways on the ground is perfect. I think *suspect* there is actually a small bit of an issue with excessive combined grip on gravel when the car is going sideways and loaded up, but this I have not tested as it would take grabbing some real life data logs from the same car on similar bends to verify.
  12. bn880

    Why can I save only 8 settings?

    I Fourth this. Need many more slots.
  13. bn880

    Dirt Rally 2.0 vs WRC8 with PS4 Controller

    @Ialyrn That's right it does not happen in DR 2.0 0:00 First you are shown videos of jumping with max Throttle, and then Braking. 0:29 Then data logs for the two are compared in MoTeC. 1:10 Then you are shown a video of a sideways jump (right) 1:24 You are shown a MoTeC log for the sideways jump.
  14. bn880

    1.10 and analog Handbrake

    Most likely the 50% analog range possible now is considered enough by them... but man, if they release future seasons/content in 2020, maybe they should reconsider this (and TBH also the clutch nanny). These are the basic/core aspects of the game/sim. The driving bits.
  15. This is the problem with most people who make assumptions based on feel and not facts. "For sure i can go 7s faster on PC" , "For sure that cut was 10s".... check yourself before you wreck yourself as a wise man once said . 😛
  16. There is no reason to break things up per platform other than a technical limitation. (possibly legal/financial as well) The point is that it doesn't make sense from customers' / competitors' perspective. Edit: But yes, if you HAVE to break it up, have separate eSports programmes for each then. Separate champions. (this would make more sense anyway)
  17. I agree this is a bit messed up, but more messed up was that degradation level was not announced to the competitors (and other conditions), there was no practice mode once you entered the qualifier for warmup, no setups, of course the cuts, but also a few people had issues where their times didn't upload and they were cut or that they couldn't even connect. Not to mention that one car class should be used for an esports event in rallying so that you don't have to learn every single class to compete. Maybe 2. On top of this the detailed end times of each qualifier were not announced along with the dates.
  18. Things that I would like to see improved, most of which caught me out even personally: 1. If you do one shot time trial entries like this year, you need to give people the exact stage conditions, and an ability to practice them. So it would be best if practice would be inside the World Series tab with exact stage setup. For example some stages had medium deg, some had high, in R2 that meant I didn't practice high deg which can be 5-8s faster (but instead took a rut off the stage). 2. The time of opening and closing of the qualifiers should be posted online! Not just dates, the exact GMT times. Having a countdown hidden inside WC sub tabs is not enough, most people are too afraid to click there as it may require qualifying. 3. Actually the leaderboard times should not be visible for qualifiers until it's done. So that people with busier schedules etc can qualify earlier and not have others chase them down. 4. Would be better to select a class of car to do the competition in, like R5 or R2 etc. Basically - The current world series was too disorganized for me to qualify. I now know I had pace in hand in the R2 event if I had practiced on High Degradation like some people who found out it was high not med, so congratulations on screwing that up. 👎
  19. Hi, if you mean importing the video into Motec itself, you can select "Show Video Controls" in MoTeC for the video stream (right click on the video window). Pause everything, press the little lock button to unlock sync options, and just zoom in on your data to detect when "Running Lap Time" starts to tick up, set the MoTeC cursor there. Then drag the video cursor as well to the time when your car started moving in the video. And press the Lock icon again on the video to lock them together. MoTeC can be a little buggy with video playback at times, and not all format display. If you mess around with it you will get it though.
  20. To be honest this doesn't seem related to performance. I think the fog/haze actually adds processing overhead more than anything else. It's mostly just a few of the lighting options that are doing this.
  21. @Cortextual over to you to clarify if you wish
  22. Conditions: "Mid Day Forest Fire"
  23. If you are on PC You can use https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/racetrack-data-acquisition-rda.26829/ And analyze the logs in MoTeC. there you can see if slow/fast bump is making a difference if you repeat your tests.
  24. Yes this is obviously a compromise and workaround, not a fix. They should basically make it clear with all the options maxed out.